How It Feels To Fuck A Bestie

It didn’t take quite some time to feel my dick getting hard looking at Nish take a dip in the beach, you could judge me to be pervy – but yes it was nothing less than fantastic when she took a dip in the water and her white tee shirt stuck through the skin of her lean body making the nipples so visible ! I would bet it wasn’t only me who had noticed yet!

We were a bunch of undergrads who planned for a trip to Goa during the month of august – the month of rain and lust and a blissful period for couples to have sex, I can vouch that it’s not just me who keeps getting an awkward hard on.Well getting to point, we were a bunch of 3 guys and 3 girls among whom we had a couple, needless to say they were lost in their own world of romance in the water being showered by rain. Could sound sick, that scene did bring out the kindle in my pants.

Well then, I and my friend had this huge ass crush on nish- she was 5.8 tall with a lean curvy body looked more like the fat picked the right place to be on her boob and ass.

That day on the beach not sure why, she opted to wear a white tee shirt without bra!!! She takes a first dip in the water turns around to have all dicks go hard looking at her nipples poke through the shirt and the round collar take a deeper angle making her cleavage look hotter than ever

Gathered all my guys crawled right into the beach trying not to embarrass myself with the hard on. Held her hand splashed some water on her face got closer to her and further more and planted a kiss on her lip. That was scary. She never objected it went a step further held her from behind and revealed the reason for my hard dick, she turned back to me with a smile kissed my lip feeling my dick over the shorts.

I knew that was my cue to act smart, I started thinking of some old lady to lose the hard on… We stormed into our room, climbed into a shower and started to kiss each other . I ripped open her tee shirt to find the lustrous boob of d cup waiting to be sucked , leaned forward grabbed one if it in my mouth the other got along with my palm. Wasn’t sure if she was e noting but I refused to get my mouth of the boob and tongue of her nipple!!

She pulled me up, hugged her and got busy kissing her neck inch by inch while I was getting harder , I pushed my dick on her pussy -she slid her hand through my pants, grabbed the dick and squeezed it gently. I started to suck her neck and she started to squeeze them harder… She slid both her hands grabbing my ball and the dick , and that was a bliss ….

Turned her around under the shower, found my way to her pussy while other hand busy with the boob- and lips needless to say caught up on her back ! She was super seduced,

She got on her knees took my cock in her mouth and the teasing session just started. In no time she was gagging on my cock like a pro. Holding her hair tight I started to mouth fuck her , but let me be honest was scared where I would cum in her mouth .

Picked her by to my waist mounted her to the wall..Found my way through the tunnel, I knew it she loves it when her eyes rolled back of her head and was scratching my back! I started to hump her and sucking her boob at the same time while her nail were catalyst on my back for extra thrust …. Squeezed her boob really hard when both of us were ready unmounted her and bent her over for a doggy way through …

She had a long hair , held her hair as a leach; pushed my 8 inch dick into her pulled her head back and fucked her … Pulled her on my chest , kissed her neck squeezing the boob !!! I wasn’t ready for my shot to be sprayed in her pussy so quick but…I dragged her on the sink counter tied her legs to my back and whispered let me tie you to the mirror …. Tied her hand to the mirror and started to rub my dick on her clit that was a sweet torture for her … She was begging me to cum in her and that was a weird status faction …

I started to fuck her mind out and came inside her – that was a huge load of cum saved for a curvy 34d hot chick and the look on her face gave me the answer for satisfaction of a 8 inch dick being drilled for over an hour’s time! She looked back at me smiled and walked off the bathroom while her ass juggled all the way to glory indicating the second session to start some time sooner

Well please give me your valuable feedback on [email protected], I am basically from bangalore and I have a passion to narrate sexual stories…I would be doing it to my female friends and thought of writing it for the very first time!

Girls interested to listen more you can write me an email with a valid facebook profile and these would be a secret till the end(pretty sure most wouldn’t turn up) any bi sexual girls looking for a threesome with another female partner please drop me an email , I and my partner would be open for it 🙂

Anything else you have let me know, I am available for sex chat or to have sex but with a valid profiles fakes would be seriously frowned upon

Thank you all for your tremendous patience for sitting by and reading my first story.

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