Hot And Sexy Fun With A Desi From US Part – 1

Hi guys nick here from delhi age 25, I am tall and a bit chubby.This story is part real and part fiction/fantasy of mine.This story takes place when I was 23 years old I have always dreamt of being a bottom and getting fucked by a dominating top but never had the courage to meet a guy in real but would love to talk to chat with them have cam sessions as well as phone sex. I always liked to get dirty with my guys while talking to them like I was their own slut and they could use me in any way they wanted to but sometimes when guys use to ask me to meet in real I aways declined their offers.

So like any other night I was searching online for a top who can calm me down in night and whose bitch I can become for his cock so I entered a chat room and instantly I got a message from this guy, deep, he asked for my asl and my body status and told me that he is 35 years old from the us married,and how much he likes tall and chubby guys with big asses so I told him that he would love me so we got on to chat and he was very kinky and dominating and I loved everything he said we also went on to do cam session where he made me show him my whole body and showered me with praises that how much he loved my body and also showed his body which was nice and healthy just the way I liked it and his cock was 6 inch my favourite size. From that day onwards we chatted every night and I loved talking to him and there was also something very trustworthy about him I had become his online bf/gf for all purposes

So one night after our steamy cam session where he made me insert 4 fingers inside my man pussy and made me cum he told me that he was coming to delhi next month for a week on official visit and asked whether I wanted to meet him I instantly said yes I don’t know why but I wanted to meet him so badly, we also decided that we won’t chat for a month so that when we meet it will be the hottest session of our lives.

We were waiting desperately for him to land in india and finally the day came he messaged me that he had landed and has the whole day free tomorrow and gave me the address my heart was beating like anything and I was bit of afraid as well because I was a virgin and the thought of finally being with a man was so overwhelming for me but I calmed myself and decided to go ahead with it.

The next day I went to his hotel and knocked on the door of his room:

Deep: ah! Nicki baby come I have been waiting since night to meet you, you look so sexy and more beautiful in real than you did on cam

Me: stop it deep you are making me blush and you haven’t even taken off your clothes yet

I entered his room and went on to sat on his bed with my legs crossed, deep came near me and put his hands on my face and then slowly moved it down to my boobs pressing them gently then down to my stomach then my cock my thighs and after reaching my thighs he started rubbing them over my trousers I asked him baby do you want me to do something for you deep replied no sweetheart you don’t do anything today I will do everything to you. Deep took off my shirt and his eyes were filled with lust seeing me topless

Me: stop looking at me like thatDeep: yes dear I have seen enough already now its time to stop looking and start doing and instantly he brought his lips near to mine and we were locked in a deep kiss it was magical being kissed by my man it was wild it was hot it was everything I wanted we continued to kiss and it was making me hot and it was making him hotter while kissing me he took his hand to my right boob and started pressing it hard and I moaned ‘aah baby slowly it’s only for you to enjoy to no one else’ he got more hot after hearing my words and started pressing them harder he broke the kiss and went down to both my boobs and started pressing them and sucking on my nipples like a hungry baby.

Me: baby yyeeesss.S…. More suck me more, make my boobs bigger

Deep’: baby aaj asli maza aa raha hai boobs chusne ka aaj se pehele itna maza nahi meri biwi ke nipples ka taste bhi itna chha nahi hai jitna tumhara hai.

I felt so good after hearing that and even hornier I got my hands on his cock and start massaging it and I could feel the bulge inside.

Me: baby apne kapde utaro na I want to feel your manhood in realDeep:rukja meri rakhail thodi der aure poora ka poora lund tera hi hai

I always loved when he talked dirty to me

Me:thik hai rajaper jaldi akr aur raha nahi ja raha

After sucking on my nipples he went further down and opened my trousers and pulled them down and I was butt naked(I wasn’t wearing any undie). He asked me to do a 360 round and show him my whole body. I did what he commanded me to do.

Me: like what you see baby??Deep: love it baby!!!

Deep:chal meri rani meri kuttiya banja zara teri gaand ko test kiya jae

Me:thik hai jaanu

I got on both my hands and knees on the floor he came near me and strarted spanking me hard and I moaned and screamed all at once.

Deep: maza aa raha hai meri randi gaand per thappad khane seMe: bahut maza aa raha hai jaanu per maza aur aata agar tera loda mere muuh mein hotaDeep:chal aaja teri khwaish bhi poori ki jae aaj

After sspanking me 5 times more, he opened his shirt buttons and then his belt buckle and finally took off his jeans and there and then I could see his hot rod erected like a pole telling me to come and suck him like a lollipopMe: jaanu isko dekhke toh muuh mein paani a agayaDeep:toh aaja rani apne muuh ka paani aur mere lund ka pani mix karle

I went near his cock in the doggy position only and without losing any more time I started sucking on it “Mmuahhhah ssllsurupp kslslsururpp mauahaha” and the taste was just out of the world it was just amazing and I loved every part of it.

Deep: aaahhhhhh rani kya mast chus rahi hai mmmmm chus saali randi poora chuus meri rakhail tu hi hai meri sab kuch chhusususMe: mmauuhahahah slsurrpp aaj nahi chhoduga is lode ko poora kha jauga slsurrurprprprDeep:khale jaan poora paani nikalke peeja, ek mahine se muth nahi maari aaj tujhe hi pilauga poora muth apnaMe:mamauah slslsururrrprppr

I was sucking on it so fast I also didn’t relize that how near to cumming he was and after sucking just 5 mins he came inside my mouth over my face it was just an unstoppable sttream of love juice coming out of his cock

Deep: aahhhhh maza aa gaya aaj toh randi!! Kya mast lag rahi hai mera juice tere poora chehre per kitna achha lag raha hai, chaat ja ek ek drop ko amin dekhna chahata hun ki akise tu peeti hai mera maalMe:bolne ki jarurat nahi tere lund se nikla hua ek amal bhi waste nahi hone dunga main

Deep:’dunga’ nahi ‘dugi’ aaj se tu meri rakhail hai nick nahi nicki hai mard ki tarah nahi aurat ki tarah rahegi mere saath kyunki ab toh tune mera maal le liya hai apne andar.

Me: thik hai mere raja main ek drop bhi anhi waste hone dungiAnd I continued to suck every drop of his cum from his cock and from my fingers licked everything that was on my face and believe me it was the most erotic thing that I have ever done.

Thanks, guys this is the end of the first part I would be waiting for your feedbacks here or you can also email me(prefer the mail for more personal touch and future contact;) ) on my id [email protected]


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