Hot Sex With Friend’s Wife – Pt 3 (Final Part)

Hi all.Priyesh, 32m, married, from Nashik. Back again with the second part. Thank you for all your responses. Sorry, I couldn’t reply all. Not wasting the time, here we go.

Guys read ‘hot sex with friend’s wife – part 2’ before beginning to read this part. It’ll connect u better.

I went to the kitchen, she was cooking dinner. I said “how was your day?” she said “ boss called me 11 times in his office coz of your stupid suggestion of that bra. It was visible thru my white shirt, that too half of my boobies were out of it. It was horrible.” she made an annoyed face. I said “tera promotion jaldi hoga, it’ll better if u change job, now your boss too is horny” n winked her. She shouted “kamine chhodungi nai…”. Amit enquired from hall “kya hua??”. She said “rasoi ki band bajaara hai yaha… lekar jaao isse yaha se…” we both laughed. Amit came in kitchen n asked “kya kiya?”. I said “kuch nai… namak kam dikh raha thha sabzi me to daal dia…”. She smiled & said “jyada hi dikhta hai tujhe… daalne ki chhez nai daalega..” & winked looking at me. We both smiled & amit said “jaldi banaa … bohot bhuk lagi hai…”. I said “do gut maar le khaana pach jayega..” he laughed & said “chal… banaa..” I said tub eth me leke aaya..” I made drinks in the kitchen itself added pill in his drink. Amrita’s eyes were on me. She said “not today, please. It’ll harm him. You are risking things.” I said, “just stay quiet, either you join me tomorrow full day or let’s enjoy today’s night too…” I immediately left the kitchen before she could say anything.

I went to hall & offered drinks. We were having a normal chit chat. Amrita came & said, “dinner is ready, don’t drink before I come”. She bought all food on the table. While adjusting she toppled his drink on the table. I was seeing her. She commented, “ohh sorry, I’ll clean up the mess & make other very soon”. While going she gave a naughty smile. Things were clear. My darling was with me next day. We had dinner. I asked her to complete her vodka shot in a single go. She denied & said don’t want to exceed in drinks today. I sadi “if you have that in 1 shot even amit will have his patiala shot in a single go.” amit widened his eyes, was half drunk, said “chu hai kya… single go…”. “I’ll surely have one more round” & gave a big broad smile. That’s what I wanted. She took that shot easily. Now it was amit having it. Meanwhile, I helped amrita cleaning table. It was diff for her too due to drinks & impossible for amit to do all this stuff.

He uttered “ami, me so raha hu. Ho sake to jaldi aa. Kam kal kariyo.” sex was in the air from all three angles, me, amit & amrita. I went to hall & kept swapping channels. I wanted to see her getting fucked, was waiting for her to enter her room. She soon finished her work & was entering her room she checked me in hall. I signaled her to keep door open. She acted like not getting, I went to her pulled her & whispered, “ want to see you getting fucked, don’t lock the door” & gave her bums a tight squeeze. She smiled & went to her room. She dint bolt. He was too drunk to have all this sense. I opened door slightly & turned off other lights so no one can see me from their room. He pulled her & gave a smooch. Meanwhile I opened door lil bit more, half open. She was too horny. Caught his dick over short & started rubbing. He pushed her to his dick & asked to suck. She was fast. Removed his shorts & started stroking. His half erect cock started rising high. She was looking me with corner of her eye. I could see her naughty smile. “ pura le ” he said with his half closed eyes. She said “dheere plz. Your vice may go out of the room. We have guest at home. Please.” he opened his eyes, pulled her, “Mera ghar me jo chaahe karu, usko bhi bv hai, awaaz gayi to to kya…”. He was bit angry type. Threw her beside climbed her inserted his dick deep in mouth. She was feeling uneasy.

He sat beside & said “mujhe mat sikhati jaa, chut faad dunga” she dint utter a word. He spread her legs & entered her in single go. He was half in. Started giving strokes. He was giving long strokes in beginning later collapsed on her, she understood as he was not in senses. She came in riding position & sat on his dick. Kept on jumping like a hungry horny girl, she was actually teasing me (which she told me later). Girls are amazing when drunk. She knew his him well & how to finish him well. She jumped out & started giving blowjob. She was giving deep blowjob & squeezing his dick. He was just out of this world & murmuring something. He finally gripped her hairs pressed her hard & gave a final scream & shot in her mouth. She drank all & gave him a smooch. He immediately turned around & fell asleep. She checked if I was there, I was smiling from door.She signaled me that she’ll come after sometime.

