Fun, Sex With Friend’s Divorced Sister

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This is Sachin living in pune from last 2 years. I have been a reading these sex stories from my school days and I am very fond of them. This is the first real sex experience that I am narrating today, which happened with one of my colleagues elder sister and me. She is around 36 yrs and has good Stats 38 36 36 and is a divorcee with two childern.

Please excuse me if you feel boring as I am not that good in narration.

This was my first sex experience with one of my best colleagues elder sister. Her name is megha and is a divorcee.

I dont want to give fake info about my body. I am 5’4 and an average good looking guy with little extra pounds near my waist. I have normal Indian tool, which can satisfy any woman who is starving for sex. Frankly speaking my tool get aroused loking at naughty aunties than any hot bitch.. any aunties looking for a private sex are welcome.

As saidm I had a best buddy with whom i often used to go to his home and was introduced to his family members. As I was a bachelor and dint have any new girl friend post my breakup with my ex, my buddy used to tease me to find a gf and have fun. But I dont know for god sake, I wasn’t interested in going behind girls. i sued to talk her to family members like his wife and sis in a friendly manner and we had gelled well in a short span of time. Many times me, my friend, his sis and his wife used to sit together and booze.

Since I was shy and used to talk very less, I dont know what made his sis to fall for me. One fine day, she whatsapp me on my number and we started to chat. Many times i dont know it was intentionally or unintentionally his sis used to sit next to me and press her boobs or used to hug me. I really had no bad intention towards her.

All of a sudden, I dont know what happened to her, she said, she has started liking me and her feelings are true for me. I was shocked to c her msg and was stunned. I told I need some time to think over it because I dont want to spoil my relation with my buddy.

Post that chat we used to daily chat over the phone and talk for at least 2 hrs. we made sure our relationship doesn’t reveal in front of my buddy. Sometimes she used to call me on my office phone to just to listen to my voice and kiss me.

One fine day, though i dint have any feelings for her expect that i need to fulfill her desires, I asked her to go on date and we went to a hukka parlor near Fatima Nagar. she was wearing a nice dress where in i can see her cleavage very easily. We spoke for some time and during departure i said i want to kiss her. She said I am all yours and you can do whatever with me.

we smooched liked anything that day and planned for a fucking session. One day she told me to come directly to her friend house at Viman nagar and can stay there at night and her friend knows about our affair and she doesn’t have any issues me being at her home.

Meanwhile she used to send me her naked photos everyday and used to get wet every night. Since i used to get horny by her talks, I used to made her orgasm on each night. Many times she sent me her video while taking bath to which i shagged and made her to call n have telephone sex and made her orgasm.

As discussed I reached her friend home around 9.30 and we had food parceled from outside and had a good time. At around 10o clock in the night her friend said gn and she asked her to get the door locked from outside as she is going to sleep and we both can have good time.

As soon the door close, Megha went to bathroom and came back with a smaller nighty which made me horny. As soon as i saw her i pulled her near me and started smooching and wee both were so engrossed n each other that we forgot to switch of the lights.

Slowly I started to press her boobs and started caressing her and made her nipples erect. I Sucked her nipples like anything, for which she was moaning like ahhh, ahh, Jaan halu, We still have a whole night to do everything.

Slowly I undressed her nighty and started playing with her each section of her body. Starting from her neck i licked every part of her body including her anas. We kept our smooching and sucking exercise for half anf hour and den suddenly she woke up and told I want you to fuck me baby. Please aaaj Maji Pucchi Phadkun Tak, Please. I said, wait, before fuck, I want you to suck my dick,for which she resisted, but finally agreed. She took my tool inside her mouth and started sucking. Initially she was shy and but later she sucked it like a pro. In the meanwhile my hands were busy in playing with her nipples which made her harder and suck my dick very passionately. She sucked it for 10 min and then said, come on, please fuck me.. I need you Sachin.. Please. Its been years I had sex and I want you to give that pleasure today.

I asked her come and sleep on the floor so that there horny bed sound shoudnt maker her friend wake up. She slept on the floor and I asked her to remove her nighty and helped her to remove. as soon as i remover her nighty, i again played with her boobs, nipples armpits, pussy and made her wet. She was moaning like Please thok na raaja, Layi divas Jhaale. Please. She was begging me for sex.

Finally when she was too much in need for sex, I opened my tool and inserted in her pussy. I stroked her hard for which she was moanining like ahhhh, ahhha, suddenly i liplocked her to make her moans lower. I fucked her for around 15 min and she ejaculaated before me. I was so happy when she said she had the best sex eve had in her life. O felt proud and we had this sex session 3 times on that day. during the third round we tried doggy shots, 69 position, she top of me and all other sex postions. I had a great fun during that day and we kept enjoyiing for alomost 6 months. We also had fun in Mumbai where we spent the most sexiest night. I will try to narrate the rest of my sex life in the next stroies.

if any girls or matured aunties are eager to have safe sex, you can conatct me on my id [email protected]. I am kind of a personw who respect the feelings and know the privacy of ppl.

if any girl is interested to be in a relationship to fulfil her and my sexual desires, always open for it.

I hope you liked my first sex story.. sorry instead of calling it a story i would call it my sex like coz its not fake..

ThanksYour sex toy

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