Last Experience Of College Life

Hi guys, this is ishan again going to share with you all about my last sex experience of college life with kavya (name changed).

In my last story there were some mistakes as well as misplacement of sentences too. Dont know how that happened but if you find such unintentional errors, kindly bear with me.

So after my second experience, exams started and after that we all went home. I missed her a lot and was hoping to see her soon. After a long wait finally results were out and we all cleared it. I was very happy, first I passed the exam and everyone was happy and also the other thing that made me happy was that I will be seeing her soon on graduation day. Though we were to be accompanied by our parents but still I told her to manage and spend some time at my friend ankur’s rented room as he had not vacated the room till then. We stayed in touch through whatsapp messages as she wont receive my calls while at home as her parents dont like her taking to boys, specially me after coming to know that we became more than friends now.

So I messaged her to tell them that she will be staying with her friend tanuja and priya as that day will be the last day of college life. Meanwhile I booked 3 tickets for bangalore (our college is there). We reached bangalore a day prior to the graduation day. I booked the same hotel for my parents where ankur had booked room for his parents. After getting freshed up, we had dinner and me and ankur went to stay at his rented room. I message kavya and she replied 1 hour later that she just reached bangalore and was going to the hotel from the airport.She had booked another hotel along with priya’s parents to avoid any suspicions.

Finally next after I got dressed up and I booked an innova car to accomodate both mine and ankur’s parents, his younger brother along with the two of us as ankur’s i10 car would allow only 5 people.We reached college at around 3 pm. The college people had decorated the campus lavishly. We went inside the main gate and soon met many of my other friends and started introducing them to my parents and they did the same also. We met priya (ankur’s girlfriend). She was in a black gorgeous saree and was looking lovely. Ankur went to her and they went together to meet some other friends.I was repeatedly looking at my room and was hoping kavya would be arriving soon.

After about 20 minutes, I saw a white hyundai xcent uber cab stopping near the college gate. One glimpse was enough, yes it was kavya only. She was in the backseat along with her parents and was accompanied by her uncle too (dad’s elder brother) who was on the left front seat. The left back door opened and out came her dad followed by my princess. As soon she came out I zoomed my eyes to scan her from top to bottom. No doubt she was looking so pretty, everyone there scanned her from the corner of their eyes. Her friends went to her and they all got busy in a conversation. Mine and ankur’s parents got a good company and they went together to explore the campus as well to meet other parents. Kavya saw me and we exchanged smiles but didnt wave hands and all as her family was nearby. I kept staring at her from a distance. She wore a green coloured saree with blue margins and large earings and a tiny bindi too. She was looking pretty as well as hot.

Her left side was revealing a major portion of her waist giving us full clear view of her milky white belly skin. I could see one sexy waist fold too while became two folds whenever she was bending left while posing for photographs. Her saree pallu would sometimes move aside giving us the view of her lovely attractive round navel. Her blouse was also fit enough to show us the size of her firm round perfect sized boobs. Honestly this view was making me crazy and honestly I felt like running to the bathroom and jerk off. Not only me but most boys were enjoying this scene and I am sure most of them had masturbated later thinking of her. Ever her 60 year old uncle was staring at her in such a way that he would fuck her given a chance. The ceremony ended at around 10 pm. All happy faces started after saying goodbye and all. As per plan me, kavya, ankur and priya were supposed to go to ankur’s place now so me and ankur told our parents to go back to the hotel in the same innova and after kavya and priya came after seeing off their parents, ankur booked another cab that took the 4 of us to his room. After reaching there, just like we did on farewell night, me and kavya went to the other room and locked the door giving us and them some privacy.

I couldnt wait any further, I went near her and kissed her lips. I started kissing her madly and she also cooperated equally. I then put my hands on her waist and pressing her waist I pulled her closer to me and continued to kiss. I then pushed her against the wall and continued kissing her. The gentle kissing was becomimg wilder and our tongues met and our saliva also got exchanged. Meawhile I kept pressing her bare waist with my right hand and and slided it towards her midriff to feel her navel. We broke the kiss after about 10 mins then I went down to her neck. After kissing her neck and went down again crossing her boobs further down to her belly. I kneeled down and I put her saree pallu aside to reveal her full milky white belly. Her navel hole was perfect to turn me on and being a navel lover I couldnt wait and I rubbed my face on her belly while pressing her waist.

Then I kissed her belly all over and then I kissed her navel and put my tongue inside to lick her navel. This went for a couple of minutes and then I went up and kissed her lips again. Then I sat down on the mattress on the floor and held her hand pulling her close to me and asked her to sit beside me. She did and I hugged her tightly. I touched her back her her waist and then I made her to lie down. I pulled off her saree pallu and jumped on her. I kissed her eyes,cheeks, forehead, nose tip and her lips again. This went for sometime and her heavy breaths were making me more horny. I went down to her boobs, press them with my face then played on her belly for sometime. I kissed her belly and navel and I played making gentle strokes all over with my fingers and made circles around her navel too. She started to moan softly and started biting her lips.