I was ok & moved to hall. It was about 1am. I went for loo & to check her on the way. She had slept. I was naughty mood. Always like to see her surprise reactions. I went near her & slightly touched her feet. She dint move, she was in deep sleep. I went to kitchen & bought ice cubes. She was in her short nighty as usual. No panty as she had just gone thru session. I took the ice wanted to insert in her pussy. It was very difficult as she had turned. She shook a bit, I stopped a while. I had got her pussy, if I would slowly insert the wouldn’t be completed, so took position inserted in one go. She trembled & started feeling uneasy, within a min she sat there itself & watched me with wide eyes opened. She was thinking of what all happened. She whispered “sone de na”. She moved the ice out. I was standing beside her. I took it from her cube inserted it again.

Dint let her to take it out & covered it with my hand. She was restless. She started getting off bed. Didn’t let her remove unless she was out from room. I was already hard. My dose was pending. Pushed to wall & lip locked in corridor. She started responding back & knew very I was not going to leave her easily. She said “I am with you tomorrow whole day, let me sleep now. Amit will get awake”. Carried to dining table & made her sit on it, started licking her pussy. It was all wet due to ice & her juices. It tasted funny. Kept on sucking & licking until she was near to orgasm. Her moans were rising. Carried her to my room & threw on bed. She was looking damn sexy with her sweat shining as pearls in that dim light. I climbed on her inserted dick straight away I missionary pose. It slide in swiftly, started giving her strokes. She was responding well with her moans & moving her pussy in a way I get in more deeper. Kept on humping her for sometime. Asked her to suck. She came on top & started stroking & sucking. She was master in bj. If she would continue more I knew would explode.

Made her doggy styly inserted from behind in her love hole. She arched back. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep for long, I caught her haisr & started banging her hard. Room was full for aah ummms & thumping sound. I inserted my thumb in her asshole. She let out a scream. “fuck me hard, I missed you so much, I am all yours”. She knew what excited me. She was getting stiff & getting near to orgasm point. I kept on ramming like anything. She was enjoying pleasure at max so was I. She squealed & orgasmed . I kept on ramming. She wanted to stop for a lil. I was in non mood. I was near too. I gripped her tight & loaded deep in her. She tried escaping. Couldn’t escape my grip. I rested on her back, soon she rested on bed flat. I was still on top of her & dick was between her fluffy asscheeks. Kissed her on her neck. Bite her cheeks from behind. She turned & said “love you darling, wish you could stay here forever”. I said “me too”. She got up & whispered “see you tomorrow” & moving her fingers from forehead to dick. She moved to her room & I slept.

Amit woke me up @ 7. “jaldi uth jaana thha na 9 baje. Breakfast ready hai. Jaldi aa, wait kar ra hu”. I got up finshed with all morning chores & was ready by 8.30. Amit had left at 8 as usual. Amrita was getting ready in her room. I saw her from the door & said “come on fast, late ho raha hai”. She turned to me with her unique naughty smile. “tujhe badi jaldi hai, may I know where are we going”, I replied “jannat” & both were laughing. I had booked a 3star property near by. Bengaluru traffic, hectic. Cab was waiting, all as per plan. As we sat, he drove to that property, almost half an hour drive. As soon as we entered hotel she was lil surprised. “impressive, you are into full proof plan”. I smiled & completed formalities entered room accompanied by staff. It was suite on 7th floor. She eneterd room & was got engrossed with luxe room. Good view from a 5ft window.

I made some orders to waiter. He left soon. I went behind her & hugged from behind. I asked “did you like??”. She replied “you always have best things to offer, be it anything”. She smiled & both were standing at window enjoying morning hustle. She asked “are you waiting for something more?? What have you ordered?? What next can I expect??” I smiled pulled her, hugged her sideways & said “meanwhile lets check out the room”. Things were going fine. Soon bell rang. It was same boy with my special things. I wanted to make that memorable for both of us. Entrance had a corridor, she couldn’t view wt was coming. I shut the door & asked her close eyes. I went to her blindfolded her & made her sit on sit on a chair.

