House Party – Part III

You read in first part that my decent looking wife divya fucked by three carpenters in house .

In second part my parents joined party , my father fucked bahu, a father fucked his daughter and i fucked mother in both choot and gaand. It was an orgy with three ladies, my mother, my wife and wife of carpenter jatin who fucked with five males. My wife could get only one new cock that night, that of her sasur where as mother got four new cocks including lawda of son in all three holes.

Now read what happened next morning .

As usual i woke up first and saw my mother laying nude beside me . I recalled how she enjoyed with cocks of those three carpenters before i fucked her in asshole and choot.

I kissed her and she opened eyes..“maa, raat ko tumne bahut maza diyaa… ““haa bête, mujhe bhee bahut maza aaya bête se chudwaane mey….”

This was my tea time and i enquired whether she also wants . She nodded and we both came out .. I made full kettle tea and came out with two cups ..We sat on chairs side by side and palmed choot.

“maa, bahut pyaara hai…abhee bhee bahut dam hai iss choot mey… ” i pressed clit and said that i enjoyed fucking mother more than divya .

“beta, kal rat ke pahle maine sirf 3 aur lund se masti mari hai lekin kal ek raat mey 5 lund se chud kar bahut mazaa aaya.” she said that she liked my lund and chudai very much and ass fucking was very enjoyable.

“beta, now i am your randi, your slut , you can share me with your friends as much you wish , if you desire i will earn also for you, “

She fisted my limped lund and requested that i should help her in full filling her one long cherished desire .

“beta, i want you to help me fuck with dogs and other animal. “

I got shocked to hear mother’s desire . I also had desired to see women fucking with dog and i had started fantasizing about our colleague veena fucking with dog but now mother only may full fill my desire.

I asked her and she said that few months back she saw a blue film in which a woman was fucked with dogs and horse and even with pigs . She said that she enquired from many of her friends but no one had any such experience or watched live chudai of woman with animals.

“beta, i cant stay here for not more than 15 days , i will try to send your father back home by next sunday . “

She pleaded that during these 15 days somehow i must arrange for animals to fuck my mother. In return , she consented to fuck with any one i desire.

I kissed mother and assured that her desire will be filled soon. I thought of taking help of rosy , secretary of boss who herself is desirous of animal sex.

“how much you expect people to pay you for chudai.?” i asked her rate.

“beta, i think you know that i have few friends who fucks me . Though i never demanded any money but they all are quite rich and always pays. Last week, i was paid rs 25000/- .” she replied honestly.

“and how much you will ask from for your chudai with animals. ?” i pushed finger deeper.

“frankly beta, i want dog or any other animal to fuck me alone or in presence of you but if you want me to give performance in presence of others also then in that case you must demand good money otherwise they will think that i am a real kutia , a bitch .”” in that case , how much you expect from each spectator.?” i asked .

” i think rs 50000/- from each spectator will not be much and they all can fuck me also with that money.”

She replied and seeing pawan she said .. “aao pawan, mai tera hee wait kar rahee thee.”I warned mother against talking about ‘that’ to anyone else. She nodded. I drank tea with fingers gone deep in mother’s cunt. Seeing pawan i did not pull finger out . Mother held his lund and kissed tip.

She appreciated pawan’s chudai .” pawan , divya eise nahi paagal hai tere liye , tu bahut mast chudai karta hai.. “

I got up and brought one cup tea for pawan.” saab, aapki maa asal maal hai, divya madam aur heera se bhee badhiya , bahut garam aur rasili choot hai…”

He pushed tea cup aside ,sat on knee just in front of mother , lifted her legs on shoulder and began licking cunt of mother in morning.. But after 5-6 minutes , mother pushed him ,“pawan , abhee pura din baaki hai.. ” she sucked his lund for few minutes and got up.“bahu is still asleep, let me cook breakfast for son.”

She cooked by remaining nude and when pawan went to divya’s room i fucked mom from back in kitchen itself . Immediately after i ejaculated pawan entered kitchen and saw me rubbing lund between hips.“saab , ek baar chod lijiye ..”“abhee nahi, raat mey ..” i said and dressed up.Others have not woke-up till i left for office leaving mother and pawan nude .

I was very happy . In last few days i enjoyed with four new cunts , veena, rosy, heera and mother and without any doubt mother’s is certainly best fuck .

She is 45 but very slim, 5’5″ tall, wide but roundish shoulder, little oval face , long hairs, and vital stats of 36 x 26 x 36, long thighs and fair . She still have personality to attract and in one night she had four new cocks including of son and now she wants animals to fuck her .

I reached office. First i wished boss and he enquired about divya .

