Losing My Virginity To Mom’s Friend’s Big Boobed Daughter

Hi ISS readers, this is my first story – a real one. I have read a lot of sex stories here and so finally decided to share my experiences here. All these are real experiences (although I have changed the names of people and places).

My name is Madhu, a 23-year-old lean guy. I am 5’7″ in height with a fit body (but not athletic 😉). This is about what happened in Mangalore back when I was 19.

To tell you about Bindu. God, she was so beautiful. She was heavy yet beautiful. I always had an eye for girls and women older than me. Bindu was 28 years old then. I used to jerk off to certain MILFs but she was a goddess.

Bindu was fair in complexion. She must have weighed at least 80 kg and her size was 46D. One look at her and any man would be drooling. She was beautiful 😍😍😍😘 I mean she still is.

Coming to the story, I was living with my mom and younger brother (dad passed away when I was around 5 years old. We had dad’s assets. We were not rich but could live a happy life).

Bindu was one of my mom’s very close friend’s daughter. So we agreed to let her stay with us, but they wouldn’t do it for free. They paid us monthly and so she became a paying guest in our house 😉.

She had been with us for 3 years. I was always kind of attracted to her (or you could say to her BOOBS). I guess she thought of me as her younger brother.

She only used to wear a loose shirt and shorts at home. She was that comfortable. When she bent to pick up anything, her cleavage would be clearly visible.

And let me tell you, she had really huge melons. I would get instant hard-ons. I even saw her panties through her shorts a couple of times when she used to sit down. I had no other choice but to run to the bathroom and ease my bunny (penis) 😉😉😉.

I used to click her photos when the fan air would spread her shirt or shorts. Even though she wore bra and panties, those photos were enough for me to climax very soon when masturbating about her.

I would touch her thighs, buttocks, boobs, and hands whenever I walked past her. She didn’t seem to mind it. (Only later I came to know that she had noticed all of it 🤩🤩)

I wouldn’t attend college regularly 😉but I scored good marks. My mom would return home from work only after 07:30 pm (I had to pick her up daily) and my brother was very good at extracurricular activities, so he would never be home before 6 pm.

As for my sexy Bindu, she would be home around 4:30 (she was doing some courses, I don’t even remember them).

Okay. Let me get to the story now.

On January 29th (Yes I remember the date perfectly. It’s not something you’ll forget in your life, right?), I bunked classes as usual but didn’t know where to go. I was in no mood to go back to college. So I thought I’d go home and sleep. (or watch porn 😅😅).

I reached home, but the door latch was unlocked… And also it was locked from the inside. I figured my sexy babe Bindu would be inside and thought to ring the calling bell…

But then, I heard a male along with Bindu’s laughing from the inside (Bindu never brought any male friends to our house). I felt suspicious (and also horny by imagining things 😆😆).

So I went around the house to the window of her room. Our house had a compound and no one could see inside it. Her room window was partly open. I couldn’t risk showing myself so I crouched and moved forward.

I took out my phone (Nokia 2700classic 🤣. It only had around 2 or 5 MP camera. Not HD, but clear enough photos/videos if we didn’t shake)

I always had such fantasies about her, so I took the precaution to put my phone in “not reachable”(flight) mode so as to not get caught.

Now there was a guy in her room but I couldn’t see him. So I took some pictures with as many angles as I could from that tight spot. I also took a one and a half minute video moving very slowly. And then I went back to the main gate to check them.

Many pictures were not clear and I deleted them. But the ones which were clear were heart-stopping. Guess what?? Bindu was sitting with a guy in her bed, that too, in her BRA!!! YES… She didn’t wear a top. She was sitting wearing a jeans pants and a BRA. That too, in front of some asshole.

But she looked so sexy. I immediately had a hard-on and needed to release it urgently. My bunty was wrestling my pants to come out. I think my pants would be ripped. I could not think straight.

I immediately rang to calling bell. I heard some commotion inside. But I couldn’t think straight, I just needed to rush to the bathroom and jerk off to her amazing pics.

I rang continuously for about 5 to 6 times. My mom’s friend’s daughter then opened the door (she was wearing the same jeans pant, but now she had put on a top).

I pushed her aside and rushed to the bathroom. When I reached the bathroom, I glanced at the back door and the guy was running out from there. I went inside the bathroom and within 30 seconds or so, I jerked off a huge load, like, a very massive load. I didn’t even realize I was wearing my backpack when I was jerking off 🤦♂🤦♂🤦♂🤣🤣.

I then calmed down and went to the hall to sit down. Bindu was already sitting there. She had not yet changed her dress. She looked a bit tense. She was worried if I saw that person in the house.

Looking at her, all dirty and naughty thoughts came to my mind. I just wanted to blackmail her into getting naked then and there. But again, I was tired from jerking off so hard. I asked her some casual questions like, if she had her lunch? At what time she came home? What else was up? I really didn’t notice what she replied, but she was very nervous.

I told her that I was going to sleep and went into my room. She gave a huge sigh of relief (she thought I didn’t observe anything or I didn’t get to know any of it). Poor babe!!! She just went to her room and locked the door.

But I couldn’t sleep. Just thinking of her photo gave me a hard-on again. I just couldn’t handle it. I took out my phone and saw the pictures again. Now I came across the video. I was now curious. I wanted to know about that guy (who he was?) and also wanted to blackmail her to do anything for me. But I was scared of the second part.

