I am a Double Bonaza – Part I

Hi all..Before starting my story,i would like thank the ISS firm for providing people like me,such a tremendous way for sharing our hot experiences.Without ISS we would all be dying inside burnt with our own stories.Secondly,yhis story is a real one unlike some fake ones in this site so i’ll be telling it in parts,so its a bit draggy,kindly cope with that..After reading this story please send your feedbacks to [email protected] unsatisfied men/women can also contact me.I’m there for you guys:)

Okay now its story time.I’m Gautam,19yrsold,fair in complexion,170cm tall,goodlooking,living in a big city in Kerala,born and bred up in a very orthodox way.My parents are extremely conservative so during my school days i didn’t had any luck with girls since i did schooling in a boys only institution.Neither did mingled with any neighbour girls..but my misery soon changed as a got admission in a far away college..

In the first day itself,i lost my feet in ground watching the hot girls in our college.both teachers and students were hot as sun and i loved being around them.Oh i forgot to tell abt one of my peculiar thing-i’m kind of bisexual.I used to fantasize about both girls and men..I like men of 23-30yrs old and when i’m with them,i needed to be treated like thier wifes.And when i’m with girls,i’d like to treat them as my wifes and dominate them.i guarantee many of you may have this kind of internal feelings:)

Days were passing fastly and i was enjoying my time at college.One fine day i met a cousin of my roommate,Rohit.His nane was Athul,about 26yrs old working in some private firms as a high official.I moment i saw him,i fell for him.He’d such a sensational physique and attire.He’d a clean shaven face which was fair in complexion,atheletic body and moreover, a charming smile.Rohit introduced him to me and suddenly Rohit got a call and was needed urgrntly at college.So he told he’ll get back soon and asked me to give some company to Athul Which i accepted pleasantly.Athul told that he got shifted here recently and haven’t got any friends other than his collegues.

We were talking about somany things and i asked whether he’s single or not.He said he’s married to Kavitha and its their first anniversary two months from now.He invited me in advance.I was sad a bit inside as i couldn’t imagine him as someone’s hubby..The girls inside me already fantasized him as my man.Later talks got deviated from one and another.And i’m apro at keeping entertained,he mentioned it as well..Suddenly Rohit called and told he cannot come back now,he got busy..Hearing this Athul said “okay then.me too have some work pending.So it would be nice for me to leave now”.He bid a goodbye and gave a shake hand to me.My hand was soft and it was melting inside his strong one.I was in rosy heaven,but he left then.

When Rohit came back, i asked more about Athul and i got his number from him.i used to call him frequently,sent some texts etc etc.I very oftenly talked to his wife Shravya and she was a nice lady,far from what i could think.Days moved way for months and one day Athul and Shravya called me and invited me to their anniversary.On the day of occasion,i dressed perfectly well and went to his flat along with Rohit.It was a 3bedroom flat..Only a few members were present adn it was mostly his/her friends as all their family members are far away.When i saw his wife,girl inside me bid way to the man inside me.

She was stunningly hot and beautiful.She’d a face and figure like that of film stars,no,even better than film stars.she was fair, around 160cm tall,voluptous,curves at right positions,superb smile and a decent walking style.I guarantee anyone watching her will have his boner hard and will think of only one thing-banging her.Athul introduced me to her-oh athul too was extremely good in his shervani and he reminded me of the prince i used to read during my childhood days.

I was touching his body in a non-doubtful way,whenever i got a chance and feeling his warmth made me aroused.but i controlled the bump in my jeans somehow and after we had the dinner,most of the guests went away and all there were remaining was me,Rohit,Athul, Shravya and 2 of her friends.She was talking to them in the hall.And we men were talking in a room.Suddenly Rohit recieved a call and he went to balcony leaving Athul and me there.Athul looked in my and smiled and said “how was your dine,gay boy”.I was terrorized by his words.Those worlds shhok the walls around me.i was in areal hell and i replied “what did you mean?”.HE smiled and said “the moment i shook hands with you,i knew you are a gay.I confirmed during our calls and now today you were feeling me all th way”

I didn’t knew what to do and led my head drop.I then in a aorried tone begged him “please athul,don’t brag this.I”m not a gay but when you’re around i feel like a girl,please don’t tell anyone”.I was about to cry and then he looked at me,raise my head and said “don’t worry about it.i won’t tell anyone”..He comforted me in many ways and i was somehow okay with that.WE then said goodbye and thanked them for such a party.They smile and Shravya asked me and Rohit to visit them occassionly..We said yes and went to our hostel.