Meanwhile I had décor plans with flowers, cake & a special suitcase of shopping I had made earlier day. She could sense the smell, so said “roses, will be red rose. You are super duper jaanu”. I said “calm down, everything is for you”. Soon took out her dress & kept in washroom. Asked her to change. Guided her to washroom & locked from outside. I said “u get dressed with what you can see on shelf, let me know, I’ll finish my things too in 5 mins & open the door. She was in utter joy as she knew many surprises were waiting for her.

I opened the door, room was decorated with red rose petals all over. Special walkway in room of red rose.

Walls covered with her names written in 26 diff styles along with her snaps in it. Switched on to half dim lights. One thing I forgot, had bought a red baby doll for her. She was looking most beautiful lady in that attire with free hairs slightly waving on her back, red lipstick, mascara & all. I had loaded refrigerator with good wine & champagne. There was lot more in room. I’ll cut short here. Made her sit her on bed. All the while she was just smiling. She pulled me for smooch & we had a longer one. Biting her soft lips & sucking them was all a different pleasure. Started sucking her tongue. I parted a while & looked in her eyes. She tried pulling me back. I went to refrigerator & bought champagne. “this one goes for you, my special lady in life. Sexiest lady to be with”. We both had it, I pulled her off bed. Blindfolded her. I had bought tie rods to tie her.

She was not uttering a word, she was just waiting for ‘what next’ moment. I tied her hands back. I was hard enough. Made her doggy, with resting on bed. Started rubbing her pussy with two fingers. Her juices were oozing out, it was becoming more & more moist. Her ass was the sexiest part in her. No one can resist her ass. I freed my dick kept it on her asshole. She pleaded “please fuck me once in pussy than you can do what ever you want. “ok” I said. I had bought her vibrator-cum-dildo from her wardrobe. I bought it there, she was unaware. I inserted my dick in her slowly. Began to thump her slowly. Inserted dildo in her asshole sametime. She was shocked & tried escaping. I removed my dick & inserted dildo to max in her asshole switched it on. She started making moans, I inserted dick in her pussy. It was unbearable for her. I was stroking slowly, deliberately. Wanted to see her multi orgasms that day.

Pressure in her was building. Her moans were just becoming louder & louder. Knew she would last longer. She came very quickly. Her legs were trembling with loud moans, “aaaah aaah aaah aah aaah… you are killing me… cant bear more. Fuck me hard…” & she exploded. She wanted to rest so tried escaping. I wanted to load in her without removing dildo in her asshole. I started ramming her hard. She was not even able to let out moans. With every stroke I tried getting in her more & more deep. I was nearing to cum coz of her sexy moving ass + moans + mumblings+ vibrations from dildo. I pulled her & made her sit on knees asked to suck. She said “pehle wo dildo nikaal… it was pains like hell… please…”. I shoved my dick in her mouth without listening her. Caught her hairs & was fucking her mouth.

Once I pressed it hard. It was deep throat effect & she choked. I removed from her mouth. She wanted to say something before that again I started fucking her mouth. I was about to cum I gripped her well & increased speed. I pushed her hard against dick in loaded in her throat itself. She choked & was suffocating for her. I moved out & applied left over on her lips. “fucking bastard..” were her first words. I smiled & pulled her up. Switched off that dildo. She expected to remove but I ignored. I made sit in my lap. She said “bastard… me kahi bhaage jaa rahi hu kya? Aaram se nai kar sakta thaa. I was almost dead coz of your choking” I hugged her from behind. “abbhi to nikaal..”. I said first we’ll have lunch than I’ll remove”.

She looked at me shocked & said “no way, I am not having lunch this way. First you remove it. Than I’ll talk to you.” I threw her on bed took remote of dildo. I played with various vibrating lengths. It was becoming uneasy for her. She tried getting off. I pushed her again in center of bed. I said “you are looking sexy fish trembling on bed, I am loving it”. I jumped on her gave a smooch. Meanwhile fingering her pussy. She was again in pleasure world after certain resistance. I increased vibration sensitivity she was jumping here & there with my fingers in her pussy. She started moaning heavily “behnchod jo karna hai kar le aaj… sach me jannat ser karaayga tu… “ moving her head right to left, her hands tied on her back. She was gripping bedsheet. I moved to her pussy, switched off vibrator & started sucking it. I knew she would not last long. “or chaat… I am top of this world. Suck it eat it as you want.” she exploded soon.

