How I Managed To Fuck My Sluty Aunt And Here Daughter

Hi, readers, this is my first storyI regularly follow this site and was eager to post my storyI’m raj 24(name changed )About my slutty aunt and her daughter, my aunt is 34-28-36 exactly like Bipasha (the features) enough to make anyone’s dick hardHere daughter ria 32-28-34 hot as hell

This incident took place last summer when I and my family went to Mumbai for a vacation for 7days to my uncle’s place I was least interested in going.Because I hate going to my relatives place.I was going after 12years. Finally, we reach Mumbai from Pune.When we reached it was 7 pm and there she was in blue saree sleeves less blouse so perfect body like a goddess walking towards me I was stunned I was already in love with her … She welcomed us we had dinner I went up on the terrace and was sitting alone and imagining how my uncle must be banging her every night …I heard a voice “Excuse me” I turned back to see and there was ria di soo fair and sexy with short pants and top she said “You must be raj(name changed)” I said “Yes” …She said “Hi how you…. You grow so big now ” she sat nxt to me we chatted for an hour and a half then mom called us and told me the reason why we are here rai di was about to get married.

2days passed by and I was comfortable with my aunt now and friendly with ria di…They both were so hot I could not control to flirt with them but they took in a casual manner…I was trying hard to fuck one of them…4th day came my uncle told lets go for a movie my family agreed ria di had went to her friends house for sum work and aunty was not interested in movie ..I got a really good chance to try my luck so I made excuse that I am not feeling well …And went to sleep. Uncle said “We will go tomorrow ” aunty said ”

Now you have made the plan don’t spoil this go I’ll take care of raj” I was soo happy inside everybody got ready and went I immediately got up and said “Aunty can you make coffee for me” aunty said “Sure”

She was wearing a white t-shirt and yoga pants her ass and boobs was looking so sexy in it ..I was making plan to get close to her so I went to kitchen and asked for water and she gave me I took the glass by touching her hand she was still casual I said “Aunty has anyone told u you look gorgeous ” she said “Yes many times ” I said “I mean u look really hot” she smiled at me and said”Really I don’t think so” I was confident now I said “No seriously I have never seen a woman like you so beautiful ” she said “Kuch bhi”(anything) I went to living room and was thinking what should she came with coffee and we sat on sofa and was watching tv…She offered me chip after having coffee and I switched to English channel I took the chips bowl and keep on my dick area we were busy watching movie she used to take chip to eat I was also busy watching tv the chips go over so I removed the bowl she accidentally got hold of my dick I was surprised she immediately took her hand off and I said “I’m sorry ” she said “I’m sorry” it was silence I knew it was the moment I looked at her and went for a kiss she got up and said ” yhe ky kar rahe ho tum” (what the hell are you doing) I said “I sorry but I really like u by now my dick was rock hard she saw my tent she said “Yeh nai ho sakta humare bich” I went and hugged her she didn’t respond I place a kiss on her neck she was relaxed now I started eating her neck now she was responding we kissed for 10min madly eating each other I could not control I took off her top and made her naked she was really a sex goddess …She got on her knees and took my 7″Dick out she was surprised she said”You got a big monster ” I said “I’ll make you my slut today ” she said “I was so hungry for long time my husband has lost interest in me please fuck me like slut” she was sucking my dick soo good I made her sleep on the couch and with one go I pushed my dick inside her …..She made a loud voice and I started fucking with full speed …. She was yelling like a virgin “Yeesss come fuckk meee hardddd …Please make me me you slutty yeah!!!!

Ahmmm!!!!Aahhh!!!Ahhhh!!!! I said aunty you daughter is also so sexy she said her daughter is also a slut …I said “Let me fuck u both at a time” we fucked for an hour ria di came home and said “Where is everyone aunty said “They went for a movie”She went to the bedroom and changed he clothes and was busy doing something in the laptop…I told aunty to give me a blow job while her daughter was inside…She obeyed me and started sucking we were so into each other and couldn’t control ourselves and we went to other bedroom and started fucking again aunty got in doggy style style and I started fucking her she said “Please slap me punish me please aahhhmmm come on fuck me im you slutty wife” it was about 25min I was fucking her we forgot to close the door suddenly rai di came and said “What the fuck is going on” I was in no mood to spoil this session I said ” if u want to get fucked you can join us no one will ever know” aunty said “Please don’t tell anybody ria please ”

I went near ria all naked took her hand and gave my dick in her hand she didn’t hesitate to take it and didn’t denied I kissed her she to responded I was shocked these bitches are real slut in no time I made rai naked aunty was surprised I said “You mother daughter are such a slut ” I ordered them to suck my dick and both sluts were sucked my dick like a hungry puppy …. Both mother daughters was on each other and kissing each other I was fucking both cunts at a time I fuck ria di and aunty for an hour we all had 2more sessions after that my parents and my uncle came home little late because they had dinner outside

On the last day, we made a plan that we 3 are going shopping and I fucked both aunty and ria di in the hotel room for 4 hours

If you guys liked my story and if anyone wants to get fucked NSA fun e-mail me [email protected]

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