Nothing happened that day. I could not get courage to talk with any one about my mother’s desire and i returned home by 7.00 evening. Unexpectedly, mother was alone.

“how many time they fucked you today ?” i asked pulling her on lap.“only pawan fucked me once before any one woke up and thereafter all others left. Your father fucked bahu and now both went out leaving me alone . “

She also desired to move out . ” let’s go out , have a nice dinner and watch nice movie .” she added that on return we will fuck whole night.I agreed and in half an hour we both were out . Though she was dressed in her usual sari set, she knew what makes men look at women. She had sari wrapped very tightly over her hip, pink background with black coloured small flowers on sari was making her very sexy. She had pink sleeveless blouse with very prominent black bra. Thin straps of bra was very prominent and giving her a sexier look. And to make herself more devil , she let her lower waist exposed. She did not have flat belly like her bahu, but belly was little fleshier which was suiting her personality.

I took her to a jewellary shop and she became pleased to see that i purchased a gold necklace for her. Thereafter we sat in a nice restaurant and soon i heard‘good evening sir,”

They were two , one was my junior in office and other was his friend. Both were in mid 20’s and looking strong and healthy. As a formality, i invited them to join us and they happily sat. Both took place on each side of my mother.

After few minutes i saw both engrossed in talk with mother. I heard them but it was about films and their favorite stars.

Suddenly, friend of my colleague enquired about my relation with lady. ” sir , may i know how you both are related ?”

I did not know what to reply but may be mother was ready for this question..“me and vinod’s mother knows each other from our childhood . We are very intimate , more intimate than we are with our husbands . And i did not know when and how i became intimate with vinod also. “

She remained quite for a minute , took my hand in her hand and said that she is not ashamed that she is ‘whore’ of vinod who is like son and calls her ‘maa’.

I was surprised that how easily my mother said that she fucks with me . And to make situation more lusty, i told her,“maa, there is no need to disclose that i fuck mother.”

” you may be, but i am not ashamed that i fuck with you, whom all along my life treated like a son.” she also uttered fucking word. .

We all remained silent. We had our drinks and waiter took order for dinner . Mother got up and walked away telling that she is going to wash room.

“ohhh..Vinod sir, your mother is very hot.” my colleague commented.

“sir , i would like to fuck this lady..” his friend desired to fuck mother, ” i am ready to pay any amount, 20,30,40 thousand , she desires.” he continued, “my god, she is so hot and sexy. “

Now, this is the opportunity to become pimp of mother. I am already have become a pimp for wife divya.“see friends, she is a lady and she is not a one man woman. I know, beside me, she fucks with few of my father’s friend also. “i smiled at them and said to make them happy,

“i will enjoy seeing mother fucking with you or any one else. ” i added, “but, i don’t know whether she will agree to fuck with you two. ““yes, how we can ask her directly for fuck.. She may get offended. ” one of them feared.“see, you have to seduce & tempt her.” i advised them , “after she returns i will go to wash room and then both of you try to seduce her .”

I looked at them keenly and said , if she don’t agree for sex as fun, offer her good amount of money , she may agree .” i gave encouragement “every matured woman like her wants sex with young people like you.

I enquired whether they have fucked before and both said that they have so far fucked only prostitutes. They said that they are not at all good in seducing girls or woman.

Mother returned and once she sat, i excused myself and walked towards washroom. I gave them time. I returned to table after about 15 minutes. I could see that all three were still in discussion. Dinner was served. After waiter left, friend of my colleague said sadly ,” saab, your mother is not agreeing , please tell her to give pleasure to us also.”

“What to do son? ” mother said , ” last night you fucked me so much that i am not interested in chudai now…” she took hand of one of them and said , ” may be next time when i visit vinod, i will fuck with you. “

I took hold of mother’s hand and requested her to agree for sex with them tonight . I told her that both men are very young and looking strong . I reminded her that she herself said that she enjoy sex more with younger man.. I kept on convincing her and i said finally, “maa , since first time i fucked you, i wished to see you fucking with other. “

And she agreed. ” ok…if you are insisting to see your mother fuck with others i will fuck your friends tonight. “

She looked at them, “but not for free.” she talked like professional.“yaar, how much you will pay her… ?” i asked .

Both looked at each other and i said , ” last month one of my friend offered her 50000/- so if you both give that much each , she will agree .“i think that is ok maa” i asked confirmation from mother.“whatever you think best.” she replied .

My colleague said that the price is high but his friend agreed. ” i know this lady will give us real womanly pleasure. ” he held hand of mother and with other hand pressed her thighs . ” i am ready to pay one lakh .”

” thanks son, you both will never repent, ” mother smiled at him, ” i will give you much more pleasure than your own mother and sister.”