Days passed and they used to call me and everything were getting into normal things.But god had decided something else for me-A DOUBLE BONAZA.One day,it was a friday evening,Athul called me and we were talking and he asked about Rohit.He had gone home and when i said that,he kept silent for 10 seconds and asked me to come to his home.I didn’t had any clue,so i went there fetching a bus,it was only 1 hr journey from my hostel.It was 7pm when i reached there.i rang the calling bell of his flat and he opened it.He was in his pyjamas and extremely looking hot.he called me inside.I asked where his wife is? He said “she is in her home for 1 week and will be here only after 5 days”.I was half gald and half sad as i could spend time with him alone and at the same time i’ll miss her superb body.

He continued “Gautam,I’m getting this straight.My wife is not here and i am wanting in for a company.If you wish,you could stay here for 2 days as its holidays for you as MY WIFE”. I don’t know what i felt then.I was wonderdtuck in thought of being the wife of my man for 2 days.It was all blak for me.But when i felt back to my sense i coulde see his eyes infront of me,his hands hugging me.I could smell his perfume anthat made me horny.I said “I’m all yours”..He raised my head by chin and kissed me in my temple,then in my eyes,in my cheels,nose,ears,neck and atlast placed a small kiss in me lips…I stared in his eyes and he caught hold of my face..He smiled and the next thing i could realize is my upper lips is inbetween his 2lips.He was kissing me very passionately,my both lips were alternately in between his lips.He sometimes broke the kiss and kiss other parts like,neck,cheek and earlobes

He continued to kiss me in lips for 10 mins or so,trust me i didn’t remember the time being us kissed together.He scked my lips like hell.I’d never felt like that before.I was in seventh heaven being enjoyed by my man.I was melting in his hands.He shifted his lips between my upper and lover lips occasionly and he was bitting it frequently,letting me give a small and arousing moan which inspired him more to do of that kind.He sucked my lips,and then was licking my lips.My tounge was dwelling with his and atlast,after30mins or so we broke the kiss and we both were breathless..i pushed him to the sofa and i fell above him.i was in his hands and he was carressing my face with fingers.

His fingers reached mu eyelids.His fingers were running soft and slow on me.He then brushed his fingers on my temple and then his forefinger alone travelled through my temple to my nose and it went all way slowly to my nose and then to mylips..It was then parolling my lips.I couldn’t express how i felt.I then suddenly bite it harmlessly and then smiled.He was enjoying too and he hugged me tightly reasting his lips in mine.We were again into a long and passionate kiss.After 10 mins i brike it asnd said in i girly voice and touch “why you are in a hurry..You’ve got 2 nights and 3 days to enjoy me”

he smiled hearing this and let his hugh loose on me.Now i was sitting in his lap resting my face in his heart and he was carressing my hair.i was completely turned into a girl and everything from now i told was in girlish tone and i was appearing like one,in every way “this is the best time for me in this life.i guarantee,these 2 days,we’re never going to forget and i’ll be your wife,a wife better than HSravya in all sense”..We both smiled then and i placed a small kiss on his sexy lips.I got out of his caught and said “i need to get fresh and changed before we start our marriage life”.He smile hearing it and replied “what you want?”.i told him “I need something you want me to wear”.He asked me to close my eyes and when he asked me to pen it.i saw a beautiful saree in his hands…He said “i want you to wea this,ONLY THIS”…

I kissed him again and this time it was more passionate,to the extreme..He was enjoying me and i was letting him enjoy me..He sucked my lips with his hands on my hips..Suddenly i broke from his hug,laughed sexily and he again tried to cuddle me…I playingly smiled and ran into bathroom…He took the play,laughingly,chased me…

To be continued in the next part….

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