It’s Not Just Love Making

Hello…everyone…This is Pradeep (Name Changed) here…..Hope U All Happy..The following story is the real awsum days which ive enjoyed in my life…I assure that every human will love my story and the way of my narration is quite different from others.It may be I have a sound knowledge about sex and I approach sex in different manner to enjoy the love and feel of sex …So lets go to the story…

Attention peoples….

This story is sumthing not jst story,u may know it from Title.Its sumthing the spicy and extreme way of love making to reach peak of pleasures.The experiences I gathered from range’s of Sex books and Kama sutra(E – book version).And also I meant to say sum facts to men’s and women’s.It may be favour or non favour to you,But its just to wake you up and be aware of The things happens in the society.So I have the idea of sharing my experience in the series of stories to make your lonely hours Spicy as never before.Get ready reader’s.

Am An 21 Year Old guy living in ( Vadapalani ) CHENNAI…Am a student and I stay in the private home of rental basis with my friends…So to Say about my physical body..Iam 5.9 with my athelet body average in colour…I have a strength to retain my stamina quickly which helps me to shine in lets go to the story now….My Id is ([email protected])..The readers plz comment about the story in following id..Any Ladies Or Girls likes to have relationship Or Jst to have chat as friend can contact me to the above id without any hesitation….Coz am quick witted and friendly with everyone…so don’t be shy to contact me….:)

I stay in a home,where a huge apartment is nearby as it is an apartment it has hundreds of homes…in which many families used to live..I used to have a eye in that apartment..coz its an site where the HIG( High Income Group) Peoples used to live…so I always used to fantasize by Approaching a women there and having relationship with her…so days were passéd and my urge too increased…

One day when I was standing at my terrace in the early morning…it’s a cool breezy morning…with a rising sun…there was a public park beside that apartment…I saw some peoples were jogging there,and I too had a idea of going for jogging at the early morning to maintain my body cuts.but a thought flashed suddenly in me,why don’t the apartment people use that park for jogging.No more scene,the next moment, I was in the park in my track suit and jog shoes.i was just running slowly,by mentally absent.

And about after 30 minutes I sat at the park bench,I was depressed that I could not find any young ladies as usual I went up for college and the next day I was at the park early time.i found that some young womens were jogging there by talking sumthing.only sum mens were sittng at the bench and I stepped in slowly and put the ipod earphones at my ears and stated to jog.i was running behind those womens .OMG wat a sight it was.The plumpy ass of womens jumps and shines at the track suit.there were 3 womens their age would be 30 – 35.but they were sexy and seducing.I was aware of those men I reduced my speed and skipped my song in ipod to Akon’s I wanna fuck you.and started my jog again..As the live visuals exactly fits for the song.i was enjoying both ,I was much aroused to see those movements of women.their boob were erect and firm it was much sexy in their sweaty out fit.i was enjoying all from their toe to single drop of sweat at their cheek.

So at last I sat at bench and watching them.time passed they moved out and later I too moved out.As this continued for a week.i though for moving that say I took a bath at early morning and went with a perfect fit tracks and pleasant perfume (kama sutra). First for minutes no one is there at park then me.Then I found someone cuming in.Yeah my womens are in,I as much happy and breathless.they all were in black suit today.and to say u, I had affair on a particular women,her name is Anitha (Name Changed)I found It When they chatting loudly.She is 34 30 32.The size with the damn curves and A Perfect size which women should maintain.She is women my affair,my dream,my princess from that say all my attention was at her.they all stared at me, I was blushed gave a small smile and started jog.They were behind me,I can hear their gossiping,I was sure that it was about me.I was happy about thought this was enough for today and went out the park by making a call.

The next day,I was late to park,I was hopeless that day that no one would be there.But to my surprise I found that Anitha sitting at the one was around her.i was much exited to see her alone,my feet was not at the ground.i stepped in and sat at the bench side of her and she was at her phone call,I too took my mobile and started to text my friend.i found she finished her call and wen she was about to stand,I break the silence and said a ‘Hello’ To her…It was from my deep heart.

Anitha RepliedShe : Hello…Me: So Ur alone today..why?She: How u know that, are u watching us daily?Me: Well not like that,but u were with ur friends everyday, but today ur alone,that’s why.She: They all went Home,Jst I got a phone I am here.bye.Me: Yeah.bye..have a nice day..see you tomorrow.

She smiled for that and went away..i was much happy for the oppurtunity I got today.yes but I cant wait for the entire day to pass,I was killing the every minute to go.atlast its time.I got up and went to park asusual.And jst wen I was about to enter,I was strucked.Anitha was sitting at the bench alone by relaxing.I went and sat near her,and said a Hello with a excitement.She replied too.And we shared our bio-data and we casually became friends.As it continued for a week,I Got her mobile number too.And it was The first move of our’s to our lonely world.