” ok , deal is final , so let’s us finish diner fast .” i said. I was happy for successfully finalizing first ‘pimp’ deal for mother.After dinner i drove mother and other man to his house. Mother sat between two and that man whom she met first time, kept fondling her all the way of drive of about 20 minutes . We entered house, it was in a multistory apartment . Soon my colleague also came.

A middle aged lady of very ordinary face and figure served us whiskey and soda. We began to drink and soon mother was free of sari, petticoat and blouse. “ohhhh…. What a lovely figure .. ” both exclaimed and squeezed cunt and breast over panty and bra. She did not object, she continued to drink. “yaar , first pay her what you promised. “

I moved their hand away and pushed my hand inside panty. It was clean shaven, hot and wet. Both men went inside bedroom.“should i also fuck you in presence of them?” “off course” mother replied . “last night you did fuck me without anyone watching us , but tonight i want my son to fuck me in all hole in presence of your colleague and that lady also , so that tomorrow they will spread about my slutness to others . “

She was very confident, . ” i will make them so happy that both will desire me again and again. “

Seeing both back in room i pulled my hand off. It was one bundle of 1000s .“Madam, it is one lakh and i think it is less for sexy lady like you.”

He pushed bundle inside panty. “Let son undress mother for his friends .” i said.

I first unhooked bra and then pushed panty down. I made mother nude .

Both took deep breath. “Maa, open your legs fully. ” i said..

She opened legs wide apart, raised her both hands up and slowly slowly bend backward. We three saw cunt getting opened up and fully exposed . I never knew that my mother’s body is so flexible. Bit by bit she kept bending back ward and her hand touched floor. She took firm support by hand and then again began spreading her legs apart and i was also astonished to see such a nice swollen cunt and lips fully opened.

We three remained still. None of we three male has even started undressing. She remained in that position for about 4-5 minutes and then she turned straight. She turned around showing her hip to us . This time she began to bend forward and soon she exposed her cunt and asshole to us. I had fucked her last night but this was first time i could see her maals so clearly.

Again after 5-6 minutes she stood up and asked , ” son, so you liked my maals or not. ?” we all were speechless.She walked nude around house and returned with that lady who has covered her face by cloth.Mother told that lady to sit and enjoy.

“Son, till your friends are satisfied , you make this lady comfortable . ” mother advised me.Leaving so good looking sexy lady i was not in a mood to touch that unattractive lady.. But, then i thought that nothing wrong in tasting a new cunt.

Lady tried to get up but i pulled her on my lap and crossed my hands and legs around her. We watched .

Mother undressed both. She sat on sofa with legs wide opened and while fisting one lund , she gave blow job to other this fisting and mouth sucking continued for about 15 minutes . Then one pushed her flat on cot and both fucked her straight . Their cocks were of normal size but had good tightness . While one fucked , mother kept holding cock of other . Both could fuck her about 20 minutes each .”saab fuck me..” this was lady seated on my lap. I was already tight . I let her stand and undressed her . Surprisingly , her skin were tight and she was having no extra flesh .

After first round of chudai, both were caressing and fondling mother and she was also giving them full co-operation. Their cocks have limped and i parted legs of lady. It was not clean shaven cunt like mother, it has small thin hairs . I moved tongue over cunt and slit…”no..Saab ..Just fuck me..” she moaned .

But i increased movement of tongue and fingers on hairy cunt and lady began to moan loudly. My colleague came nearer , he watched lady’s expression & my chewing of her cunt.

It seemed he never licked or sucked any cunt. He moved back to mother and sat between her legs. Mother lifted her legs on his shoulder and said ,”darling my choot is very tasty, suck it and your lawda will soon get tight enough to fuck even your virgin sister . My colleague slowly began licking of mother’s cunt. Here my lady was moaning under me and at hand’s distance my mother was moaning but soon she pulled cock of other man in mouth.“saab , buss… bur mey aag lagi hai..Jaldi se thanda karo nahi to pure ghar mey aag lug jaayegi. ” my lady said loudly.

I moved over her body, she tried to push my lips away but i pressed my lips on her and began kissing. She herself guided lund in choot and in three-four push entire lenghth moved in. Lady had taste of her cunt and then i freed her lips.“kaisa taste hai bur kaa….?” i gave harder push .Buss, chodte rahe …baat mut karo….” she jerked hip and absorbed my push .

She enjoyed silently and i observed that her cunt is quite tight and hot… i said that her cunt is very tight and enquired whether she don’t fuck regularly. And what she said was true but i felt bad for her. She said that you males are falling for girls and women having pretty faces and will not bother whether that lady is thoroughly used .

