How A Small Gesture Got Me Thrilling Experiences

Sometimes life gives you things that you are actually not expecting at that point of time. Hello everyone, this is Rohan from Hyderabad. I have been an avid ISS reader for quite some time now. And it gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with you all. This is my first story. Hoping you guys like it.

A few weeks ago Hyderabad was under torrential rainfall and I was on my way back home from work. All of a sudden I come across a two wheeler that was fallen into a pit on a deserted road with very few vehicles passing by.I quickly park my vehicle and run across the road where I see a lady in her late 20’s(which I later got to know) struggling to get up. I successfully help her get out and do the needful. As it was a thunder storm she was now scared to even get back to her place. I intervened and offered her to drop home. She was pretty much hesitant but she decided to take up my help.

Once she took a seat in my car it was then I could have a proper look at her. She was stunningly gorgeous(all thanks to the rains,she was drenched).Well her name was Shilpa and working with a MNC. We exchanged a few pleasantries and she was repeatedly thanking me for the help. It was raining ever more heavily now and I had to stop since I couldn’t see anything while driving. This was the moment which got us more closer. She was shivering because she couldn’t dry herself. And then all of a sudden she whispers: can you hug me?

I was awestruck. I mean we were strangers an hour ago and now she wants to hug me. I obliged and gave her a hug, the hug that she badly needed. It was a long hug,felt like a connection of sorts. For the next few mins there was pin drop silence. In the mean time I was on the verge of dropping her at her place. It was time for her to go. And I did no want to let her go. While I was about to stop her she lean forward and gave a peck on my cheeks and handed me a piece of paper and left. As soon as she left I open the paper and read the following:

Thank you for the help. You are too cute. Call me once you reach home *phone number*. xoxo

I reach home, freshen up and quickly plan to call her. Then something struck me.. I was like let’s not sound desperate. So I drop a text. To my surprise I get a reply within a fraction of a second. We continue to chat for a couple of hours and instantly got comfortable with one another. We spoke about everything under the sun.Days passed by and we got even more closer. We started to care for one another.

After a month of texting and talking(sex chats and phone sex) we decide to meet at my place. Both of us knew what we were getting into. I made all the arrangements and did the needful.

The door bell rings at sharp 9 PM. And as expected she was there looking gorgeous in a tank top. Both of us couldn’t stop staring at one another. A tight hug followed by a quick wet kiss and I guide her to my place.We made ourselves comfortable with drinks. Slowly we start to caress each other. Foreplay was in our heads as we had decided to take it slowly as both of us were passionate and had high sex drives. Trust that was built over our talks helped us know each other’s likes and wants. And we fell weak on our knees when we had almost the same wants.

The moment of intimacy had started: we were very vocal about it. My hands were around her waist and she was licking my ear lobes giving me chills. All of a sudden our eyes met and we had a very deep and passionately wild kiss. We kissed for close to about half an hour after which we took it to the bedroom. Once there,we undressed each other and our body heat was at its zenith.

She quickly went down and got hold of my dick. It was at its best length, 6.5 inch. The moment she started to blow me I was in another world. Loved every second the way she was sucking my dick,Playing with it, Rolling her tongue in every direction possible. It was One of the best blowjob I had ever had till date. All of a sudden I grunt and cum in her mouth. She happily takes it all and cleans me. We then have a wet smooch. It was the first time I was tasting my cum which was mixed with our saliva’s and was giving me a different high altogether.

All this while I was fondling with her tits. They were perky. Just the way I love. 34D’s to be more precise. It was my turn to reciprocate now. I started to suck on one her nipples like a baby and my hands were on the another one. She left a soft moan as soon as I started to play with them. I sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow. She was loving every small bite on her beautiful tits. One of my leg was between both her legs and I could feel some wetness down there.

I took upon this chance and started rolling my tongue towards the navel. She was having an intense arousal as she pulled my hair and guided me to lick her pussy. I wanted her to arouse at the maximum so I started to lick and bite her panty line. She was now begging me to tongue fuck her. I then lick her clitoris and suck the overflown fluids. Wow! It tastes sooo good. We soon got into 69 position and sucked on one another for a lot of time. Oral sex was at its best.

Soon both of us were wanting to fuck one another. She made me wear a condom and guided my dick into her pussy. What a feeling it is. Two strokes and we start to hump while holding onto one another. Sex started to take its own course and with increased speed and adrenaline both of us were about to come. Our moans were at its peak. Our nails dug deep on each other’s back and her tits were crushed against my chest. With sweat all over our body and the fluids exchanged we were having the best sex one could ever have. We then lay naked in each other’s arms throughout the night play with each other’s genitals.

As we were very much satisfied with our session of pure intimacy we fell asleep. The morning after was one of the best mornings i ever had woke up to. Will soon pen down another story. Until then, have a rocking time.

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