Then days were going smooth,Everyday I will send her a gud mrng and gud nit msgs.She replied the same.And I decided to go ahead and text her whats up,she replies cooking and washing,teaching his son etc.once I asked her about her husband and he was a project manager in some well developed it company.and he will be at his office for 12 hours a she is all alone at her home after his child goes to school,This helped me to Turn my friendship into a relationship,that cant be expressed into words.

A fine day at night about 10 pm,I sent a good night message to her.She didn’t reply.I again sent it for two times,She replied soory good night.But I found sum change in the way her I asked any problem.She said yes.and I was thinking wheather I can ask wat it is or not.But as we are more than friend now,For the first time I was involving in her personal issue.

The problem was her husband was in affair with a another women,she is his collegue and she is really much depressed,I really don’t know what to the way I had a thought that this was the right oppurtinity to me to get her.but another thought says that this is wrong,as she is already depressed much.why should I distrub her to say the truth I had the plan of convincing her and to stand beside her to discuss about the issue.

But knowingly or unknowingly something happened between us,which made a good chemistry between about a week was a early morning in the park,I was waiting in park for anitha.minutes passed,anitha god..what a women she is..she was in free hair with a white transparent tees with a black lower.the highlight is she was in black inners..i could clearly see the straps of her bra.i could’nt control myself.we started to jog by talking.

I was quite slower than her to look her matchless waist.she said that her husband didn’t come home last night.he was in a deep relationship with her.i thought that why that useless man is admiring other women by leaving the sex goddess at home.upto me talking to her itself a great pleasure.but that men own her for the life.but he don’t know the value of that precious gift.i realized that we don’t have much intrest in the thing which we own ever.yes wife too…

But some men have to know.there is nothing more in this world than satisfying the is the sweetest thing in married life.and any women cant replace the wife in sex.coz others may not know fully know about the men,but a wife knows every inch of Hubby .As per kama sutra ethics,The couple who are in much love mentally, enjoys the peak of pleasures during who else you can love more than your wife or husband.. thats why at the first day of marriage couples are ment to have sex,to make them to realize that they are made for each other forever.:)

So back to park now…I said her.he may be busy with his work that’s why he not came.we sat in the bench and chatted for some times.she gave me her kerchief to wipe off the sweat.I got it with a politeness and wipe off…but I didn’t return her.coz I wish to have it with me.Friends do you know,In a European history,the most precious gift between the lovers is to present a peeled apple,which is kept under his or her armpit for minutes.The fact is when they are away from each other,they can have the apple near them, so that they can feel them mentally and physically.At my issue,I cant ask her for it,but she herself gave me her kerchief…how lucky iam..

She started the talk that,pradeep Iam too much confused to make any further step and was afraid to talk about this to her hubby as now a days he comes home drunken and leaves the home in early morning.Most probably he will be in home for 3 or 4 week days that too in a she was leading the days by taking care of her kids.i said that why cant you talk regarding this to your friends.she was feeling shame to share this anyone rather than me.then I realized my importance in her mind.:)

I asked her to wait for some days,as if he continues the same lets make some move,but not now.Days passed I was quite moving further in my we are so casual friends and she once asked to visit me to her home I was bit nervous coz it’s a week day and she is alone at her home.At about 10 Am I was at her door step with my cool costume and she welcomed me with a hand shake.I could feel the blood rush within me.i stepped in and sat on the sofa.i was busy in surfing magazines and she bought a café for both and we were casually talking.i raise the magazine upto my face and peek her through the page gap.Im sorry guys don’t think me silly,She is in her skyblue casual saree with transparent blouse and a black bra.her pallu was scattered and I can feel the nipple with my eyes,then her belly is the Bermuda triangle where I lost myself,her waist like a wheat flour kids like to play with.I was struck and realize that now im more hot than the café in my hands. I utter the word…Anitha you are hot. She asked what.???.Me – your coffe was too hot to sip.She smiled and take your own time to sip,no hurry.

So she was now bit depressed again,I realized what we will be talking next.I asked still you are worrying for that,she replied that issue is now too serious.she need a clear decision as she cannot pass her days like this anymore.she came and sat near me and I saw tears in her speechless .I cant bare the tears from my love’s eyes.i feel like killing that bastard man.i consoled her by wiping the tears she leaned on my shoulder and said Iam all alone now,I hate to be like this and cant even have casual talk with her friends coz they all share about the happy hours of sexual life with their husbands.but her husband don’t even visit home frequently.