She said that the lady whom ‘maaliks ‘ are fucking must be over 40 and fucked by many for years . Still they are fucking her after paying such a heavy price but in three years they never desired to fuck my tight cunt and suck so solid chuchi. She informed me that every week they bring one ‘randi’ , pay her thousands and both fuck her whole night. Her observing power was good . I became happy when she said that the lady whom her maaliks are fucking does not look like a randi and off course she is much more beautiful and sexy than her . But she insisted that her cunt is much more juicier and tighter than my mother’s cunt. ” then how you satisfy your sex desire.?”

She replied that most of the day time she is alone and there is one man on upper floor who fucks her regularly and when ever she desires. . She said that the man is in late 50’s but his sex stamina is very good, beside his lawda is long & thicker than you three .

We fucked and it seemed she wants to tell something but controlling herself. I encouraged her, kissed and caressed her & assured that whatever she will tell will not get disclosed .

And what she said. She said in low voice , saab more than chudai by that old man i enjoy chudai by his dog . She disclosed that first two & half year she enjoyed with that old man . Earlier also he had an animal but it was a kutia. Then , his son & bahu purchased a new animal and this time it was male.

She added that about 6 month back ,old man came with dog and fucked her in presence of dog . While man was fucking, lady saw that dog’s lund is extending out of its covering and soon it tightened like a rod. Lund was long and thick also. Lady herself got desired to take that lund in choot but when man said she refused bluntly. He again came second week and in third week . On third time he came not only with dog but with his bahu who is hardly 21-22 and issueless . Old man first fucked me & then he pulled bahu on his lund. Then both pleaded and gave me 10000/- and that afternoon i fucked with dog for first time. It was much better than chudai by that man or by you.

After chudai got over , bahu asked lady whether she enjoyed and lady replied that no man can fuck & suck like dog. Bahu had said that sasur has got her also fucked by dog. She said that now she is pregnant but after delivery she will again enjoy with dog.Lady informed that bahu is likely to deliver next month. During last six month she has been fucked by dog 25-30 times and every time in presence of that bahu.

I continued banging her . I wanted but i did not tell her about mother’s desire to fuck with dog. I thought of visiting this lady along with mother in a day or two time and then tell her to arrange mother’s fuck with dog.She suddenly said that my lady (mother) does not look like a randi and she enquired about her .“she is my mother ” i replied and added that last night only i fucked her first both in choot and gaand and that lucky women got two more young cock tonight.

Hearing this lady pushed me away and almost shouted , “i cant believe”But i again pinned her down, began pumping and told her that she is my own mother but for those man she is very close friend of my mother . Lady herself told them that i fuck her.” i will ask her” lady said and wanted me to fuck mother , ” she don’t have any lund in bur, now you fuck your mother .”

She pushed me off her body , we both walked to her. Both young men were seated on sofa and she was bend in doggy pose and fondling their cocks.

I held mother from back and penetrated with hard push ,“ohh bete , thoda dheere ” mother moaned .” sir, your mother’s body is very hot ” my colleague said , “sir , we both never discharged before 25-30 minutes but your mother’s hot & juicy cunt has sucked our energy in just 12-13 minutes. “But , mother encouraged them, “son i enjoyed chudai with you both..” she expressed desire to fuck with them again .“i am ready for your cocks any time , anywhere. “

Lady whom i fucked sat in lap of house owner and i saw that man’s hand has already started playing with nudity. I became happy that her three year’s wait will get over tonight, when owner as well as his friend will certainly fuck her tonight . They watched my chudai of mother .“see , how forcefully he is fucking mother !” lady commented .” don’t worry we will fuck you with more power . ” my colleague said .

Finally i filled mother’s cunt and after some rest , we two returned back to house. It was past 2 of night. No more chudai that night.In morning i woke up at usual time.. I went to our bed room saw divya sleeping soundly & peacefully in hold of my father . Undoubtedly, she is a sex loving woman and enjoys sex with everyone. So far except her previous boss, my wife enjoyed sex with everyone who desired her.

Now i don’t have faith on her. I thought of exploring reason as to why she left such well paid job. I knew her ex boss and few of her colleagues. I prepared tea and woke up mother . She came out, washed mouth and we had tea. We talked about last night’s action and she said that those two men were so excited like a boy fucking first time, they did not fuck her properly. She again enquired about animal fucking and i ensured her that she will have atleast cock of dog in this juicy and hot bur very soon. I again palmed and fingered bur while we had tea.Before going to office, i desired to fuck & suck mother and she agreed readily . On the kitchen platform she sat with support of wall with both legs lifted up and feet firmly on platform . I sucked bur to my satisfaction and then fucked her in that condition . I filled choot and went to office.