What if she told my mom? Then I realized that if she told my mom, she would also be caught for bringing a guy to our house secretly and also for sitting in with him half-naked. This gave me some courage.

I went to her room and knocked on it. She immediately answered from inside (maybe she didn’t sleep at all).

She opened the door and went inside and sat on her bed leaning on her pillow against the wall. She had now changed to home-dress (loose shirt and shorts). I sat beside her on the bed near her feet.

Bindu: What happened? What is it?

Me: Who was that guy that ran from the back door?

Bindu (shocked): You saw? (trying to act normal) He was just my friend. He came to collect a book from me.

Me (calmly): Don’t lie. I saw. Open the bluetooth on your mobile. I will send you something.

(Back then, there was no Shareit).

Anyways, Bindu turned on the bluetooth. She was very scared. I sent two photos and the video. Her eyes were filled with tears but she had not yet started crying. She asked me how I got it and I told her.

Now she asked me something that gives me goosebumps even today. She asked, “What should I do for you to keep this a secret?”

I was perplexed, shocked, blank and scared. I didn’t know what to do or tell. I started shivering. I don’t know why but I rubbed one of her legs from her toes to her calf muscles. I was still shivering.

She then smiled at me. There were some tears in her eyes but still, she smiled at me and asked, “Do you want to see my breasts?”

Now, my feet started shaking. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Bindu wiped her tears off and told me that she had noticed me trying to touch her hands and breasts whenever I could. I looked at her very shyly. I didn’t speak anything.

She then said, “I’ll sit here. You do what you want with my breasts..”

I looked at her with shock. That very moment, I didn’t want to know who the fuck that guy was. I didn’t want to know why she tried to hide it. Only one thing ran in my mind. That was to tear open her shirt and suck her boobs. I just wanted to empty the milk from her can, if there were any! 😋😋

But I was stoned. She took my hand and placed it over her right boob, over her shirt. I involuntarily pressed it lightly. She didn’t react at all. It was a heavenly feeling. So soft, so silky soft.

I didn’t know why she did it. Maybe her libido was high. Or maybe confessing that she knew my intent turned her on. I don’t know but she was kind of into it. She was just simply sitting there.

I then pressed her boob hardly this time. She gave a slight moan. Now I was in my senses. I felt it was a dream come true. It was now or never. What if she suddenly changed her mind? I had to get the most of it right there, right then.

I started massaging her boob over her shirt. I started using my other hand also. I was massaging each of her boobs with my hands over her shirt. My bunty started rising again. I had a very strong hard-on. But I was more concerned with massaging her boobs.

I then, unknowingly, started sucking on her boobs. I was sucking like such an animal that her shirt became wet with my saliva. I was just sucking and sucking. She just sat there simply giving out light moans. Maybe she was also slightly enjoying it. Her shirt became so wet that her black bra cups were almost visible through the shirt.

I asked her to take off her shirt and lie down flat on the bed. With a small grin, she said, “You do it”. It was as if I got the key to a bank vault. I just pulled off her shirt and threw it away. I took off my shirt also. She was lying on the bed in her bra and shorts. I was lying over in my shorts.

I still couldn’t believe all this was real. I immediately gave her a kiss on her lips. I smooched her very hard. I started sucking on her lower lips all the while caressing her boobs.

After a while, she also started reciprocating. She put her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues were fighting each other in our mouths.

My right hand was on one of her boobs and my left hand was hugging her over the back. I undid her bra with my left hand. I then broke the kiss and took off her bra. HER MELONS WERE FINALLY FREE! You should have seen them. They were amazing. They are any man’s dream. Such big and soft boobs. And they were mine.

I just buried my face in them. Bindu started laughing. This turned me on even more. I started biting her black nipples. She now started moaning.

My bunty was hurting in my shorts. I took off and threw my shorts. It didn’t help.

I then took off my briefs also. My penis sprung into freedom. There I was completely naked lying over my Bindu. She didn’t say anything but smiled. This gave me much more confidence.

I no longer asked her permission. I again started sucking and biting her nipples. I was confused which boob to suck. Believe me, they were so amazing.

She just kept moaning and enjoying. I then started licking her moving down. I kissed and licked over her belly button. Then I moved to get waist. I put my tongue under the elastic of her shorts. She stopped me and said –

Bindu: No. Not down there. I only said you can do anything with my breasts.

Me (little disappointed): Okay. But at least, shall I take off your shorts? You still have your panties on.

Bindu: No way. I let you do this much. This is more than you can dare to ask

Me (with a strong tone): But you also enjoyed all this. You have seen me naked. So I should also see you naked. But I am only asking you to remove your shorts. Not your panties.

With a lot of hesitation, Bindu removed her shorts but kept her panties on. She did it herself. Maybe she didn’t trust me with it. She must have thought that if she let me, I would remove her panties along with the shorts. And yes, if she let me, I would do that exactly! 🤣🤣🤣😆😆

Now she was lying on the bed with only her panties and I was over her completely naked. I again bit her nipples and sucked her boobs. I just couldn’t get enough of her boobs. Not even half of her boob went into my mouth. They were so big and plumpy.

I again went up to her lips and smooched her. Then slid back to boobs by licking her neck region. I was so high and uncontrollable. And here’s the worst part – I don’t know how but I just feel asleep. Maybe I passed out or fainted out of excitement!


This is not the end. We woke up and had a whole adventure. I’ll post it in another part.

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