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Avi here again! I guess you’ve read my stories on how I fucked and made my office colleague/ex-girlfriend Netal. This is a story of a new married ex-colleague – Farana.

I am about 6ft 2inch. An above decent size cock of 7 inches, but close to 3.5 inches girth. Farana was my friend at the organization I worked and quit few years back. We were really close friends and use share a lot during our work days and we used to be seen together most of the time. I did not have any vulgar intentions then, but she was a sex bomb. Besides, she had a boyfriend in Delhi who used to regularly visit her. Once she asked for my house to have sex with her boyfriend and told me later that her roommates didn’t gave her enough space.

Let me describe her: She was a quintessential Muslim girl with milky white skin and really sharp features. She is 5’11 and has close to perfect figure of 37- 25-36 (measured later of course). Her boyfriend was also a hunk. She had a really cute full face, resembling actress “Shraddha Das” to some extent. Her waist and butts were tempting hot and the best part of her body was her 37C like boobs. She used to wear tank tops inside her jackets and cleavage used to be treated for everyone around. Whenever you see her, from behind, you will feel like stripper her and bang her asshole.

A year later or so, she had to quit her job to marry some fuck-face from IIM-B. She had to break up with her boyfriend and marry the guy and was made to move to Mumbai. Even after her marriage, we stayed in touch and I kinda got to know her husband also.He was an idiot of some sort who was always behind work and money. If I have a hot wife like him, I’Il run around naked with her and have sex with her in every corner of the house.

I told her about my sex life too. I told her about how I had sex in Mysore. She was really happy for me, but at the same time, I could sense some sadness in her. I realized that she may be sex deprived and talking about sex was not making her comfortable. I have to admit that I had evil on me and I kept of talking about my sex life while making her feel deprived. This went on for a year or so and maybe her curse or whatever, Netal broke up with me and Ibecame sex deprived too.

I was in Mumbai for work and was staying in Ramada Powai. She said, she wants to meet me urgently and was ready to come to hotel asap. I asked about her husband and she told me that he is gone for his office trip to Dubai. She came and we started having dinner in the restaurant at the hotel and I asked her whats the matter. Usual shit – “Her husband doesn’t satisfy her. She had amazing sex with her boyfriend as he was a fuck machine apparently.

Her husband can’t get it up. Mother in law forcing for the kid. Husband’s sperm count is really low. What to do ? ” conversation went on. She clearly told me that I am her best friend and she wants me to impregnate her with a baby. I kinda like a fool, asked her to go to her boyfriend, if she wants to get impregnated (trying to show that I was a good friend) but she denied saying that her boyfriend is angry after a breakup and it will become ugly if she asks him. I was kind oftaken aback, as she was my best friend and gave a long serious thought over dinner. Once we were done, she was still waiting for an answer. We had a quiet dinner.

I did not have the guts to tell her on the face, so I just said, “Come with me to my room”. She understood my answer and we quietly walked to my room after dinner. She was wearing a nice light orange salwar kameez and was looking gorgeous in her matching sandals. Once inside the room, I gave her a full frontal hug and asked her once more “Are you sure about this ?”. She said “Yes. You are one of my best friend and I know you will take this secret to grave.I want your baby in me. It was a little weird to have one of best friend in your arm, but the touch of her body was making me go hard in the pants. Slowly, sex drive took over me and I kissed her on the cheeks. She said, “You know I am ovulating, so if you do me I will get pregnant.” I hugged her and slowly made her lie down on the bed. I took off my sweat shirt and jeans and kept my boxer and vest on. I lied down next to her and we were both lying down on her our back. I slowly started massaging her tummy with the back of my palm and then took a turn and hugged her. She moved her face away which gotme a chance to kiss on her neck. In my mind, I was really excited to fuck this amazing beauty.