At noon time i visited boss. After some official talk i told him that one of my very close relative is staying with me .“sir, she is a very good maal, a real fuck..”

He immediately got interested .” did you fuck her ?” “yes sir ” i replied that in lst two night i fucked her 4-5 times and i enjoyed with her more than i enjoyed with veena. I added ,“sir, she is of my mother’s age but my god she is very hot and very responsive.”“thanks vinod,” boss was not interested in elderly one , ” you know , i am interested in younger ones like divya and veena. ” he asked me to get another girl like divya.

For quite sometime he showed no interest in elderly lady. Finally i told him, “sir, i will not recommend cold and randi like women to you, i given you divya and you all liked her. Similarly, you will like this lady also, just have her once. ““ok, if you insist , how much ?” boss said.“sir, first you fuck her in all holes and if you like her , pay as much you wish. Otherwise she is free for you today.”

I said and enquired where he would like to fuck her , at his home or at hotel.“no, no, my daughter is home with children, ” boss said , ” bring your mother to hotel where divya was fucked by it men. I will be there at 3.00 noon. “

I came back to my cabin. I called mother at home and told her how to reach that particular hotel. I warned her not to talk about her animal fucking desire to her client & neither talk of any charge. I told her ,

“Rani, if yoy satisfy this man ( my boss) , he will make you rich in one day.Then i called sunil who had enjoyed mother last night. He expressed his deep satisfaction and almost begged mother for full night.“Sunil, i know how hot that kutia is, one man either you or me can not handle her whole night.” i suggested him to find more men and keep rs 50,000/- per head for whole night otherwise you &your friend can have her for one lakh for 2 hours like last night.“And , haa tonight i am going to fuck mother alone whole night. ” .

I reached hotel in time and mother was waiting. Soon boss also came. I don’t know what he felt seeing her but he told me the room number and asked me to come after 10 minutes . He moved away and in ten minutes i was in that room with mother .I told mother that the man is my boss and she should do what ever he desires. Mother nodded and i told them that i will come after two hours to pich her up.

I drove to same house where mother was fucked by two young men last night. Maid became very pleased to see me and we had very nice and satisfying sucking and fucking . After we finished she thanked me that because of me , her owner slept with her whole night , fucked her and talked nicely. Then i expressed my desire to see her fucking with dog . First she blushed but later agreed. I told her that i will come tomorrow at around 2. I did not pay her anything. I did not tell her that i will come with mother and see her fucked with dog.

When i reached back to hotel it was almost 5.30 and i knocked room. Boss opened room and let me enter and he pushed his lund in mother’s ass. I watched mother getting fucked in ass by my boss of over 55 yrs of age and both were enjoying. “sir, how is the mall ..And i think her ass is very loose..” i asked sir whether he enjoyed lady.Sir kept banging mother in ass and thanked me for such a sexy and responsive lady.

“yaar vinod , from where you get such nice mall…first divya and now this lady , a very intimate friend of your mother.“sir, she is not intimate friend of my mother , she herself is my mother ..” i disclosed.“what ? ” sir gave even harder push ..“sir, not so hard …gaand phat jaayega..”

“believe me sir, i came out from same cunt which you fucked just now.” i said again and asked him to ask mother .“you ask that bitch, she will tell you ..” i said“haa sir, ” mother replied ..” i felt ashamed telling you that son has brought mother for chudai by his boss …he is my only son…” “i can’t believe that having such a grown up son, your body is still so tight.” sir appreciated mom that her cunt and ass is very tight for her age. Boss asked me ..“you must have fucked your mother.”

Before i reply mom replied , ” yes sir many tme, he has sinned.”“There is nothing wrong in sex with mother or daughter.”

Sir said and narrated that he fucked his mother when he was only 18 and that was his first sex. During one house party he saw his mother getting fucked by 5-6 waiters and cook and when they went he fucked mother twice that night. Thereafter till marriage after 8 years he kept fucking mother almost daily. He enjoyed mother enjoying orgy mostly during party and that she always preferred sex with low grade peoples like waiters, cooks, sweepers, drivers etc. His mother is so good that beside getting fucked herself by son, she arranged women for boss regularly. Thanks to mother, boss had fucked wife of almost every friend of his father .Then he got married and joined this company . One day he brought his mother & wife for introduction with new boss, a foreigner in his present office cabin. “

“And vinod , you will not believe what that german did , both my wife, married for just three months & mother got themselves fucked by him in that office cabin where i am seating. There after every 2-3 days he was fucking my wife and mother and after three months he took my mother for a month long foreign trip leaving my wife who was pregnant by him. She gave birth to a girl , a very fair and resembling her real father. And when that girl grew, i plucked her virginity . I fucked her regularly for three years before i got her married to son of my friend. I still fuck her. ‘He gave me advise, ” so fuck your son & enjoy..”

