Losing Virginity To The Hardcore

Hi, I am Stephen 27 from chennai, I am a regular reader of ISS. Am not good in grammar, please forgive me for my mistakes. It’s a true story of mine, which will take you to the imagination. I like to share my experience of losing virginity to my GF. Guys hold your dicks, girls hands on boobs. Any feedback please post to this mail id [email protected].

Our relationship starts by love at first sight. She expressed her love and I accept her proposal in two days. Her name is Anitha, about her appearance she is curvy, short and cute little chick. Anyone who seen her will fall in dream by rolling in bed with her or at least will try to flirt her. We started to chat in mobile SMS initially, but due to 100 limited SMS, we can’t chat whole night. So I gifted a smartphone to her, we started to chat in watsapp.

After a week I asked her sexy snap, first she hesitated, later she sent semi nude pic, instantly my tool erected after seeing the cherry on top of vannila scoop( nipples over her boobs). She was damn sexy like porn star. We started in phone sex and I educated her how to masturbate. Months gone we had only virtual sex. I urge to screw her in bed. She too reluctantly want to suck my 7″ Choco bar. We shared our naked selfie and sex videos.

In a video she acted like a stripclub model.

Holding broomstick in hand and danced like fucking it. She was removing her dresses one by one and stand nude finally. Pinching her nipples and toungues put emoticon pose.

Day by day our sex needs started to grow.

We were eagerly waiting for a day to spend.

One fine day arrived, her family went for a outstation marriage. she was home alone. She called me and invited me to her home.

I took sick leave and started around 9:30 from my home. While driving we were in call and planned for the day. I asked her to be nude and I will come and take care of dressings, she said she want to suck my dick and drink my cum.

Finally I located her house at 10, she invited me inside and locked the door behind me. I was totally sweat and my heart pumps like 500cc Ingine. I grabbed her hand and let her sit on my lap. Slowly I started to suck her lips.

She responded well, then we rolled out toungues. My tool was popping out and injecting in her butt. She adjusted herself to feel my dick.

We continued our first lip lock for almost half an hour. The taste of her juicy lips was like a butter fruit. We exchanged our salaiva, I bitten her reddish lips. My right hand started to massage her boobs. She was aroused and fell on my lap. She guided my left hand to her left boob. Both are like spongy air tight stuff.

After a while I lifted her and she guided me to her bed room. I Slowly removed her tops and bottom, she was semi nude. She pulled me and caught my budge and squeezed it. She removed my dresses by kissing all over me. We both became nude in a few mins .

We hugged and smooched, we both tighten our grips to crush our body. Then placed my right hand started to massage her labia and inserted my finger one by one into her love hole. She started to moan ” slowly baby”..

“Mmnnn yes” “fuck me idiot”…

Her sexy voice made me more horny. Finally I found her g spot and tickled it to squirt. She experienced her first oragasm and squirt like waterfall. She exhausted and collapsed over me.

Our lips started to speak with each other.

She came top of me and picked my dick in her mouth. She sucked nicely like a pro. I was in cloud nine. Holders her head and started to fuck her mouth. Almost It lasted to 10 mins. I Hardly rammed her mouth to tear along hole.

We kissed and smoothed in bed. My tool erected like a pole again. I started to insert my dick in missionary. She was so tight, then only we expressed that both of us virgin?. I broke her hymen by ramming my dick hard, just one shot. She screamed like hell. Few drops of blood scattered. I hugged her tight and feel her comfort. After a few mins she said ” am ready to board, fuck me sucker”. We laughed due to the tone of her voice. It’s like a itching bitch call her mate to fill the hole.

I started to fuck slowly to and fro in missionary. She was feeling the pleasure and her moans was the most romantic music in the room, which aroused me to last longer. After fucking 10 mins. I pulled her in edge of the cot. Her feet on my shoulder I bend to fuck her in amazon position. We both were comfort in that position and I started to fuck her like horny horse. She reached her second orgasm, her pussy wall gripped my dick, her love juices dropping out of the hole. The juice made our grip so lubricated.

After my dick easily fucking her cute little hole without pain. Then I asked her to ride me. I was laid on my back . She sat on my erected dick and started her ride. Oh god such a cute little angel riding my cock with bouncing two juicy mangoes. Wat a pleasure. She rides almost 5 mins. We both got tired, but still I didn’t climaxed.

She then sucked out my cum and drank it completely. We took a naked selfie for remembrance. Still whenever I wanna masturbate. My dick will erect by jus seeing that pic. In that pic her mouth filled by semen and boobs were reddish and marks of my bites. After three days of sex. My dick pains like hell. Same as for her also.

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She got married to a rich guy. But still we are in sexlationship. Rich fellow running towards money and dono how to satisfy her wife itches.

Likewise any Horny aunties, Unsatisfied housewives and girls in chennai Looking for hookups or one night stand, just ping me. I will take you to heaven. Our relationship will be safe, secure and secret.

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