Helping A College Girl Friend Leads To Sex

Hello to all horny people out there! I have from a long time thinking to share one of my stories which is closest to my heart. This incident made me believe anything can happen anytime.

Now without wasting any more time of yours, let me rush you to the story. It might be a lengthy one but trust me guys, it’s all true and worth it.

Disclaimer: Names and places have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals.

This is my first story so please forgive me for my mistakes. Something about me, I am Nikhil, 30 years old from Gujarat, 5’11” with wheatish in color. Thanks to schooling, I have a good athletic body and stamina. I work as an Engineer.

It happened a few years ago in my Engineering college. I studied Engineering in Pune. Being good in the academics, I always use to help everyone. In engineering colleges, all the girls are like deer and boys are like hungry lion, looking to just grab them and eat.

It was a rainy Saturday and rains in Pune create a hill station kind of atmosphere. Many students didn’t turn up, so the class got canceled. I directly went to the library to focus on my projects. After sometime comes the heroine of my story – Poonam.

Poonam was a slim Marathi girl 5’5″ height, fair, and with assets 34B-26-32. She always greets me with a smile. She came to me to help her in Engineering Graphics. Who would say NO to that, I readily agreed.

I still remember she was wearing a red top with black jeans and black sandals. The lip gloss was adding to the beauty. She had tied up her hairs and one curl was hanging which she put it behind her ears. Anyone would go mad just looking at her boobs.

Her hair was wet due to the rains and a strong feminine odor was radiating out of her. I simply lost in admiring her. She tapped me and I just realized what I have done. I still remember the conversation which goes as follows:

P: What happened?Me: Nothing, I was thinking something. Anyway, you are looking different today?P: Different?Me: Arey, different in a nice way, like sexy.

P: Kuch bhi. Anyway, thanks. So will you help me?Me: Sure, anything for you. But as exams are nearing, you will need to give more time.P: Ok, so tomorrow in the library.Me: Ok.

And she left. That night was the longest night for me because I spent an entire day with a beautiful girl in such a romantic weather.

Next day, she came to the library (the library was opened on Sundays so students could come and study), and she was looking stunning. She had worn a green low-cut top and track. I was simply looking at her boobs, the way they were bouncing as she was coming towards me.

She gave me a hug and I could feel her boobs pressing my chest. My junior started rising, but I controlled and we started studying. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to concentrate. We studied for almost 4 hours and just looking at her boobs was making me uneasy.

This study session continued for almost 1.5 months.

Then the exams came and she was scared, and I assured her that she will do well.

Soon the exams were over. I still remember the date, it was 28th August – the day of the results. She was worried and I was more worried about her result. I scored the highest in University with 88 and she called me around 3 pm. From her voice, I could make out she was very happy. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello.P: Hi Nikhil, I am so so so happy. I cleared Graphics, I scored 72. I am so happy!

Me: Congrats, even I am so happy for you.P: All credit goes to you. You were so helpful, and I couldn’t do it without you.

Me: Well, you were a good student.P: Let’s meet in the evening; I want to give you a treat.

Me: Sirf treat se kaam nahi chalega.P: So what else?

Me: Candlelight dinner.P (After a pause): Ohk Done. Pick me up at 6.

Even I was surprised that she agreed, and inside I was happy that I will have such a nice company in the evening. When I went to pick her up from my bike, I was dumbfounded. She was looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a black sleeveless single piece which was ending at her knee. I simply smiled and said, “You are going to kill many people today”.

She smiled and sat on the bike with me and we went to the ‘Up and Above’ – a very famous hotel, on the hill. The view of entire Pune was mesmerizing and with such a wonderful company, I was feeling on top of the world.

I continued flirting with her, and she simply responded well. I just wanted this evening to not end. After the wonderful candlelight dinner, we ordered for dessert. The time was over 10 pm and I said if she doesn’t mind, she can come over to my place for a movie as it was late and the hostel would close at 9. She simply nodded and said ok. I was very happy inside and prayed to make me lucky tonight.

I stayed alone at a flat and it was not an issue for me. As it was late, we easily sneaked into my flat. As we entered the flat, she was surprised to see everything clean and tidy which never happens at a bachelors’ place.

I welcomed her to my flat; we sat and had cold drinks. I asked if she wanted hard drinks, to which she smiled and said, Ok. I started my laptop, and played the movie ‘American Pie: Naked Run’. It was an adultery comedy movie. She started to enjoy and we were celebrating the night.

Deep down I was turning horny, and we were already 3 pegs down of Vodka. Vodka started its effect, and the distance between us decreased. Now we were sitting very closely touching each other’s shoulders on the couch. As the hot scene started, we both were feeling uncomfortable. I asked whether I should change the movie but she said no and that she likes the movie and smiled at me.

