Getting sucked & fucked in DU Fest

Hey everyone, this is Anonymousguy. I’ve already posted a couple of times on this site, but I deleted my mail as I thought I had found the love of my life.

It was not long before she completely flipped. She started ignoring me. We had a long-distance relationship which didn’t allow us to have sex. Now she hardly cares about my needs.

So coming to the story, I’ve been sex-starved for a year. I wanted to be faithful in my relationship. But then, looking at my girlfriend, I realised she hardly cared or loved me. So I thought fuck it, I’ll fulfil my needs. That’s how most married people feel when their partners stop caring about their needs.

So a bit about me. I’m an athletic guy, age 22, from a small city in India. I’m into sports. My height is 6ft, and my length is 6 inches. I won’t say I’m handsome, but I look decent enough. I have what the normal guys lack. Stamina! I could go on for an hour till I blast my cum on your tits.

So I am a Delhi University student, and as you know, the life DU provides. So I was attending a fest, and my attention got fixed on this girl. Damn, she was hot. 5.4, Lil dusky, curvy with a deep cleavage and tight jeans. She was dancing her head off. Maybe she was drunk or something.

So I kept looking at her and thought, why not try it? So I kept waiting for the right moment! I saw her leave the dance floor and buy something to drink. I followed her where she stood looking around for her friend who she was dancing like a bitch!

I went and snooped right past her and said into her ears that she danced so well!And saying that, I left her wondering what had happened. I again joined the dance floor, and she joined too. She was dancing beside me, and we were catching glimpses of each other.

I knew I had her attention, but I needed her attention somewhere else. So the show ended. Everyone was leaving, but I was waiting for her to be away from her friend so that I could talk to her! The time came, and I went to her confidently and asked for her Instagram.

To my bad luck, she didn’t use any and said she couldn’t share her number. I felt so bad. I said it was okay with a sad face and bid her goodbye! However, while I was leaving, I thought, why not give her my ID instead so? I walked up to her and said I know you do not have an Instagram.

But maybe if you change your mind, this is my ID. Feel free to text me. I waited but hardly thought I would receive a text and completely forgot about her. Around 2 months after the incident, I received a request which I thought was some random person, so I dm her.

Me: Hey, who’s this? Do we know each other?

She: Maybe you said you wanted to know me.

Me: I don’t get it. Who is it?

She: Keep guessing. I think you give your ID to many girls.

Me: Is that you, Aakansha? (Yeah, this was her name)

She: Okay, I guess you don’t give everyone your ID.

Me: Yeah, that was a one-time thing.

She: Okay, I’m flattered!

Me: So what makes me this lucky?

She: Just needed someone to talk to without any judgement and thought maybe you deserve some luck for having the balls to reach out.

He: Oh, maybe the stars are in my favour.

She: Yeah, they are not in mine.

And saying this, she started telling about her breakup. Her bf fucked someone and said that she was not even worth his spit etc. Hearing these things made me mad and sorry for her. I tried controlling her emotions, but she poured them out like a spring-fall.

I patiently heard her story and then said I understand what you are going through. We talked the night about various other things and decided to meet soon.

After a week of flirting, she finally agreed to meet me. As her college was near the north campus, it was easy for us to meet. We selected a cafe and decided to meet at 6 pm. I should reach out beforehand. But then I thought, why give her so much attention at the first meet?

I went at 6:15. She was already there scrolling her phone. I apologised for being late, for which she taunted. I said I got stuck in the traffic. She said, “Yeah, I avoided traffic to be on time.” I said you were more excited to meet than I was and smiled. She was like yeah, loser exactly.

I said, “Loser, are you sure? You haven’t seen me play yet.” She understood what I was saying and said, “Okay, we’ll see!” We had some food and coffee, and I offered to walk her back home, but she refused.

I said, “Why not?” So she said my ex used to do it. We always stayed the night together. I said then that this was the best thing to happen and laughed. She was still serious, so I said, “It was okay. I’ll leave you at your society gate.”

