Hot Sex With Kavya My Senior And My Life Partner

I am Pradeep 21 she is Kavya 23yrs my senior in college.

We both got introduced during annual day function in our college.

At that time we exchanged our numbers.

Since then we had a nice friendly relation. she had a boyfriend in her class she used to share all her experiences with him how he kissed hugged fucked her everything.

She asked me if I had any girlfriend I said if I had would choose for a girl like you she blushed and said don’t flirt am your senior. one day she was known that she was being dumped by her bf as he had another affair with a girl from her same class.

She said she wanted to meet me urgent so as it being sundae we went to a park where few people would come.i asked what’s the matter she said am dumped and started crying I dint know what to do she was sobbing literally somehow I convinced her made her console and said to forget it as a nightmare.

Gradually as days passed she started forgetting her past and she became so close to me that she used to say each and everything she used to do.

Once I asked her shall I kiss you she was so angry that I am your senior how can you ask like that I said I love you and want to b with you forever she was shocked and said I need time to think about it.

After 1 week she accepted my proposal. one day we met at our college library steps after college hours and it was the first time we are going to kiss I took her face in my hands and put my lips on her lips and started licking her lips den I took her lower lip between my lips and started sucking.slowly I inserted my tongue in her mouth and explored her tongue and sucked it and we exchanged our saliva till our mouths got dry.

Later that night we had a nice sex chat and we masturbated like anything .it has become regular for us to kiss hug in college whenever possible and masturbate during night times in we were missing each other badly. so we decided to go for a flop movie where ppl will be we went to theatre and took a corner seat and started kissing deeply. i slowly opened her shirt buttons and inserted my hand inside her bra and started pressing her tits and pinching her nipples.

To say her breasts are just like hand balls and soft like bread she was moaning like anything this all happened while we are kissing.

Now she kept her hand on my pant zip opened it inserted her hands inside and took my penis out she slowly pushed my penis skin downwards and upwards and was continuing slowly she was showing me heaven in between she used to spit on my penis for lubrication and again shagged it continued for 5mins when I was about to cum she came to know that and masturbated vigorously and made me cum harder till the last drop of cum comes out my semen was completely in her hands she swallowed all my semen.

We were not able to control and in the middle of the movie we went away and decided to go to my flat were I stay alone.

We reached our flat and as soon as we entered inside I pushed her to the wall and hugged her and kissed deeply and I tore her shirt and bra which made her seminude.

She was shouting at me how I should I go afterwards to my rum as I tore her dress she was so romantic in angry mood I grabbed her boobs and started pressing like anything and she was moaning.

I brought a dairy milk and kept it in our mouths and started kissing which was a choc kiss no other kiss in the world will b so tasty as a choc kiss.

Now I removed completely her dress and she mine we both were nude and was looking like a sex goddess with perfect shapes I pushed her on to bed and started to pour honey in her cunt and starting licking her and fingering.

She was dying by moaning loudly she was grabbing bed sheet tightly I inserted my tongue to the deepest part of vagina and as she was cumming she tightened her thighs and finally squirted like anything I drank all her tasty juices we were lying beside each other fondling our bodies nw the real game begins.

We were hungry by now and we cooked some stuff for us and during cooking we had a romance session and after that we had our dinner we were nude all the time after that we were watching movie American pie which had lot of sex scenes as we were in mood she hold my penis and started shagging and I was fingering her pussy.

Nw I was in no mood to wait for more time and I pushed her on to the floor and I inserted my penis in pussy and started ramming her to and fro her boobs were juggling up and down and I was pressing them she was moaning like he’ll and fucked her hard as I was about to cum I stopped for a while as I dint want to cum so early now I changed the position to doggy style and inserted my penis it was the best position I experienced during fucking.

She was unable to control and she started cumming and cumming but I was not done with my cumming so I was still fucking her after 15-20 mins hard fucking I was about to release my semen and without intimation I release my sperms in her hot bowl pussy we laid on each other she was happy for everything she said I love you and I want you to be forever.

After that we had a lot of issues at our homes as she was elder to me and finally we succeeded in getting married and now we are leading a happy life doing our software jobs in same company.

We do have a small kid.

In my next part I write about my encounter would our project manager who s a hot bombshell dan my lady with the permission of my lady I got laid with my project manager.

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