How I Bumped Into My Friend’s Hot Mom

Hi, I am Shubam from Chandigarh currently based in Pune this is my first sex story and kindly forgive me for any mistakes ….I work as a restaurant manager in a reputed star hotel.I have always fantasized about older women and always wanted to be in a relationship with them.

I still remember the day there was a football match between two best clubs in the world, Real Madrid and Barcelona. I was in my restaurant talking to few guests, then suddenly a lady along with her son walked in. My eye gazed on a beautiful lady, the best thing about her was her huge swinging ass and beautiful lickable boobs, her figure was something to die for those 36D boobs and 38 sizes huge swinging ass.

Her name was Rajana, She was confused what to order and one of my waiters was talking to her. I don’t know I usually don’t do this but I went on & started talking to her son, who was wearing football jersey of my favorite team and it happens to be that we both supported same clubs. I was busy talking to her son but my intention was to talk to her mother. She was such a beautiful milf, meanwhile, she was still confused what to order, I intervened and signaled my waiter to leave so that I can talk to her. She asked me to suggest me some nice soup or starter. I told her to be assured and try whatever I send across your table she was like ok and again I started talking to her son.

They both had food, she complimented me for the food I suggested even her son was impressed. Her son invited me to watch the football match at their place.This is how we became friends gradually. I started inviting them to my restaurant and me and her son we both used to watch matches together. One more thing, Rajana and my friend used to live alone because her husband was abroad and used to visit them once in a six month. This was a plus point for me, now it was a regular affair I used to visit their home and they regularly used to visit my restaurant.

Meanwhile, there was a Match of our favorite club but Saransh had gone on an excursion with his college friends, not knowing this I went to their home. Rajana invited me but told me about the same so I started leaving, but she said can’t you watch along with Saransh’s mom??? I was amazed because she hardly used to come and sit with us. I accepted the invitation and we both were watching the match. Meanwhile, she brought some snacks and a bottle of red wine and had changed into nice black nighty which almost flashed her huge tits from her bra. There was a complete change in her attitude today. We started having wine and I was continually gazing her and her at beautiful tits she caught me watching twice but didn’t say anything we gulped one full bottle and match got over.

I said I will leave but she had some other plans this time, she wanted to booze more she brought a bottle of whisky which her husband used to drink and we started drinking again meanwhile I was gazing her she was sitting very closely to me, alcohol had made both of us very high, I could feel the heat….She was looking so horny and I took the first step and started touching her, I took her hands and kissed her hand and started playing with her hair and was touching her face with my index finger, she was looking so sexy acting like a perfect milf, it was like a dream I kissed her she didn’t show any reluctance and I continued kissing for 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, I was playing with her boobs pressing it over the night dress. We both were very feeling hot and I started biting her ear lobes her neck I started removing her clothes, I removed her purple bra, her boobs came out in a go I started licking them I was biting them she was also feeling hot, she was making pleasure noise, I smooched her it was a long kiss, I kissed her ear bite her ear lobes it was a different feeling. Then I went to her belly button I kissed her navel, she was becoming restless I went on to her love hole.

I removed her purple color panty she had very small pubic hair I started kissing there she was ecstatic out of pleasure and was moving up and down. I kept licking her pussy she secreted her love juice which I drank completely. I told her to blow me, she was a hungry tigress waiting for it. she agreed and took my dick in her mouth, she sucked my dick like anything it was amazing I caught hold of her hair and was helping her to the movement. My pre-cum started coming she drank it all, meanwhile I was playing with her boobs, afterward, she was getting even more restless and guided my dick into her pussy. But I wanted to tease her a bit because joy is in teasing. I inserted my finger inside her pussy, I started with one and then two and then three fingers and continued fingering.

Finally, I was ready to come inside her…. I asked her whether she wants me to use protection. She said fuck me without a condom. It was a sigh of relief then I started fucking her I injected my dick slowly in her pussy, her pussy was very warm and I started pushing inside within a minute I was inside her completely. I was in no rush I started ramming her pussy slowly and gradually I increased the speed there was a noise of cheap and she was also moaning Loudly making arousing noise. I put my finger in her mouth and she was licking it We were in missionary after few minutes we switched the position we came into doggy style and started fucking again. We were fucking like there’s no tomorrow. She was also enjoying a lot. finally,

Both of us came together I took out my penis and secreted my cum over her. She wanted it in her mouth. It felt as if all my energy was drained I rested next to her and was still kissing her. She kissed me and said it was one the best sex session she had after a long time. She was overwhelmed with the oral sex that we did. We thoroughly enjoyed the sex, that night we fucked each other like there is no tomorrow, we fucked thrice and next day I gave her body massage, That I will narrate next time…

Thanks for reading my sex story and please give me your feedback it will encourage me to write more you can mail me at [email protected]

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