Love Charger Of My Lady Boss In Patna

Hello, all my ISS readers, I am back with yet another fantasy of mine in the form of a hot lustful and kinky story.

This story is about how unsatisfied was my boss sexually as she was a divorcee, and she took an advantage of one of my mistake to make me her personal slave.

After graduating from a highly reputed college in Hyderabad, I was posted in an MNC as a software developer. My salary was near 18 LPA. I was very happy that now I will be able to support my family financially.

My first posting thankfully happened to be in my home city of Patna. I was offered a 2 BHK apartment and a swift car. I was very happy and was really looking forward to this job.

So I received the call letter and was told to join the office soon.

Between the joining date, there was a gap of about 3 months, during which I decided to tone my body as to create a good impression around my co-workers.

Soon I joined a gym, started eating cautiously, and soon my body was able to show the clear change. My body slowly started to grow lean and my muscles started to build up. Although I was not able to build six pack abs, now I had a good body.

I was very excited as a new phase of my life was going g to start, I was thinking about the workspace, the aura around the office, the environment, and my co-workers, especially girls.

I reached the office 10 minutes early, waited for 2 minutes outside, and reached the office of my manager, tad on time.

She was a lady in her late thirties, had a very sweet voice, and I fell for her voice, the way she talked, she looked an extremely wise lady who knew when and what to speak, and I could automatically connect with her.

She was definitely not the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, but outer appearance hardly mattered for me. I always looked for long talks with a mate rather than long sex, not outer appearance but inner beauty always attracted me.

Soon she showed me my workspace and also shared her number with me so that I can contact her in case I needed her help. Soon I made quite a good number of friends, because of my socializing skills.

I got in touch with quite a good number of girls, but could not connect with most of them because they were all busy flaunting their bodies, nobody was interested much in talking.

The first day went quite well and I came to know about my manager a bit more. I came to know she was a divorced woman whose husband left her for some other model. Since then she had devoted all her time to the office.

I felt sad for her and could empathize with her because my girlfriend too left me for someone else.

When I was about to leave, she asked me that she can drop me and I agreed. On the way home, she asked me how was the day at the office. I replied that it was quite good.

She said, “I read your profile and I am quite impressed.” She was impressed by projects that I handled in my intern period and other stuff.

Then she stopped by a restaurant and we had dinner, during which we discussed a lot of personal stuff ranging from girlfriends and related stuff.

We became very good friends, and we were as if two buddies were talking. She dropped me home, and I wished her good night. Well, in the night she was the only thing going on in my mind, I slept with her in my mind and also dreamt about her.

At that time I don’t know why I was blushing at her thoughts. I knew she too was interested in me.

The next morning I woke up and wished her good morning over the text. In no time, her reply came as well, as if she was waiting for my reply. I blushed, got ready and wore a nice perfume.

Soon I left for the office with a new positive energy unlike ever before. She was already there in the office and I directly went to her cabin. She said, “Hey Kunal, how are you?”

I replied, “I am good, mam,” followed by some business talks.

Same things happened over a week or so, in which I occasionally flirted with her. I complimented her whenever I could, on her looks, beauty, and brains.

She too showered me with her love and affection and I was on the seventh heaven. Soon we started to talk over the phone and our talks went on till the next morning some days.

We didn’t discuss or talked about sexual stuff but casual talks, which we always liked. We started meeting on weekends over dinners. I was in love with her, she was the thing that was on my mind when I woke up, when I slept, when I bathed, whenever I did anything.

One day, I asked her out for a dinner. And she agreed. I made romantic arrangements in a very famous rooftop restaurant. I got a very good bouquet and remembered some pickup lines.

She came dressed like an angel and I was flattered I flirted with her a lot, and at last told her that I loved her. Initially, she hesitated saying this was wrong. But finally, she too said those magical words which were like honey to my ears.

“I love you too, Kunal.” But I was sad as I won’t be able to carry on this relationship for as long as my family would never accept her. I told her this and she said she understands.

Next few days were very good, until one day I kissed her. It was one of the best moments in my life as her lips were juicy as mango and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

We were cuddling like babies, carefree about the world, just both of us. Soon our hormones started to kick in and in no time I was out of my tees. Soon she also removed her top and was in her under.

It was not the sexiest of the MILFs that we see on the porn videos, but for me, she was the hottest girl ever. Even Alexandra Daddario was not so beautiful in front of her. She unhooked the cage that was capturing her pigeons. The moment I saw them, I pounded on them as bees pound on honey. I sucked them like no tomorrow and she was moaning slowly.

Slowly I removed her tight pants she was wearing how black colored panties. When I removed it I was hoping to see some Amazon rain-forest but to my surprise, I saw lush Ganges plain.

I tasted the area around her sweet cherry, licking her thighs, her toes, her navel, now she couldn’t control and I pounded on her kitty. Wow, it tasted so good and soon she cummed, as she hadn’t cummed in a lot of years and cummed so much. It was so damn tasty.

After about 10 minutes she came again, and now it was her turn to please my monster. She pulled down my underpants with her teeth and was surprised to see my well-maintained dick.

She sucked it like a baby sucks a lollipop after a long time, and probably gave me the best blowjob anyone had ever had. Soon I cummed in her mouth itself and she drank it all, and this made her cherry even more hungry for its banana.

I pushed her on the bed. I applied some lotion on her pussy and my cock as it will go easily inside and will not hurt her much. I asked if she really wanted to do this, as I knew Initially it would hurt a lot and I didn’t want to hurt her, but she said, “Yes I want it.”

I slowly entered her and covered her lips with my own and she started eating it. I started pushing my dick and it was hurting her a lot. I entered completely.

I let in there for awhile so that her hole readily accepts me. After 3 or so minutes, I started stroking her. Now her pain started to vanish she started supporting me, moving periodically with my monster and enjoying the lustful act.

We kissed in between and I sucked her melons, we switched position and she now rode like a cowgirl on my ass, with her melons swinging vigorously. It was so mesmerizing that I grabbed hold of her, and started moving very roughly. She said, “Baby I wanted this so badly for a long time, please satisfy me.”

I was getting excited and after 15-20 minutes of fuck, I came all over her body and we slept, hugging each other. We didn’t try anal as I knew for a girl it pains a lot. I am never into anal unless the girl wants it badly.

I was satisfied completely with her pussy, and I was happy to have her in my life.

So that was my fantasy, hope you liked it. Do leave a response on [email protected], Sophie being my handler name.

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