He pulled cock out from ass and mother gulped it and swallowed cum.

“Sir, thank you very much..After long gap i am so much satisfied. ” mother appreciated boss, my wife has already given him aaa rating.“Should i tell him that divya is my wife..” i thought but decided against it. Let him find it himself.He called room service and ordered something. Mom wanted to dress but boss ask her to remain nude .“Let’s us see waiters expression. ” he said..

After about 15 minute room service boy came, he was a young man , may be early 20s and he kept staring a two nude man and woman. Seeing him mom opened her thighs still wider and asked him to serve plates .Boss’s cock was in semi-limped condition but still looking nice. While having snacks and tea mom kept fisting cock of boss and boy kept staring at them. He remained in room till we finished. Only after mom tell him to go, he went out .

After some time , we also came down. Boss again thanked me and left. I asked mom whether boss has paid her any thing , she shook head in negative.

“Lekin beta, sach bahut mast chudai kiya tere boss ne..”“Teri bahu ko bhee iska lawda bahut pasand hai , wo raat bhee guzaar chuki hai boss aur uske dosto ke saath. “

That time that room service boy came and stood beside mother and without any hesitation said ,“Madam , mujhe aapko chodna hai..” he desired to fuck mother .

Mom smiled and said that that man had given her rs 1 lakh then only she fucked with him and sat nude.“Beta you are very fortunate that you saw mother nude.”

And what that boy said, he said that 3 times he has undressed his mother in sleep and saw her cunt and breast but he is not having courage to fuck her ,

“Because i don’t know how to fuck.” he held hand of mother and said that once he fuck her (my mother) who looks similar to his mother, he will fuck his mother in night.

“Come with me..” mother told boy to come with us.

Mom sat on back seat and asked boy to sit beside her. She told me to take a long drive on isolated road. We closed all windows, it was already getting dark. I overheard mom guiding boy how to kiss, squeeze, suck, fondle clit and guided him to penetrate him. I saw boy laid over mom and fucking her. She began to moan but boy could not stand for more time. Mom did not discourage him and sucked lund and got him ready. She had him second time & this time boy fucked her better and about for 25 minutes.

“Thank son, you have fucked this mother nicely and now your own mother will enjoy your lund in bur. “

Mom thanked boy and both got dressed .It was past eight and boy invited us to his house. We reached his house , it was a chawl area and we entered his house. Boy introduced us to his parents and one young lady. She was widowed sister of his father. Boy’s mother told that lady to make tea for us and my mother started talk.

Mother of boy blushed when mom said that she is very beautiful and looking so young. She also became free and after some time that widow brought tea and some eatables. I talked with widow lady and after sometime i saw saari of both lady had slipped from shoulder and their breasts were exposed.

“Madam, your breasts are lovely.” i got astonished to see that with her son and other male around she caressed mom’s breast.“I want to suck it , please stay with us tonight.”

I got excited and widow lady said that she (boy’s mother) is a lesbian and every night and even in day time when no one is around, she plays with nudity of widow.

“She satisfies me so much that i don’t feel need of man.” widow said , ” since my husband died (boy’s elder brother ) over two years back i am not fucked …my sasur is desperate to fuck me..”

She opened up fully. Suddenly i saw mom getting up, i saw , all her buttons were opened ..And nipples were also exposed.”“You have magic in your hand” mom said to that lady …and asked me to come to home, ” or you want to fuck this lady (widow) .”

I squeezed thighs of widow and got up.“Madam, i will give you more pleasure than any of your man…please try me once ” mother of boy said.

We drove back home and mother kept telling about that lady, “had i stayed five minutes more , she would have started fucking, first son and now mother.”

She kept quite but i said, “mom i want to fuck that widow but without you they will not give entry to me..” i suggested her to have lesbian experience.

“Only after a dog fucks me..” said mom, she was more interested in chudai by dog.“May be in a day or two..” i pressed cunt.

We reached home and saw pawan with my father & divya. Seeing us divya said that she has to go to a late night party and asked me to drop her there. I did not know about this booking. Leaving pawan and father with mom at home i drove divya and on the way she said that this booking is arranged by an ex colleague of her in the office from where she resigned recently.

I took her to the place where she told me and divya was taken inside by her colleague and i got surprised to see her ex elderly boss, about whom she complained of trying to make her kept.

