Fun And Sex With Lady On The Flight

Hi all, I am Stevan Raj, aged 36, married and presently in Bangalore. This is my first story and I enjoyed the fun involved in this story as it is real.

I respect the privacy of women who reach me for stories or for a chat. I am not here to just keep hitting women for sex or to keep writing irrelevant fantasies. I just want to share the love or sex that I feel with a few women who don’t have that love or sex in their married / unmarried life.

I only want to excavate the different hidden desires of female related to sex and feel their love. I just remain as a friend with benefits or a stranger to whom they can share some info / ask something related to sex.

I have an average body with good size cock. It’s enough to satisfy all unsatisfied ladies or girls. I am ok for one time fun or continuous fun. But I will not trouble ladies. I respect them. We met each on a flight as passengers and ended up with fun at the hotel for 6 days. The fun continued for the next 6 days and we enjoyed all sort of fun at the hotel room.

In this encounter, the lady was not satisfied by her hubby for a long duration due to his business commitments. I was traveling on a flight for my office work.

I booked an economy class seat and board into the flight. Normally I rush to the flight early and wait for my co-passenger. I was waiting and checking who will be sitting next to me.

All of sudden a lady came asked me that if it’s her seat. I was looking at that lady without moving my eyes. She smiled again and asked if its mine. She was so beautiful. I kept thinking that I want this lady. She had a trolley bag and was struggling to put it in the upper cabin.

I asked her, “Shall I help you?” She said yes.

Then we sat together and started talking. Her name was Sheeba, a rich family lady doing her own business.

We started sharing each other’s information and directly she told me that I looking dashing. I was shocked that a lady was telling like this.

During the whole flight, we started chatting. Then she asked me can you give your mobile number then I gave it to her. She said that I will call you. In the end, we both went on our ways. I booked a hotel and started dreaming about her like lips, cleavage, neck, boobs. Yaa she had a very good body of 32/34/32. I shagged myself at the hotel and went for a wash.

During this time my mobile was ringing. I was not expecting that Sheeba to call me. I picked the call. She told me that I am in front of your room.,

I said how is it possible. Actually, she also booked a room in the same hotel and co-incidentally, saw my details and room no while checking in.

I opened the door, it was Sheeba in a red saree. She was so yummy in that dress, I thought I will eat her. She came inside my room, sat on the sofa and started chatting. Slowly our hands started touching each other. I was feeling her hot body, my brother/manhood slowly started getting up. She was observing this and suddenly she grabbed it in her left hand.

I was shocked. She said, “Don’t say anything. I need your manhood and I want to feel it deep inside me.”

I slowly started kissing her lips. It was so yummy and sweet we are kissing each other for the next 20 minutes. During this time, I started pressing her boobs.

They were so soft. Next, I started to lick her boobs and started pressing it. All of a sudden, she started to open my boxer and searching for my guy. My guy came in force and started searching for a pussy or mouth. She grabbed it and started to kiss. Then slowly she started sucking in her warm mouth. I was in heaven for the next 30 minutes. She was eating my guy and feeling it in her hot mouth.

Now it’s my turn to search for juicy pussy. I slowly opened her dress and given a warm kiss on her pussy. She was enjoying the feel my tongue over her vagina.

I started to give more pressure on it and continued to eat her pussy for the next 20 minutes. All of a sudden, a load juice came on my face, which she was holding for a long time. She was pushing my head inside her pussy with good expression. I continued to serve as an I am a slave to her. Then I was tired, and I told I will take rest for 10 minutes.

During this time, she started licking my balls and cock. I was enjoying the feel of her lovely lip and mouth. We were enjoying each other’s body for the one hour.

Then we started to go for the climax. We both became naked and started enjoying each other. Then she started, “Raj, fuck me, fuck me Raj, I am yours, and you fuck me in all angles.”

This made me get more energetic. I started to insert my cock into her pussy. She was enjoying my strokes. I started to fuck her doggy style and she was screaming. I increased the power of my strokes and she was yelling, “Fuck, fuck hard.”

During this time, she had cum. Then she told to fuck face to face. Then I started to fuck her and it was my time to cum. I told her that I am about cum.

She removed my cock from her pussy and told me to cum in her mouth. I started to shoot my loads onto her face and mouth. In that position, she was looking like a milf/bitch waiting for cum shots. I shot cum on her face and mouth. She started eating all the cum and told me that it is nice cum. After that, we were slept together for 2 hours, naked, holding each other tightly.

As we were staying in the same hotel, we used to have fun every day for the next one week. Whenever we got time, we used to have fun and enjoy each other.

Till now also she is in touch and we meet whenever we get a chance.

The night encounter with this story, I will share as the second part.

To be continued in part -2.

I respect your feedback. Share your feedback (good/bad) or if you need to get in touch, mail me on email id [email protected].

Thanks, Stevan.

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