How I Got Lucky With My Newly Moved In Mallu Neighbor

Hey guys this is Rahul from Bangalore again with another story..

I’m from Sarjapur..

This time it’s about my neighbor who just moved in recently and she was unsatisfied..

So first day when she moved in she was showing the packers and movers where to place the households and I saw her then and we just had eye contact. So days passed and I used to keep looking out for her and I noticed that she had two young kids, she used to go drop them to the bus stop.

Now talking about her she looked really beautiful, perfect curves, about 5’8. She’s a mallu. So one day I wanted to introduce myself, so when I was walking down around the complex I saw her and smiled and we introduced ourselves.

So she told her name is Divya and she’s a housewife, about 32 years old.. Husband is working and has two kids.

So we exchanged smiles and it was just a casual conversation..

So then she asked what I was doing and I told her I’m 20 and I was doing my Business degree. So she was like okay that’s good and we exchanged numbers.

So let me describe her, her boobs are the size of two coconuts but nicely hidden, her ass is so curvy that you wanna insert your penis and cum inside it all day. She’s not fat at all. Perfectly fit.

So as days passed away I kept hearing shouts and screams. Later realized it was from her house and found out that her and husband had fights constantly.

So since I had her number i messaged her asking what happened but she never replied.

The same day I saw her outside and she was really sad and told me that she had seen my message but wasn’t in a situation to reply, so I asked her if everything was okay and she asked it I could come to her place and talk to her. So I went to her place and she told me that she and her husband weren’t getting along and it’s affecting her a lot. She got really emotional and told me that he comes home late and is always tired and goes sleeps, doesn’t care about her. So I understood what she was telling, she wasn’t getting action. So she got very emotional so I just gave her a tight hug and she was so happy that she spoke to me and I told that I would always be there for her and I left.

So next day I got a message from her saying she’s bored at home as she’s alone, her husband was at work, kids were at school and if I wanted to join her for lunch and movie. So I was free anyways and I thought to myself why not try and seduce her today maybe that’s why she got really sad yesterday. So I took a nice shower, put perfume, dressed well, didn’t have condoms but it was okay because I wasn’t sure if we’d go all the way or if I could even make an attempt.

So I went knocking at her door, she opened.. strangely she was dressed in a black saree and lord she was looking beautiful! So I asked her if she’s planning to go somewhere, she said no but she likes wearing a saree and that’s why.. so she asked me to take a seat and we were talking.. as we kept talking I complimented her a couple of times and she responded by blushing. I just moved closed to her and told her that I wanna give you a hug and she agreed and we hugged. She didn’t let go, so I took my hand started rubbing her navel, she responded with slight moans like she wanted it. So I got the green signal and started to kiss her at first she resisted and later on she let in.

Then she directed me towards her room I carried her started kissing her all over. Then took off her saree and then the blouse and her boobs perfectly sized with dark nipples you just want to suck on..

Wasting no time I had mouth dig deep into them and they were so good. She moaned so bad.. Slowly she took off my underwear and started to suck on my cock and she loved it, she sucked on my balls too.

I went down took off her panties, her pussy was right in front of me to eat.. wasn’t clean shaven but definitely hygienic. So I dug deep and tongue fucked her and all her juices kept oozing out. So she wanted me to get inside her but I told her that I didn’t carry protection, she told me not to worry as her husband has it in his cupboard and told me to get them.

So I went and there was a packet of Durex ultra thin and she wore it on my penis and I slowly got inside her and it was very tight because I guess due to the lack of action.

So anyways I banged her hard and came in 25 mins and I fucked her for another hour and she came, I went down and licked all her pussy juice and fucked her from behind as well. This time without a condom and came again inside her ass. So it was late and she wanted me to leave as her children would be back home anytime. So I left and she told me that she’ll call me.

So I went home and she called me up saying she had a lovely day and she thanked me so much saying she’ll never forget this day as she was so satisfied with the sex and would want me to fuck her on a daily basis to which I agreed. From then on we fucked every week and did till last month. Now she’s shifted her apartment and weren’t in touch.

It was a really great experience with her which I’ll never forget…

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