“Bhai vinod, take it as praise, i am fucking divya for last 7-8 months but i am finding her more demanding & fresh day by day . I only advised her to leave the job and take up full time ‘call girl’ job. “

He said that he is going to make divya the costliest ‘call girl’ and tonight she is being paid 2lakhs each by all five persons.“And shamita ?” i asked about her colleague. “She is agent / pimp of divya.” he said and again thanked me for permitting divya for call-girl service.

While we were talking shamita came and said that i can stay with her whole night but that time i had no interest in her. I told her that my parents are waiting and i left.

I was angry on myself. My wife was in slut business for month before carpenters fucked her in my house . She fooled me all along. I decided to get divya fucked by dog or even by very low grade persons in the house itself.

Instead of going back home i drove to rosy’s house and like previous night i enjoyed full night with her .Again that night she took me & her young servant together .

I reached to place where i left divya lst night. After some knock, shamika only opened the door and i saw six men and divya sleeping nude.“vinod, they have slept just half an hour back..My god how much stamina she has? You will not believe, all six persons fiucked her thrice each.. Bastard no one even touched me.”

I explored and she opened up that after about 4 months of joing divya, she took divya to her house and divya did not opposed much when shamika’s brother and father fucked her and she was paid 50000/- and there after it became regular. Shamika told boss about divya and he fucked her in office only and he was so pleased by her that boss gave her one lakh. Shamika said that in 7-8 months, divya has been fucked not less than 50 persons .

I did not tell shamika that i have found another chain for divya and under that chain she has been fucked by not less than 10 persons.Suddenly i hugged shamika and she co-operated and responded fully in straight missionary fuck.

“Vinod,you are fucking exactly like my father.” she said and when i enquired she said that she is very happy with her father who gave her first taste of sex when she was flat chested and she occassionaly had few persons mostly elderly like her father.

She said that she will bring divya home when she gets up. I reached home and mother opened door. Pawan had already gone after fucking her whole night and father was still asleep. She enquired about divya and i said that in night she had six men and now she is sleeping. She will come lateron.

Before leaving home , i fucked mom in doggy pose and told her to come to my office at 1.00 noon.

“Be ready , boss may fuck you in his office and there after i will take you to a new lund.”

I came to office and first i thank rosy for nice fuck..

“In fact vinod , i should thank you for taking care of a old lady.”

Boss called me and talked about mother. She expressed full satisfaction and gave a packet containing 50000/- for last evening chudai of mother.

“I would like to share your mother with some friends. ” he wished.

I nodded , “i will make her agree , sir you fuck her for free but see that she gets good payment from others.”

“Don’t worry..She will be paid good.”

I took packet and his permission to go out at 2.00 for marketing with mother.

“I will keep your mother whole night at home and fuck daughter & your mom on same bed.”

He permitted me and said that last night he already told daughter that he fucked an elderly lady who gave pleasure like her (daughter).I wanted but could not dare to say that i want to fuck his daughter who is already around 35 and mother of two child.

I got busy in completion of work and exactly at one, mom entered my office. She was in mini skirt and mini top, revealing most of her thighs, belly portion & waist. She had minimum make up hair made in two pony tail like school going girls . “mom, you are looking fantastic .”

She lifted skirt and i could see cunt . She had no panty. She pulled up top and she had no bra either .

“I feel like fucking you here itself but let boss fuck this kutia. ” i took her out and first introduced her to rosy.

Rosy did not believe when i said that she is my mother .”I cant believe, she looks like your younger sister .” rosy said .

I enquired about boss and rosy said smilingly.

“He has gone to fuck his daughter ..Bastard fucks daughter more than his wife. She said that boss will come only after two hours.

“Vinod , bring your mother to my house and fuck us both..I wish to suck your mother ‘” rosy said and in presence of mother i pushed hand under blouse and pressed chuchi…

“I will fuck you while watching you suck my mom…”“Vinod i already arranged that what you said…come and watch me becoming kutia.”

I wished to see rosy fucked by dog and she is now ready for that.

We returned back to my cabin and i called sunil. I did not say a word . Sunil could not recognize her and then mother scolded him that last night he & his friend mercilessely fucked her and now he is not even recognizing her.

“Ohhh my god…” sunil said and hugged mother in my presence .“Please sir, i want this lady for full night ..” he pleaded .“No son, you can’t keep me whole night ..One or twice chudai is sufficient. “

Mom told him to finalise deal with me and then she will come where ever he wants.

“You will enjoy me more with your friends.” mom desired orgy.

I instructed sunil about work and we two left office. We reached lady’s house at 10 minutes before 2.00 . She was expecting me alone and seeing a lady with me, she felt bad.

“Sir, you should have told me that you are coming with a girl.. ” lady was sad, “she is so good , why you want me.”

