How My Cousin’s Wife Became My Wife Part – 1

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Now, let’s move on to the story.

This story is about the sexual adventure between me and my cousin’s wife.

My cousin and I were like cat and dog. We never liked each other. We would always end up in a fistfight over a silly issue and I would be the one to knock sense int him. When I was in college, he got married to a beautiful young girl. Her name is Seema. My cousin owns a small scale business and does not have any difficulty with money. He spent lavishly on his wife. Bought her whatever she asked for. He loved her deeply and so did she. But even after three years of their marriage, they were not able to have a child. Our relatives started to blame Seema. No one ever blamed my cousin.

After a few more years, our relatives started to convince my cousin for another marriage. My cousin too was fed up with the mockery of our relatives and he wanted a child so bad that he too agreed for second marriage. He was about to divorce Seema. In all this chaos, Seema suffered a lot. Her mother in law cursed her always and accused her of bringing bad fate to her family. Seema was completely broken from inside. The only comfort to her was my mother. In the recent days, She became close to my mother as she had no one else in the family who would care for her. My mother never behaved like the other members of our family. My parents were little sympathetic towards Seema. They always liked her and I still remember my mother once told me that she will find a girl for me just like Seema.

I was not attracted to Seema in a sexual way. I liked her and I liked talking to her. One day, she was fed up with the curses from her mother in law and came to our house and cried a lot. My mother consoled her and asked her to stay with us. My mom called my aunt and informed that Seema would be staying with us for a while. My aunt couldn’t say anything as my Dad and Mom had the control of the family even though all of us lived in separate houses. My Dad’s influence in politics and local rowdyism made him a man to be feared and no one dared question us.

So back to the story,Seema looked relieved as she no longer had to bear the mockery and cursing of her mother in law. Mom asked Seema to go back and bring a few clothes of her so that she can stay for as long as she wishes. Mom asked me to accompany Seema to their house. I took out my bike and asked her to sit. She sat and placed her hand on my shoulder for support. It felt good. I reached their house in thirty minutes and told her that I will wait outside. She nodded and went inside. As soon as she entered the house, my aunt started to shout at her and to her bad luck, my cousin was also present there. I tried to control my anger but I couldn’t. I parked my bike and went inside the house.

My aunt’s face went white when she saw me. My cousin still unaware of my presence was shouting at Seema. I went near him. His back was facing me. I patted on his shoulder and he turned to look back. I punched him hard on his nose. He fell down and in no time, blood started to flow from his nose. His mom came to his side and he covered his bloody nose and stayed silent. Seema came with a bag of clothes. She was her husband on the floor and blood oozing but she pretended as if she didn’t see anything. I held her hand and bought her out. On the way back home, she whispered in my ears “Thanks, Shiva”

Me: Thanks? But for what?She: For everything. For punching him.Me: So you too wanted to punch him right?She: I would have if I could but he overpowers me and beats me.Me: What! Does he beat you? That son of a bitch.

I stopped the bike and turned it again to her house. She asked me what happened.

I said that I forgot my mobile phone at her house. As soon as I reached their house, I ran inside and my brother was trying to recover from the impact of the punch. I kicked him on his chest. He stumbled and fell upon his mother. He tried to get up but I stomped him continuously and asked if he would harm any other girl in his life. He pleaded me to leave him alone. By then, Seema rushed inside and caught my hand and dragged me out and pleaded with me. She asked me not to let myself down by beating a coward. I was not satisfied even then. But Seema managed to convince me. We reached home and once we reached home, Seema narrated everything to my mom. Mom was happy to hear that.

Mom showed Seema her room. Actually, it was my room. Mom asked me to shift to the next room. Only my room and my Parent’s room had AC. Mom didn’t want Seema to feel alienated so she decided to give her my room. I readily agreed. All I had to do was just bring my stuff from my room. I shifted my dumbbells and weights. It was all I ever needed in my room. Seema seemed to like my room. Because it was filled with books and audio CDs. They were enough to keep her engaged throughout her stay. But there was still a problem. My cupboard was too heavy for me to lift so I had to go to my old room for changing dress and bathing. Seema was OK with that.

The first day passed and next day morning after my workout, I badly needed a bath. I knocked at Seema’s door to check if she was in there or not. No reply came so I went inside and locked the door from inside. I thought that she might be accompanying my mom in the kitchen as Seema was fond of cooking. I removed all clothes and went inside the bathroom. What I saw inside would remain in my memories forever. Seema was applying soap on her body. She had turned off the water as she was applying soap. But she her assets were visible. It took us a few moments to realize what just happened. Both of us were naked.

My eyes went on her beautiful breasts. She became shy and covered herself with her hand and hid her pussy by crossing her legs. I apologized and came out. I was mesmerized by that beauty. My dick was erect like a rock. I grabbed the towel from the floor and tied it around my waist. I sat on the bed and was recalling what I just saw. Within a few minutes, Seema came out with a towel wrapped around her. It was tied near her breasts. They barely covered her thighs. I avoided eye contact and went straight into the shower. While in the shower, that heavenly beauty appeared in my mind. I jacked off thinking about her. After the shower, I came out and the room’s door was left open. I changed to shorts and sleeveless and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Mom had already left for the job. Seema saw me and served breakfast. We never spoke anything about what took place earlier before.

In facet, we never spoke on that day. I left to college. When I came back, Seema was watching T.V. She asked me to change and come for snacks. She broke the ice and it was somewhat relaxing. I came for tea. She had made samosas. We started talking like before and she asked me if I could take her shopping the next day. I agreed. That night, I slept think about what I saw earlier in the morning. Next day, I took her shopping. We went by my car. We parked the car and walked towards the mall. It was crowded like hell. Seema held my hand throughout the purchase. She bought a pair of churidars and asked my opinion. She bought the ones which I liked. Then we went for lunch. Everything seemed to be normal. We headed towards home. She asked me if I was okay with a normal room. I nodded. She said she doesn’t mind sharing the room with me. It gave me an instant hard on. I smiled and said I can adjust.

At night when dinner was served, My mom asked if I had any problem in sharing room with Seema. I shook my head. Mom then said that If I don’t have any problem, I can sleep in Seema’s room.I was puzzled by mom’s suggestion. As decided, I went to Seema’s room and lied on the couch. She called my name and asked me to sleep on the bed as there is enough room for more than two people. I told her that I was fine. She made a comment ” After what happened yesterday morning, do you still feel shy”?

Did I fuck her?Know the rest of the story in the second part.

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