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Hi, I’m Saurabh 18 yrs old still a virgin, I live in Delhi.Dick size, never measured.I love milfs and mature BBW ladies.I love music and making new friends.If anyone wants to talk to me as a friend most welcome just mail me. I would love to lose my virginity to a milf or a mature BBW lady. If any milf or mature BBW lady want to contact me can mail me on this email [email protected]. This is my first sex story so if any mistakes you might just mail me without any hesitation.Now coming to the sex story…

Alex is 19yr old virgin, interested in mature BBW ladies.Alex was a shy and tall guy with a muscular body.He lives with his parents in a posh society which had many mature BBW ladies and he used to ogle at them from head to toe and give them marks out of 10.He has given every single lady marks around 9 but only a single lady was given 10 out of 10 which was his crush, this lady was Sheetal aunty(38 yrs old) tall, milky skin,well-toned body.

She was the bombshell of the society.Every man used to ogle her.She has big boobs 38dd and big bubble butt.She always wears designer sarees with a backless blouse and she used tuck saree below her navel which makes her too hot to handle.His parents are self-employed they had a big firm so as a result, they were always busy but they attend every function in the society.Sheetal aunty’s husband being a business partner with his parents, as a result, they had good relations with Sheetal aunty and her husband.He never talked much with Sheetal aunty rather than wishing her good morning every day in return she would also say good morning that too with a smile which made Alex’s every day so special.

Sheetal aunty was the only lady in a society which had no kids because of her husband, he can’t produce enough sperms to have a baby.

Days passed away and here it was Alex’s parents were going just the day before Diwali to us for a business work trip and Sheetal aunty’s husband was also going with them.His parents felt too sad leaving Alex alone as this us meeting was decided so hastily that no one could understand what happened but Sheetal aunty assured that she would take care of Alex very well.After which Sheetal aunty and Alex went to the airport and to bid them goodbye and that Sheetal aunty took Alex to her house.

Next dayIn the evening of Diwali, the society was celebrating so Sheetal aunty asked Alex to come and join her in the celebration but Alex was too sad he refused to go.Then Sheetal aunty asked him to stay at home and watch tv and said that “She is locking the door so that no one can disturb you” to which he agreed.After Sheetal aunty went he started watching tv but got bored soon and then he went to have a bath.After having bath he found used pair of black lacy bra and panty, he sniffed the panty he found that intoxicating smell of her vagina and found her musky body aroma which was coming from her bra, he sucked them too and then came in her panty, after a while he got a naughty idea in his mischievous brain that he must check out his aunty’s wardrobe in her absence.

Then he went near the closet and threw that panty on her bed and started sniffing panties and bras from her closet.He also found dildos in her closet.After a while, he found a rainbow-colored thong he took it and wrapped around his firm dick and started stroking it and calling out Sheetal aunty’s name and lied on her bed.While he was busy having the pleasure alone Sheetal aunty came back and saw him masturbating and heard that he was taking her name while masturbating when she moved a closer to her bed and saw that her panty was lying filled with his cum.Then she shouted to which Alex came to reality felt very embarrassing he stood up naked was about say sorry to which Sheetal aunty asked him “What the fuck he was doing in bedroom and that too naked” and Alex replied “I am sorry please don’t tell this thing to his parents and told that he has a crush on her “, she was very angry and furious that she slapped him hard on his face which made Alex cry.

Alex was continuously saying sorry but was not audible enough.Then she said “You are not a kid anymore so stop crying I never expected such a thing from you” And he stopped crying and then she said “I will not tell anybody if you would be my sex slave to her, to which he replied yes.Then she said sit like a dog he obeyed her.Then she took big black dildo from her own closet and inserted in his ass and that too in one go almost more than half was in his ass he was screaming in pain but all in vain then she took his husband’s leather belt started whipping it to his ass to which he screamed too loud that neighbours could hear it too which she shouted in angry tone that doesn’t otherwise she would beat more harder than this time to which he said sorry while crying.

Then she started stripping herself then she was also naked now.Then she said him to lie down with his face in direction of ceiling.He was having difficulty in lying down due to the dildo in his ass he begged her to remove it but she refused gave him a whip with the belt on his ass to which he cried in pain but all in vain.She then sat on his face and forced him to drink pee to which he obeyed and drank.Then she ordered him to lie on the bed then she a rope and tied his hands together with the bed and same way legs too after that she took her red panty which she wore today and that black lacy panty on which he came she put in his mouth so that he could not scream.

Then she saw his dick which was in the flaccid state, she took in her hand and slapped it hard then started sucking it said ” aren’t horny by seeing this lady naked” to which he nodded in yes then she said”Then why ain’t your dick erect” and slapped it hard.After a while his dick got hard and she sucked a little bit, then she got on his chest and started to remove panties from his mouth and in a jiffy sat on his face and asked him to suck her pussy till she cums.

Alex obeyed and started mouth fucking her she was moaning loudly after few minutes she came a lot on his face asked him to drink all her cum not to waste a single drop or he will be punished so he quickly obeyed her drank all her cum which was salty in taste.Then without wasting time she put the panties back in his mouth and she herself started adjusting his dick over her pussy and started moving her body up and down.After a while, she got tired said him to do his bit and he did.He also got tired then she took the dildo and put in his ass again and started moving it in and out Alex was in great pain he could not scream but the tears rolling down his eyes were telling everything then she ordered to do his bit till she cums and he started to do it.After few minutes she came along with her he also came.Then both got exhausted doze off to sleep.But she didn’t leave one chance to torture him by her sex fetishes.

Thank you guys for reading my sex story.Hope you liked it please write ur reviews and give me ideas to write the next part if you want [email protected] and I would be lucky if any lady or mature BBW would help me in losing my virginity just mail me.

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