She opposed but i undressed her fully. Seeing her nude , mother also dropped skirt and pulled off top.“Rani, she is not a girl but my mother whom we fucked last night.”“Ohh god, i could not recognize ..” then again she looked at me questioningly.“She also want to experience what you do..” i said and that lady smiled.

At that time there was a knock , lady opened door and an elderly man came with a ferocious looking dark black colour dog. It was long and looking very slim. But by that time mom has wrapped a sheet along her body. House lady informed man that we are her new friends and we have not seen dog fucking woman.

She invited old man to stay & fuck both lady. He came near to mom, pulled sheet away and caressed her breast and cunt and said that he would love to fuck but as her bahu is not well he is going back. He asked her to report everything after wards. He invited mom to come after 10-15 days , by that time his bahu would have delivered.

Mom covered body again and asked whether bahu is going to deliver his child only.”what can i do? From her suhag raat itself, she is sleeping with me only and when her husband desires he come and fuck wife on my bed only. He is no match for her. ” Man left . We saw dog started licking that lady. Seeing that i am looking at her expectantly, she told mom to take care of dog till we two finish chudai.

Mom tried to touch dog but it barked at mom.”madam , it does not like cloth, come nude to him and he will start loving you..”

Mom threw cloth aside and came near dog. Lady pushed dog to mom and told mom to lift one leg on bed. Dog began licking cunt. And on bed, we two began fondling.”sir suck me first, you lick and suck better than this dog..” lady said and i licked, sucked and fingered . We kept looking at other couple also.

Dog has new flesh and it licked cunt, thighs, belly and even mouth .”madam push yourself between it’s leg and keep 2-3 pillows under your head.”

Mom did exactly that and parted legs. Dog was in 69 pose on her and licking bur.”now, try to touch its lund and caress it slowly…see how fast it grows. “

Mom hesitantly moved hand towards covering and soon 2 inch lund came..”dont fist ,just caressed it softly and raise your cunt up. “

Mom again obeyed and in about 5-6 minutes entire length of lund was out and my god ,it was bigger & thicker than lund of pawan and jatin. “Don’t be afraid , hold it by both hands take lund in mouth, suck it the way you likes , it loves sucking by lady…”

Mom looked at us , “i have sucked it 100 times and even swallowed its cum, ” lady said ” just suck it like you suck your son.. “

This time held dog’s body in both hand and within 2 minutes entire lund was in mouth…”

“Now enjoy lund in mouth and when it is ready for chudai it will stop sucking you & will turn around. “

She pushed my head away , ” ab chodo”

I turned position and penetrated her and watched mom sucking a dog.. After about 15 minutes of sucking dog pulled lund out and as lady said it turned around and licked boobs and cheeks .”now , hold sofa and turn in doggy pose ..You don’t worry, it will find your bur.”

Mom looked at me. “Don’t worry, let it fuck you.. “

Mom was eager to dog fuck and she positioned herself. Dog held mom’s body tightly by front legs and adjusted its height and 5-6 push entire length was inside mom’s bur.

We completed our chudai and came near to mom. Lady sat beside mom by keeping bur on edge of sofa and thighs pushed wide apart , i sat on other side and caressed body of dog. I looked at close distance of about 6 inch that mom’s cunt is absorbing hard and fast thrust of dog. It fucked mom for about 40 minutes and we saw thick cum ozzing out of bur . Soon dog pull out lund, mom wanted to change position but lady told her to stay in same pose. Dog looked at us, licked mom’s cunt for 4-5 minutes and again pushed lund deep inside. Mom cried for first time ..

“Baap re..”

“Ssab now it has pushed ‘knot ‘ also.. It liked bur of your mother.. Otherwise it does not push knot in bur whom it does not like.”With knot inside bur, dog again fucked mom for about 10 minutes and then pulled lund out.Lady told mother to sit straight and advise me to lick & suck mom so that her bur will ease up. I felt disgusted to suck cunt having dog’s cum .But mom pushed my head between thighs and i began sucking . I had cum drops and licked it .

I sucked and licked just for few minutes and then we stopped and watched. Dog has jumped over sofa, kept its legs aside on lady’s body. Lady bend and began sucking loose lund of dog which has just come out of mom’s bur. She sucked it for about 15 minutes and dog’s lund was fully erect again. It positioned itself between wide spread legs of lady. It sucked her for another 5-6 minutes and then penetrated lady in straight. It must be knowing feel of lady’s cunt very much. This time dog fucked lady wuth full force and might. While enjoying chudai , lady suggested mom to positioned like her, mom’s slit got opened . Lady did some trick, lund came out and she pushed dog towards mom .Dog without licking and sucking penetrated mom for second time . It

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