Lost In Love – Part I

Hello everyone and my name is Sanket. I am 18 a pure bottom height 5.10 with fair colour skin and before I just jump on to my story. I would like to say that all the criticisms and suggestions regarding the story are welcomed at [email protected]

It is a story of emotions and so those who are looking for quick sex will be disappointed. It is going to be my first story on ISS so please forgive me for my mistakes.

So starting with the story everything was just going normal. I used to go my university regularly same old studies same old pattern of life, work and just work but there was something going deep inside me.

A voice of someone who wants to meet his soul mate someone in me was craving for love. I always used to pray to make me meet with the one who can love me like anything because I don’t believe in these hook up sites as most of the people there are just sex starved in all this jeopardy of mine.

I actually dint notice that I have already got my partner. He is Karan,22 average body 5.11 height whitish colour and a lovely smile. He always used to interact with me somehow in the train as I used to travel by train from Amritsar and so he used to meet me always.

He was doing a job in the city in which I was studying. We used to come back together as we used to get free on the same time and that day seemed just normal but I was not known that something surprising. I mean really surprising was going to happen.

We got off the train and as usual I sat on his bike and he started driving actually he used to drop me in half the way of my house as his house was nearby the station and then I used to take public transport from there to my house at that day we were pretty late and it started raining heavily.

Till the time we reached his place and we were all drenched in water. He advised me to stay with him till the rain stops. I informed my parents that I will be late today. We entered his house and it was a nice room with a bed in the middle and sofa and table in the side for sitting with many other things.

The light of the room were fluorescent yellow and it was really a nice room wait haven’t I told you that he lives alone here in this house as his parents are gone abroad and he is completing his degree here. Coming back to the story and we were both drenched in water.

He quickly went inside and got me a towel to wipe myself out as I don’t have any clothes so gave me his boxers and a half sleeves t shirt and guided me to bathroom when I came out and he was sitting in sofa wearing boxers and he asked me to sit with him and I switched on the TV and started watching it

I don’t know why but he was just not getting his eyes of me and first ignored it but then he starting coming closer to me. I asked him jokingly that what’s going on? But he just dint answered me and keep on looking into my eyes and then he suddenly caught hold of my hand and said softly.

I love you and I was just trying to understand what to say and at once he pulled me towards himself and started kissing me. The feel of his lips on mine just shuddered me and I started responding to his kiss. He was forcing his tongue in my mouth and we kissed each other for don’t know.

How long and I was not in my senses and how was the one who touched me this way first time and I just don’t want to come out of this love slowly he started kissing my neck and pulled out my T’s. Now we both were in our boxers and he just laid me over the sofa and starting kissing me vigoursly.

He just started getting violent and he started sucking my nipples really hard and then bites them. I was in pain and my nipples just started getting sore. My hands were on his pack and due to pain and excitement and I was plunging my nails into his back so that we never get separated.

I want this moment of love to stay forever. He then started licking my navel. I just lied there moaning loudly calling out his name and then he removed my boxers and pushed my legs behind and started licking my asshole. I got to know this later that He does not like sucking cocks as he is a pure top.

He kept on rimming my ass crack and I was going mad with excitement .It feels just so good when someone loves you with such compassion wow! Then he pulled down his underwear and his 9 inch fat cock sprung out of it.

I was so much into it that I didn ot even notice his cock’s size. I was very scared because it was going to be my first time. We both dint utter even a single word everything was just going with the flow. He caught hold of my head and guided it to his cock.

I opened my lips and yea! There it is my first ever cock! I took it in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around his dick head like it was an ice cream his pre cum was a bit salty but it tasted good. He started pushing his whole length in me but I was not able to take it all in.

I started gagging but then somehow I managed to take it and he caught my hair and started deep throat me. I was in pain but at the same time. I was enjoying it. He fucked my mouth so vigorously that inner mouth got sore and a little bleeding started but he was just not bothered.

My mind was alarming me that how will and I am able to take his cock in my ass if he keeps on being so aggressive and story to be continued

I will be posting its 2nd part after getting your response over this part. So tell me how did you find this story and all kinds of suggestions are whole heartedly welcomed.

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