She agreed, and we started walking to her place to talk about random stuff. And her society was there. As a gentleman, I was ready to return when she asked me to have something before I left. I said, “Okay, if you insist.” On the way up, she apologised for being rude.

I said it’s okay I understand. We entered her flat, which was rather messy. It was unusual for a girl’s flat, but then she told me it was her roommate. She was gender fluid and always used to be like this. I said, “Isn’t she home?” She said she went to her home 2 days back.

She said me to relax while she brought something to eat. I said, “Please don’t take so much effort, but she insisted.” I said okay, but I’ll join you in the kitchen. She agreed somewhat. Her kitchen was spacious. But still, it had her odour for everyone.

She had sweat all over her neck. I got carried away with that sight. I don’t know what took more of me. But I just moved close to her back. I whispered in her ears, “Aakansha, you look so hot, god. I can fuck you right here,” and blew my warm breath on her neck.

As she tried to turn, our lips met. I don’t know if she wanted it to happen like this. But I pulled her close to me with a pull from her waist and started sucking her lips! Damn, they were fucking Perfect! My hands started exploring her skin inch by inch.

Her boobs were 34, her waist was 30, and her ass was 34. You can imagine it for yourself. She wore a gym track, so I just slipped my hands inside in a blow and reached her panties. Damn, they were as wet as it flooded. We kept kissing while she kept pulling me towards her.

I am great at the makeout stuff, so what I did was not expected of her. I just removed my hands inside her tracks and pulled it in a go. She was nude below, and I pushed my face into hers without her realising it. Damn, she pushed my head so deep inside her that I could still feel her thighs around my face.

She just kept moaning my name. “Oh baby, yes, lick my pussy, chato meri chut.” While doing it, I inserted a finger inside her without her expecting it. She was so shocked that she made things fall in the kitchen. I thought that this was not the place I could fuck her.

So I took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and started undressing. She just looked at me and, with her eyes, called me to her faster. She removed her top while I was undressing. She had brown nipples, and damn, they looked delicious.

I jumped onto the bed and kissed her again, pressing her boobs harder. She kept moaning my name. I kept biting her boobs. I am a person who doesn’t hurry in sex and likes to explore and have the longest fun. So I started rubbing her clit while sucking her boobs.

She was going mad with everything I was doing. I was giving her hickeys all over her boobs, and she was begging me to fuck her. I then inserted two fingers inside her. Judging from her pussy grip, it was obvious she hadn’t had a lot of sex. She was not begging me to fuck her mind out!

I said not that easy and asked her for a blowjob. I don’t know why these young girls don’t like giving a blowjob. I mean, that’s an art you should master, but they don’t. She said, “I could make it wet enough. I can guarantee the pleasure you might be used to.”

I said, “Fuck it. I want your lips wrapped around my dick!” I adjusted us to the 69 position, and damn, she was a savage. She licked my tip just enough that I didn’t cum and continued blowing it till it was wet. I was in heaven, just heaven.

I pinned her down and started rubbing my dick on her clit. But then I remembered I had a hookup. I stopped and said, “Sorry, we can’t….”

She was furious as hell.

She: Wtf? Do you mean you can’t?

Me: Dude, we have no protection.

She: You fucking loser, you’ll cum in 2 minutes. That’s why you fucking fear.

She made me so fucking angry that I held her face and said if that’s what you want bitch. I just put it inside her cunt. It went halfway in, and she started shouting. “It’s so big. Take it out, sorry, please!”

I was in no mood to stop. I just moved my body to her boobs and started sucking them. I slowly started fucking her. After a while, she gave in and started enjoying herself. I kept fucking her cunt all night long. She cum like 3 times while we had her first intercourse.

I fucked her for around 30 minutes. I have not had sex for some time now. But we enjoyed every minute of it, and we still do. She’s such a bitch. She asked me whether I could slap her. I was fucking her, and that is when we tried BDSM!

I hope you enjoyed my story. I know people will always doubt if it is real, but I leave that to you. Anyways I’m more into mature ladies. So please hit me up, girls older than me.

You can reach out to me by mail at [email protected] and leave comments.

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