Little Secrets Of Happiness – Part 3

Hi this is Sonali again. I thank all the readers who had emailed me. Though little late I am posting another story.

Many of the readers have complained that I have not described our sexual acts in detail. So today I will describe one union with my FIL, which I think, gave me maximum pleasure.

It was after 2-3 months, our relationship started. My husband and MIL have returned. So we were really having trouble in having sex.

Then I started going to office regularly, where we could have sex in his chamber sometimes and sometimes in the back seat of the BMW car after parking it carefully. But I was not getting satisfied with this type of sex. Often ISS stories say that when a woman is not satisfied, she looks for more sex.

But in this case I developed disinterest in sex and started to avoid FIL’s advances. He was hurt. One day he caught me in his chamber and tried to kiss me, to which I pushed him away. He was angry now and asked “ Bahu kya hogaya tumhe?”

I cried then and said “ Actually babuji, I am not getting climax and I am becoming fearful to have sex again…because not getting climax is so painful for me”

“Tu kehna kya chati hai ”

“ Babuji, mujhe apki kabiliyat pe sak nehi hai, par iss tarah car me ya office me achha nehi lagta”

“ Pagli..You should have told me this before….kitne din hogaya tum karne nehi de rahi ho….idhar mera bura haal hai..janti ho”

“Janti hu….you should suffer little too” I said smilingly.

“Aisi baat hai to chalo kahin dur chalet hain….honeymoon me…”

“ Aur ghar me kya kahoge”

“ Koi bahana banalenge….kuch office work, official tour, jahan dono jana jaruri ho”

“ Aisa ho sakta hai”

“Bilkul mere Rani” and he managed to kiss me now.

“Chhodo abhi, door unlocked hai”

While returning from office with FIL he told me the plan (I usually return home with FIL as husband usually returns late after 9pm sometimes). There is a meeting of FIL with our local MP, but the MP is staying at Delhi right now as the parliament session is going on.

So FIL has to travel Delhi to meet him. It was important. Because I was dealing with the work concerned (it was about the authorization of our office building, the municipality had some objections). FIL had talked with my husband and he had given me permission to travel with FIL.

So after 2 days, our tickets were ready and 2 hotel rooms were booked in a 5 star hotel.

We reached Delhi by a morning flight and soon checked in our rooms.

I didn’t even freshen up; I heard the room bell rang. It was him, my FIL. My God, he can’t even wait 5 minutes! I let him in and he took me to his arms immediately.

“Kyun, MPji ko milna nehi hai kya?” I asked him mischievously.

“ Pehele hum dono to achhi tarah se millen…kabse pyasa hun..”

“ itna baichain mat hoie, pehle kam finish karenge fir raat bhar…..”

“ Pagli, aj MPji se meeting nehi hoga, kal ki appointment hai…aj to sirf pyar hoga”

But I wanted to go to toilet badly, so he released me, but when I said I wanted to take bath also he protested strongly and entered bathroom forcefully.

I had switched on the shower, so he got wet. But he did not care. He removed his clothes and was completely nude in front of me. I was wearing a towel only, which he just pulled down to make me naked fully. Then our lips locked his hands moving all over my body. My boobs got pressed on his abdomen and his erect hard penis was touching my abdomen.

We kissed for long, may be 10 minutes or more till I was breathless and he moved to my neck and lower part. He attacked my breasts, kissing, biting, sucking and squeezing them, while I played with his cock.

He was like an animal then, I had never seen him like this. I whispered in his ear, “Cool down ….”

But he was hot, too hot and I was becoming increasingly hot too despite the shower running.

He started to eat my pussy and I was getting wetter.

I was caressing his penis and sucked it and kissed it.

He kissed and bitted my thighs, which he said were too fleshy.

He was eager to enter me, but I insisted to get back to bed.

I took out a condom from my purse, which I kept with me always and handed over to him.

He wore it and slowly was between my thighs, preparing to thrust his man-hood inside me. I was slowly parting my legs, allowing him to enter. His penis was fully erect, throbbing and hard. My vagina was completely moist and hot.

When his penis touched me after so many days it was like an electric current running in my body. Even he said he too felt like that.

He was on top of me, the typical Missionary pose. He was pumping me with squeezing my left breast with his right hand simultaneously with his mouth over my right breast as if drinking my milk. His left hand was behind my back, pulling me closer to him. I was moaning in pleasure after so many days.

He soon pulled his cock out and I begged him not to do so.

But he wanted to fuck me in doggy style. So I had to obey. I was in my four limbs and he entered in my vagina from behind like an animal, teasing my breasts in two hands simultaneously from behind. This was a different experience for me; I was never fucked in doggy style.

It was feeling good, perhaps because he was able to squeeze my breasts properly. I was in heavens really. He had really became a animal. Again he withdrew and pulled me to the edge of the bed and fucked me in sitting position for nearly half an hour or so before both of us got limp.

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