I sucked her clean. Was licking her thighs. Loved silk smooth sexy thighs of her. Meanwhile opened her handcuffs. She was lil relaxed. Immediately pulled me up & we kissed for long time. Said “love you very very very much”. I smiled & said “bhook lagi hai? Ya isme hi potu bhar gaya”. Both had laughed. Had lunch.

Rested for awhile. Chit chatting in front of the idiot box. Wine & champagne added flavors to the day.I gave a kiss on her lips & said: “let’s have a choco treat”. I took put bottle of choc sauce from my bag. She started smiling. Switched to a music channel, played a soft music, began dancing with her. She was resting on my chest, matching our feet on music. I turned her & looked into her eyes. Lifted her up, had a nice smooch. It was going more & more intense. I still can sense her lips. It was turning into a beautiful hot moment of all.

Took her to bed. We were still in smooch mode. Tongues fighting. Soft bites on lips. Grabbing ass. Pressing against each other. She was aroused & so was I. She broke the smooch moved down. “let me favor my meat of the day” she whispered. Unbuttoned my jean, was rubbing dick over jeans & later over undies. Meanwhile she opened my shirt wanted to get me naked. I helped her out. I loved the way she was looking. Lusty, beautiful, my own pornstar. No words to describe those moments. Soon she kissed tip of dick. Started stroking it bottom to top. She was playing with balls in between. She increased her stroking speed. I removed her hand & made mouth do the things. She slowly inserted it in her mouth & began sucking as much she could. She playing with balls, moving her nails over my chest. My prince was real hard by now. I pulled her up, soon she took pose of a rider. She adjusted herself on tip of dick.

Slowly began swallowing in her wet pussy lips. Every stroke, depth increased. Her boobs danced in her attire. They jiggled the way she slid on dick. She had rested her hands on my shoulders. She kept humping for awhile. She got up & took reverse cowgirl style. Girls actually love riding. They enjoy it to max. She started stroking this time more speedily. Every time her pussy slide down, her ass cheeks danced to the rhythm. It was turning to be hotter session. She was panting & seemed little tired. I caught her waist turned her down on knees in doggy. I started making deep strokes.

Only her moans could be heard in the room. Her panting breadths were taken over by soft moans. “don’t stop, keep fucking… aaah aah aah aah aah aah ahh”. I moved my grip from her waistline to her long hairs. I varied speed in between to make it more tempting for both. We both were in our own world. I dancing bums were making things uncontrollable. She was holding bedsheet tight in her fist. She had already exploded twice, she was nearing for the third one. I increased speed in ramming her. She trembled & juices flowed over my dick. She was panting hard. I slowed down wanted to long more. Kept on ramming in changing heights, sleeping over her back. I was nearing to cum. This time wanted to load in her complete. Increased the speed made a final stroke & loaded in her deep. I fell on her back both collapsed on bed same way. After a short break I kissed her cheeks. She opened her eyes, sparkling eye to eye contact.

She turned me aside, began sucking dick. Dick was semi erect. Would but obviously take its own time. She kept stroking playing with balls. Did whatever she could. Soon dick started responding her. She started giving long strokes with her hands. It took no time to rise back. She rose & started to take pose for riding. I shifted my dick to her ass. She opened her eyes wide as she never had rided me on her asshole. I gave a pus & tip entered, she closed her eyes 7 slide down slowly. She was not comfortable in riding. I hugged her started stroking her from below. She kept moaning load. I kept stroking her that way for more than 15mins. Now her hole too was lubricated. Asked her to ride. She began riding, with holding her boobs with both hands & staring at me. I made her go missionary inserted in her oozing pussy. Kept her ramming & loaded in her.

We slept there the same way. We never knew when we went in deep sleep. Her phone bell rang, it was amit. She was going to receive I stopped her. Her voice would have said she was sleepy. We checked time, it 6 pm. She got freshened up & then called him. She left soon for home I reached around 8 pm at their apartment. That was my one of most unforgettable sexperience in Bangalore. I left the next day for the hometown. Guys I would like to share more sexperiences with you all. Do mail me reviews, it actually helps in expressing in a better way. Mail me at [email protected].

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