I Fucked My Girlfriend And She Fucked Me Too

Hello everyone… I am sarbjeet from punjab. This is a story how I wild fuck my gf in a hotel room. I am average height punjabi guy with average size dick which can give pleasure to any horny girl and bhabi. Let me tell you about my gf whom I met in a marriage party of my cousin. Her name is mandeep kaur 5.5 height with athletes body having 34-28-35 figure with fair complexion which anybody would like to fuck. Coming to the story.

I had several gf in my life and had fuck every on mutual understanding. My gf is working in mnc and we use to have phone sex and skype sex. She often travel by train to punjab whenever she is coming back to home. We planned to meet last time when she was traveling to her home. I asked her not to tell her that is coming and can lie that she wil reach by tomorrow. As per train schedule I reached their picked her up from station.

It was shocking moment for me the who loved to wear punjabi suit today she was wearing a crop top with slim fitted jean . Which was looking awesome on her and gave me a hard erection under my pant.

We reached to the hotel,she gave me tight hug and kiss on my lips which immediately put my body on tingles. This is was not the first time we are having a sex. I have fucked my ex several time who was more beautiful and sexier then my this gf and I fucked this too many time before.

We hugged each other and I started rubbing her back was feeling her body curves. Then I removed my shirt land pant ,kept a side to keep to protect it from getting spoil. She removed her top and jeans too. We both were into undergarments. I again gave her tight smooch started rubbing her boob from bra. I can feel the hornines into her eyes. I make to makee her beg for my dick. She came over started kissing my lips and I was pressing my dick from my underwear on her panty.

I removed her bra,now ahe was nude from the upper part of the body. I pressed her boobs nd she was busy with giving me kiss on my neck and rest of the part. She was feeling my dick from the bottom and started giving me response by pressing her pussy over my dick. She slowly inserted her hand under my underwear and rubb my dick with single touch of her hand I was into heaven.

She was moaning heavily as I was pressing her boobs and sucking her nipple. She asked me to insert my dick into her pussy but u refused to do so. She was wearing all black panty which she removed to a side to make her pussy visible for my dick. I slowly removed her panty and started rubbing her butts and rubbing my dick over her pussy. I asked to her give me a blowjob first and I want to lick her pussy and asshole then wil fuck her but she kept on begging that she will do what I wil say but firstly insert my dick thn you can do whatever you want.

I asked her sit on my face so that I can lick her pussy. She did the same and I inserted my whole tongue into her pussy she was enjoying that moments and she started moving her bodu up and down on tongue. I can feel the pussy juice of her which was bit salty but yummyyyy…. She was moaning heavily… Oh.. Olzzzm…. Aaaaahh.. Aaaahh oo…Oohh… I was sucking her pussy lips nd gave a bite on it… She slaped on my face not to do that as it was paining to her…. She again started doing the same.. Ohhh… Aaahhh…

But still I was hungry for her pussy juice so I asked her to come into doggy position on bed. I came over the floor and kneel down to see the beautiful clean shaved pussyyy…. I placed my tongue on the pussy and my nose was smelling her beautiful ass… After rubbing for a while I placed my tongue on her ass hole licked it wildly…. She was enjoying the licking and moaning in a sexiest way….. I asked her that I need to take bath but she was looking for the fuck. I promised her that I will give a best fuck of her life that she just need to come with me to the bathroom. We went to the bathroom and gave a bath to each other ,pressing each other body part. She bent down to give me blowjob which was awesome one. I could feel the warm saliva on my dick and keep spitting over my dick.

I slowly pussed my dick into her mouth which she was enjoying the same. After a wild blowjob she gave me smooch so that I can taste my dick. She hold my dick with her one hand and a surprise was at next moment which I never expected from her. She sucked her on finger to make it wet and started rubbing my ass I could feel the wetness if her saliva on my whole suddenly she inserted one step of her finger into my hole which was paining like hell. I scolded her not to do this but she said I want you feel the pain which I am feeling on every fucking session if yourss…. Slowly her full middle finger was into my hole she hold for minute and then I started enjoying her movements… She finger fucked me for 15 mints I was moaning likee…. Oiihhh… Aaaahh… Slowlyyy… Itsss paining you bitch…. My words were making her horny we both hugged each other and her finger was still inside my anal. I placed my finger on her pussy hole and inserted in a one go….

She removed her finger from my hole and she started rubbing her pussy on my dick. She knw what to do next. I again started licking her juicy pussy and anal hole…. She hold my dick and started pressing my balls by down as I was on my feet sitting for licking her pussy from back….. She placed her pussy on my dick for penetrate. I inserted my whole dick in single shot, her pussy from inside was hot like magma… The whole bathroom was full with moaning and fucking sound of her… Aaaaahh,ohhhh, plzzz… Fast,,,, fast,,,, I was fucking her at full speed,,,, ohh… Plzzzz …. Come on man….. Aaaaah bbhbb bhhhh…. Aaahh…. Aaahhh….I hold her boobd from the back and keep fucking her for 25 minutes….. Doggy position was her favourite which she loved to do. After a wild fuck …. I felt and lava on my dick by which I came to know she is satisfied and discharge now….

After 2 minutes I got discharge and pulled out my dick I cum on her anal….

Again we took a bath and headed toward the restaurant for the dinner….

In next story. I will tell you how I fucked her into her anal and how wild she was…

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