Now I couldn’t resist anymore and we both looked in each other’s eyes. It was like both of us wanted the same thing, but was waiting for the other person to start. I was getting nervous and I just moved my lips towards her, she closed her eyes and our lips met. I just don’t remember how long we kissed. But it felt like an eternity.

The feeling of both tongues touching each other was amazing and we both were trying to hug our tongues. I was extremely turned on, and Poonam was breathing very heavily. I looked at her and she smiled and winked. Guys, I can never forget that smile, sometimes even today I dream of that smile.

Slowly we moved to our bedroom. I removed her black dress, and my jaws dropped. Her body was looking flawless. Those two huge melons! The red bra was trying hard to hold them together and below, she was wearing a black panty. It was like sexiness topped with hotness.

I started kissing her neck and earlobes. Trust me guys, there is a weak spot at the back of every girl, right place and the right amount of pressure will make every girl weak. I started to press and soon I could hear her moan, “Aaaaahhhhhh!!!”

Those sounds started to make me rock hard. She removed my t-shirt, and I started kissing her shoulders and moved down to kiss on her boobs. Oh God, what soft and milky boobs those were. I was lost in my own world while pressing and kissing those. The view of her boobs in the red bra was the most amazing view I have ever had.

I removed her bra and freed the boobs. The small light brown nipples pointed towards me. I held the right boob and took the left boob in my mouth and started sucking it. I don’t know she was feeling good or it was just me, but surely it was heavenly. Slowly, I kissed and sucked her right boob. I was so excited that I started pressing both her boobs until she shouted that I was hurting her!

So I stopped. I kissed her navel and stomach and slowly moved down. I could clearly see the wet spot on her panties. Then I slowly removed her panties and the fragrance from her pussy intoxicated me. It was a clean shaved pussy, which I kissed and sucked.

I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy and sucked it. I even sucked her clitoris. She was moaning loudly, “Yessssss Nikhil.. Yesssss.. Go deep. It feels so good.. Hmmmmm.. Ahhhhhhhh.. Please don’t stop!” She even didn’t let me catch my breath.

After that, it was her turn. Poonam removed my jeans and shorts. She was impressed to see my 6″ monster. She simply kissed it, and took it in her mouth. The kiss on the head of the dick and the way she moved her tongue around it were making me feel entirely different. Until now, I have never felt that way again.

Poonam started to give me a blowjob. And oh man! What an oral that was. I was in total pleasure watching her sitting on the floor, and seeing my dick disappear in her mouth. She continued sucking me out.

The effect of vodka in my head, and such warm and sensational feeling on my dick – that is what’s called 7th heaven! I didn’t last more than 5 minutes. I shot my sperms on her boobs. What an amazing feeling! But this was just the beginning and my dick was in no condition to go limp.

I again started to kiss her everywhere and in no time, I was hard again. Poonam said in my ears, “Nikhil, please fuck me now.”

She laid down on the bed and I came on top of her. I kept my dick and on her pussy and gave a slow push. She moaned. I slowly took it out and again inserted with a greater force.

Half of my dick was inside and Poonam started to moan loudly. I got scared that my neighbors would have heard it. I started to stroke inside her pussy and inserted my dick completely. She was enjoying and so was I. her pussy was feeling so soft and wet on my dick. I continued fucking her.

After 5 minutes, she came on top of me and started to ride my dick. I grabbed both her boobs and started to press them. She bent and kissed me, and I started to kiss her boobs. I pulled her on me, grabbed her tightly, crushed her boobs on her chest, and started to stroke her.

Then we moved to doggy style. She bent and her ass cheeks were so white and smooth. I just pinched it and she shouted. Her ass cheek turned red. She smiled at me and I inserted my dick inside her pussy without wasting any more time.

Doggy position is my weakest position and I cannot hold long in this position. So, I cummed in 2-3 minutes like I have never cummed in my life. She came almost thrice during this entire session.

As soon as the session ended and I removed my dick, I got scared and told Poonam that I have fucked her without a condom. She told me not to worry and that she will take an i-pill the next day. Later she told me she was not a virgin and I said, “Me too”, and winked at her.

We continued under the shower, where she again gave me a blowjob, and after that, I fucked her under the shower like anything. After this, we were completely tired and we slept naked hugging each other.

In the morning, when I woke up, she was still sleeping and she was looking so damn beautiful. I kissed on her cheeks and she lazily opened her eyes and smiled at me. Our lips met, and again started the most memorable fuck I ever had. Then we got ready, had breakfast and I dropped her at the hostel.

We found opportunities to meet again, and I even once took her to Mahabaleshwar. Well, that’s another story.

Thanks for reading. If anyone has any suggestions or want to have fun online/offline, leave a comment or mail me back on [email protected].

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