Lesbian Sex With My Aunt

When I heard of this website I got a feeling that I should also share my story. But I was afraid if someone came to know that I am not virgin. Well I thought it’s alright.

So this is a story about how I got to have lesbian sex with my aunt. Well Im 18 years old and I never had a boyfriend because I was not able to find a nice guy. But I wasn’t a lesbian always. My aunt’s name is jayashree. She is 45 years old and she looks fair and she is a bit fat but she is sexy for me. I became a lesbo because of her. So one day during my holidays I went to her house to have fun with my cousins.

One day she was dressing up for work and she called me to her room for help. She asked me to hook her bra as it was tight. That time she was just wearing her chudidar pant and I could see her bare back. I felt good and lil bit horny looking at my aunt half naked. So I hooked her bra and went. So that night I was thinking about her. I started to feel that she is hot but then I realized I’m not lesbian.

So then I was thinking and I realized that I couldn’t find a good guy so maybe I should try a girl. So I thought maybe my aunt jaya might be the one. Then I started having a crush on her. But I had no intention of telling her about this or seducing her as I didn’t have the guts. So I used to rub my pussy every night thinking of her. I took her used panty which she kept for washing and started sniffing it and wow I could get the aroma of her pussy.

Then I rubbed my pussy with her panty and then I licked it. It feels really good. after that i kept her panty back to the place where she kept for washing.So I kept on doing this every night in my room. And one day we had gone to a function. And while coming back in my uncle’s car my aunt was feeling sick and she felt like puking.

So she sat next to me in the back seat. She was feeling very sick and then she kept her hand on my lap and patted me. Then we smiled at each other. This was nothing she does it usually. Then I slowly held her arm. I was very shy. I didn’t know what to do. So I thought maybe now somehow I’ll seduce her.

So then I held her arm and she looked at me. Then I rubbed her palm slowly and then her fingers and looked at her smiling. And held her arm like we are in love . She looked at me and softly said “what?”. I smiled at her and I took a pen and wrote my number on her palm.

Then I held closed her palm and winked at her. She laughed and smiled at me . She had no idea actually what I was up to. So that night I went home. And I was waiting for her call. And at around 11 pm she called me. I was excited and I was wet. She called and asked me ” what was all that you did in the car? ” I told her that I like her. She was a bit shocked and asked what do you mean? I said I like you i like the way you are and the way you look. And she asked how’s it? And I told her that she is very sexy.

Then she laughed and said I thought a guy says that to a girl . And I said yeah sometimes even a girl gets attracted to another girl. She laughed and then I asked her when will we do it? She had no idea about how to be a lesbian and about lesbian sex. So I told her one day when I come to your house at night we will do it together alone .

She asked what is that. And I told her it’s some dirty stuff. And I told her we won’t be in any kind of trouble because we are women . If it was with a guy then it would have been a bit hard. So she said ok and we cut the call. the next week I went to her house. She greeted me with a big hug and smile.

Then I whispered in her ears. “So are you ready?” She replied “what are we gonna do?” And I told her that I will teach her. Then I told her to wear her nighty at night and come to my room after everyone sleeps. So then I was excited and so wet. That night she came in a sexy cream color nighty. And I was wearing a Chudhidar in which my curves are perfect . So then I told her to listen to me and do to whatever I tell her to do.

So I showed her a porn video of lesbians and then she felt wierd but then I told her..we are lucky to be females coz we can do sex with other females how much ever we want because we won’t fall in trouble.

Then she got convinced and we slowly started smooching. We were flicking our tongues in our mouths. yumm she was tasty. she is the first person I ever kissed and it was such a good experience. I’m pretty sure guys don’t kiss like this. We both held our faces and smooched romantically. Then I licked her face and ears and then I whispered ..”I like the smell of your panties aunty I can’t wait to smell the one you’re wearing now” She smiled and laughed. Then I licked her neck and then I smooched her .

Then slowly I lifted her nighty and removed it. Then she was shy to remove more and she asked me to remove mine and so I removed and she saw me with my black bra and she was touching my sexy tits and slowly rubbed me down to my belly and then to my panty ahhh I felt so hot. She liked me so much because of my figure which she found it slim and sexy.

Then when she saw my panties shee realized it was hers. Then she looked at me and smiled then I hugged and smooched her and rolled on bed . I stared licking her hot belly and she did the same to me..ahh it gives me such a good feeling aand I can still feel now.

Then we removed our bras and then we held each other’s tits and started pressing and then we made contact with our nipples which made me very horny and I grabbed her tits and started sucking. my aunt jaya was enjoying. her boobs are a bit bigger than mine but still she loved mine too as she sucked it.

Then I licked her sweaty armpits which was so good. but she didn’t do to mine coz she doesn’t like it. So after that we removed our hot and wet panties . We kissed it and then we exchanged tastes with out tongues .

After that we saw each other’s pussy and hers was hairy mature and sexy and mine was a but hairy and young and sexy. then I slowly started sucking her pussy ahhh so tasty it was..it had a stinky sexy aroma which I loved it. And then she got the orgasm. Her pussy was filled with my saliva . Then she sucked mine ahhh the feeling I got was like I was in paradise spa. She sucked my pussy hard and well. I tasted my pussy by smooching her and it was good.

So I told her about the scissor position we got into that position and rubbed our pussies with each other. Then I hugged her and smooched her hard and romantically and we slept together naked.

And then we were in a secret relationship. And if anyone who knows me reads this please keep it a secret as my aunt won’t like it. So whenever I went to her house she used to give me her stinky sexy panty to masturbate for me at home and whenever we get a chance to romance we do it nicely.

So if you liked my story share your reviews on hangouts [email protected] And this is only to give me your reviews and not for sexting. I could give you some tips. Enjoy

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