She said, she was feeling awkward and wanted to go to thebathroom. She went inside. I got rid of my tee and went inside comforters. When she came out, I was stunned to see her. She had removed all her clothes and was just wearing a bathrobe. I could see her deep cleavage and glimpse of lightly shaved pussy with nicely trimmed black hairs as she walked towards the bed.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. She was standing between my knees and my face was close to her cleavage. I dug my face in between her boobs and gave light kisses. My arms were wrapped around her waist. She was not moving, neither she was responding to my kisses. She wasn’t turned on, but she was doing it for a baby. I quietly got up and hugged her and quietly opened the string of her robe. I removed my boxers too and my love pole sprangout and starting saluting her. The robe fell off her shoulders and she also became completely nude. I sat down again and saw her from top to bottom. She was stunningly beautiful. Her body was spotless. She was tall with big boobs with light pink nipples. Her boobs were nicely shaped and were perfectly round.

She had thin shoulders and a slight bulge of breast fat near her armpits. Her tummy was flat with a cute little belly button. A brownish line ran from the bottom of her navel to her pussy mound. She had a stunning hourglass figure. She had nicely trimmed hairs on her pussy. She had nicely shaped legs. I just got up again and kissed her nipple and gave a light peck on another nipple. I slowly started to chew her nipples and she started moaning softly.

I started caressing her butt cheeks with my hands. I pulled her close to me and started digging my face into her cleavage.I groped her tightly and fell on the bed pulling her. She fell on top of me. I turned her over and she slept on her back. I climbed on top and started chewing her neck and upper chest. My cock was rock hard and was twitching to go inside her vagina. Now, she started breathing heavily too and she was getting turned on. My cock was resting between her thighs. I slowly moved to her boobs again and started sucking them heavily. I tried taking the whole boob in my mouth. I could feel the nipple on this inside of my mouth. I was sucking it heavy. At the same time I was pinching other nipple and making it numb. I slowly moved to her tummy and licked her small cute navel. She had a mole next to her navel which looked sexy. I came down to her love whole now and she was dripping wet. It smelled heavenly. Her vagina was breathing with her heavy breathing. I dug my mouth onto her vagina and started sucking the juice of her womanhood.

She was ecstatic. I am sure her husband would have touched her hole like this. After few minutes, I got up and placed the tip of my cock on her vagina. It was swollen like a puff and I slowly slid my pole inside her love hole. It went inside like a hot knife cutting through butter. My tip hit the entrance of her womb and I stopped there to look at her. She had closed her eyes and was not saying anything. She was breathing heavily. Her breasts were moving up and down her breath.

I started to jab slowly and gradually increased my pace. It was a wonderful feeling fucking this beautiful women. It is said that beauty of the women increases the quality and quantity of semen. Can’t say how her husband did not bang her properly. Every girl needs a hard banging once in a while 😉

I increased my speed and was literally humping her. I was jumping up and down and her boobs were shaking like jelly. My balls were slapping her ass and sounds of “pook pooch pook pooch” filled the air in the room. She had spread her leg wide and rolled them on top of my butts for me to go deeper. With one large grunt, I started to cum inside her love hole. I took a deep breath and went as deep as I could to bury my cock inside her love hole. Loads after loads, I unloaded heavy jets of thick semen into her love hole and I am sure some went inside her womb too. While banging her, my cum started flowing out of her vagina and I was still not done. I spurted 7-8 jets of semen inside her and fell on her. I got up and tried to pull my cock outside and it came out with a pop sound. Cum started flowing out of her vagina to her ass and onto sheets. She turned her back towards me and fell asleep without saying anything. I spooned her from behind, pulled the comforter and fell asleep. Next morning I had another round of sex and I came inside her again.

That whole week and coming weekend, she stayed with me at the hotel and I fucked her close to 25 times. She was ovulating and she knew she’d get pregnant with so much sex. I did not waste even one drop of my cum and put all inside her ;).

I left Mumbai next Monday morning and later next month, she told me that she is pregnant now and expecting a baby. Her husband feels really happy and her in-laws too were happy. I was happy seeing my friend happy.

She is few months pregnant now and just a while back, she told me that she would want another baby from me. If you guys like this story, and want me to write a further story about how I fucked her during the weekend, I’Il write that based on feedback.

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