Anitha: Pradeep, atleast you be with me to share my feelings coz I don’t know whom to share these things.please be with me when iam depressed.Me: whats this anitha,Im your friend and don’t feel for anything im there for you in any ways.Anitha: My younger sister is coming here tomorrow.may I talk to her about this?Me: sure anitha you can,coz your sister can understand your problem with heart and suggest you the right way.

I caressed her hairs and asked her to refresh.I felt shame myself she Is thinking me as a good friend but my intentions were wrong.but what to do,the emotions of an young blood cant be blocked.Iam now in a confused situation more than her,to be a Friend or friends with benefits….???

So guys until now everything is going smooth.I Wish to be her friend and now we are more than friends,and she was not a physically satisfied women and her husband was in affair with another women,even though she is a much sophisticated women,she was confused to make any just imagine guys all her situation was favorable for me to get her.but will this work out in a gentle manner.where she should not feel guilty or awkard to be my love.

I felt all her Expression of Depression that helped to get her Impression towards I was bit happy about my situation and sad about her situation.she refreshed and came to sit to watch was evening after a good rain,I asked her can we watch any movie she said ok.and but wat movie…?.you know guys movies have some hidden smartness as it’s the highest form of communication,the effect called cathartic.its nothing but we people express our feelings and compare ourself to stories and gets sum idea by the movie.this is upto everyone and varies from each I expect that the movie should create some impact in her.So guys ive choosed the movie RAVANAN.the excellent twisty story of her situation which can help me to get my love.I said her simply that, since the atmosphere is cool lets watch ravanan.she said good,Ive not yet seen that movie.she bought two some cooldrinks and lays.I play the movie in my laptop.

The movie was going good I was keenly watching her gestures and eyes for every scene.Thats it…Im sure that she was fully involved in the movie….the first half of the movie was to test her intrest, I said that Anitha I have some work so im leaving.she was restless said hey pradeep please wait let the movie finish.Thank god,My trap was excellently I said don’t worry let me copy the movie to your system and you can watch alone.she was ok and I done my job and left her by leaving my heart there…

My intention is that let her watch the second half alone,coz the esscence of the movies is there.the lonely experience may create her strong impact rather than my that night I texted her that how was the movie..she replied its such a good movie and she was unlucky to watch the movie so…what a change as I I asked did your sister came,she said yes and they were going out for a dinner with his kid.

For about two days I didn’t get any text or call from her,so the third day I made a call to her.its a morning.i can hear her husky voice…such a sweet good morning,in a sleepy voice of my beloved lady.I asked whats up with her and she said that her sister left home and they she is busy with her sister regarding the discussion of her issue.

I asked are you alright now with the decision.she took a deep breathe and was silent for seconds, And continued…she was clear and now feel free to do anything.A sudden strike in my mind after that word,In what intention she let out that word.but I continued hearing without interfearing her.There I felt now I almost succeed with my trap and im gonna acquire my dream.

Even though I have many favourable situation’s at her side,her sisiter’s part was beyond all that.yes guys,she Is married too and to tell you these both women’s are south indian.her sister got married after a year of anitha marriage and she was in Mumbai with her husband.they were HIG too.but the reason she visited Chennai for these 2 days is to meet her lover…

Schoking isin’t..?..Yes I was schocked too. so guys now you will be clear that why she let out that word..Her sisiter suggested anitha to lead her way.Just a simple concept….If the person you love much doesn’t have interest on you,then just change your love to people who have much intrest in you..:))

That’s it…Everything was crystal clear she herself said manytimes that,She likes and enjoy my presence and I care more for her and behind her in all as per her sisiter words.yeah that person was me…only me and no one else.

From the day.I was hearing many new kind words and there was no hidden issues between us.we both are transparent to each other.So now we step in to the relationship beyond friends and lover.Weeks passed with a lovable hours of conversation In beautiful topics.

So here comes the day I was waiting as never before.The day was Monday and her wedding anniversary was on wednesday .Her husband was leaving to abroad tonight for some office related work and will be returning only after a week.she don’t even care or feel a bit about that.So now her Humble request in her husky voice is….

Pradeep Can You Come To My Home Day On Wednesday…???

My Heart skipped A Beat and I was blank and lost in conscious.It Recognized with a word ..YeSsss.. To My Love….

So The Next Part Is the Gate way of unexpressive moments and heavenly pleasures of love making to my precious princess…!!! Readers Please comment or mail me to startup with the Continuation Or Not…Iam waiting for your words to proceed further and make you hot like no other words.Please respond Me.

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