This recharged me again. My hands went to her blouse. She was wearing a blouse that didnt had hooks on back, rather there was a zip in the front which was to be opened like a jacket. I pulled the chain down and opened her blouse and there was the amazing view of her black bra hiding her soft milky white boobs. She removed the blouse by herself while I was staring at her bra which was covering 80% of her boobs revealing the rest. My hands then went to her back in search of her bra hook and I unhooked it. I pulled it out and she removed it and threw it aside. That was a view to watch. Her soft round boobs had pinkish areola and I started pressing them softing. Her nipples became hard and erect. I went near and started to suck them one after another and my hand pressing the other boob simalteneously.

While sucking her boob, I slided my hands down inside her saree and pettcoat to reach her panty. I then sat down and started to undress the remaining saree covering her lower part. I pulled the saree and petticoat down to reveal her milky white thighs. She was left only in panty now and I kissed her thighs and I started to finger her pussy. Her panty became wet already and I slowly pulled it down a little to reveal her clean shaved pink pussy. Then I pulled it down completely in one go. She was completely nude now. I removed my shirt, tie, watch and everythng above and I parted her pussy lips and then started to lick it. Her vaginal juices started flowing. I kept liking and from her moans and facial expressions I was sure she was enjoying a lot. I then asked her to return the favour.

She came on my top and unzipped my pants and pulled it down. My dick was so hard it wanted to come out desparately tearing my underwear. She winked and I smiled. She pulled it down and freed my penis. When she touch it I felt I will die. I was on cloud 9. She made few strokes and then took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it slowly like a lollipop. She licked my balls and kissed the tip of my dick too. She then took the whole thing in her mouth and she sucked it passionately. She gave an amazing blowjob. I was fully satisfied and was about to reach climax but before I could ask her anything that where should I spray my cum, I exploded and sprayed my cum inside her mouth. Her mouth was full with my cum and some spilled out from the side of her mouth too. She swallowed most of it. She winked at me again and cleaned my cock. I pulled her over me and hugged her and we took a little break.

Then I made her to lie down below me. I kissed her lips again. Her bare boobs were hitting by chest and were getting compressed. My erect dick was hitting her belly. I stroked my dick over her belly and placed the tip inside her navel too. She said she couldnt wait longer and she hold my dick and guided it inside her pussy hole.I pushed the tip inside and took it back and repeated it. She was becoming impatient. She was asking me to fuck her hard. I then pushed it deeper and took out then repeated it making gentle strokes. She was like ,”Ummm…Aahhh…Yeahhh..Aaaahhh”…Then I made deep strokes and she moaned louder and I got horny and startes to fuck her faster… Fap..Fap..Fap…Non stop and she was, “Uuuhhh aaahhhh aaaahhhh yesss ishan…Ummm..Yea fuck me harder…Ummm..Aaalhhh aahhh ahhhh aaahhhh….”.

After about 5 mins I exploded and released all my cum inside her. Both of us were breathing heavily. I kept my dick inside for some time and I kissed her lips. She also exploded soon and I felt the warmth of her juices on my penis.We were happy and content. We exchanged smiles and hugged her tightly. I dont know when I slept and when I woke up at around 8 am, she was still sleeing. I started at her nude body once and then her pretty face. Yes she is the one I wanted to be with always, but will destiny allow us to be together? Will her parents ever agree? All these thoughts were running in my mind while about 15 mins later her woke up. We freshened up soon as she has to return to her parents soon.

But the main problem was wearing the saree again. She wasnt an expert nor was ankur’s gf priya. Ankur opened some youtube videos that teaches how to drape a saree. Somehow both the girls wore it, though not very perfectly but ok to go out. They secured it with enough safety pins so that it wont betray. I called a cab and after bidding farewell and after shedding tears and all…Hugs and kisses follwed, I gave a gift to her. They got inside the car and were gone. Me and ankur just kept watching till the cab vanished from our sight.Its been more than a year now and we stay in touch but we couldnt meet yet as her family is against our relationship. Her uncle is a bastard and kind of blackmails her that if she wont listen to him, he will screw her happiness because after this experience, she got pregnant and had to abort in presence of her uncle as a guardian without her parents. I forgot to use condom and that mistake had cost us a lot. I felt very guilty as I couldnt be with her at that time but she is not angry rather she is happy I wasnt there as her uncle would have created a scene for sure..I will maybe share with you guys about what her uncle did with her in my next submission.

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