Making mom his sex slave

Note: All the characters in this story are strictly above 19. My stories have hardcore, rough, erotic moments.

This is a mom-son incest story of mine which I am sharing with you. Read the story till the end to feel the same pleasure I felt. In this series, the mom and son go through their deeps, including BDSM and rough humiliation. This story happens between the dad, mom, and son.


My mom came out of the bathroom wearing a thick dark nightie. I saw her, and she did the same. Both were looking at each other. While she saw me like a son, I saw her like a future sex slave. She spoke first.

Lata: What happened, son?

Me: Shut the fuck up, bitch. And open your nightie.

She was shocked for a moment and angrily scolded me

Lata: Bloody bastard. How dare you talk to me like that?

I went straight near her. I can not stop resisting myself from fucking the god given bitch. I went directly near her and hugged her tight, and her breast touched my torso firmly.

She tried to free herself from me while I grabbed her more tightly and kissed her neck. She freed herself after a tough time and slapped me hard.

Lata: What are you doing?

Me: I am going to fuck you bitch. And you are going to scream aloud.

Lata: Your father will kill you if he finds out.

Me: Oh, is it?

I grabbed her hand, opened the door, and took her to her husband on the sofa.

Me (to Praveen): Tell this bitch to obey my orders, dad.

My dad immediately rose, and ‘chap’ slapped me very hard.

Praveen: Give her some respect. We have been discussing it only to whom I should cuck. She does not know it is you.

I saw my mom and then my dad.

Me: I need her. I will pay whatever amount you ask for her.

He slapped me again

Praveen: She is not a whore.

My mom saw us dumbfounded. She doesn’t know anything. I grabbed my mom by her neck, holding through her silky hair. I turned her towards me and said.

Me: Yes, dad, she is a whore. Whore to me. She will be my slut, also. She is going to become my slave, also.

Me(to dad): You want her to be happy, right?

Me (to mom): You want to be happy, right?

Both: Yes.

Me: Then what is the problem sleeping with me? Do you think this is a sin because it is taboo? Let me tell you. There is nothing like right, wrong, sin, and taboo. People create everything due to their lack of knowledge long ago.

Me (to mom): I do not want to waste time. I have been hoping for this to happen so badly for 5 years. Every day I dreamt of you fucking you only. I waste thousands of sperms in the bathroom thinking of your busty white body while masturbating.

I left her hair, went from them, and gave them time to discuss. What do they do? They have to accept. They will accept. They accepted it. I was happy

Mom (to me): Okay, it is okay for me. But you need to respect me, unlike your father.

Me: Bitch, I am not the one who waits for your consent. I am the one who demands it. If you do not accept this, I am going to tell everyone. Think of it like blackmail or demand.

They both thought for a moment and told

Mom (to me): I do not have a choice, though. Anyway, I want you to be dominating.

Me: Donga lanje. ( means filthy thief bitch, repeating the same word my dad used). You will see my domination.

Me(to dad): Take rest, dad. Leave her to me.

Praveen: I never thought I would be a cuckold. Yet here I am.

I grabbed my Lata bitch onto me, for which her large boobs hit my torso hard. I hugged her without the bitch consent. I hugged her tight in front of her husband

Me(while pinching her hips): I will have every possible way of fucking you wildly, mom. Just keep quiet and enjoy, dad. Leave this fat bitch to me.

Lata: Do not call me fat, bastard.

Me (to Lata): Then what are you, busty? From now on, you should lick my armpits and suck my dark black cock. Behave like a slave as your master ordered.

Lata: Oh, is it? And in return, what will this slave get?

Me: The pleasure of pleasing your son. You will be a nice mother if you do so. Happy?

Lata: Very much happy!

Me: Let us start.

I kissed my mom bitch in front of her husband. I kissed her on the lips. I took her big upper lip and yanked it aside rapidly. Took her lower lip and sandwiched her lower lip with my dark, smoking lips. I kissed her till my saliva went into her mouth.

I ordered her to drink the saliva. She did as I told her. She was a slave. She is a slave. She will be a slave. Forever to my dad’s in the past and now to me. I broke the kiss.

Me: I have been waiting. Kept on waiting. Thinking of you and masturbating daily. I have been thirsty all these years. Now finally, I am going to satisfy my thirst.

Lata: I never thought I would be fucked by my son. If you are thirsty, I am your water. Drink me, eat me, do whatever you want to your mom.

Me: I will pinch you, squeeze your boobs daily unlimited times, slap you till my hand’s pain.

Lata: And?

Me: I am going to have unlimited BDSM sessions with you. I will tie you and beat your body till it becomes dark red.

Lata: Do it soon. My master. Your mere presence is making me wet with your words only.

Me: I do whatever I say bitch. Pichi lanje (nasty bitch).

While I admired my angel bitch, my father got annoyed.

Praveen: Just do anything back of me, please.

We both laughed aloud. And I took her near my father and tore her nightie before him. I kissed my bitch mom on her forehead. I kept my hands on her neck under her hair.

Me: Are you deaf, dad? This bimbo bitch was my dream. My only prayer to god. How can I leave her?

Lata (to Praveen): Take it lightly, Praveen. Let him enjoy.

I could not thank my father, so I took her from his presence to their bedroom as he wished. Sorry, from now on my bedroom. I told my father while going.

Me: You better shift your luggage into my room, dad. I need this bitch naked with me, sleeping every day while I squeeze her boobs and fuck her pussy.

Lata: I would love to blow you also, son. Daily, for one hour, I will keep your dick in my mouth only. I will eat whatever you want and drink whatever you give, even pee.

I slapped my bimbo bitch hard, for which she came back again for more

Me: You live for me, bitch. Do not utter a word.

Then I took my bitch into my room and closed the door from inside. I took the 75 kilos milf in my hands. I kissed her hard on her pink lips while pinning her from one side to the wall. She was naked. My whore was naked, leaning against the wall. Missing to my kisses.

Me: Do you accept sleeping with me if I asked you before?

Lata: Every mother wants their children to fuck her. I am not joking. Every mother wants it. You need guts to seduce her, which you have in tons.

Enough of words. I have my bitch in my hands, and I am wasting my time. I regretted it and threw the bitch on the floor.

Me: Lick my feet, you dumb-ass bitch.

She did. She was my only obsession since childhood. Why would I leave her merely? I unbuttoned my dress and threw them away. I left with my underwear only. I removed it, also. Now both were naked in the room.

My order to her was simple.

Me: Mom! There have been some pimples on my ass. Lick those.

Lata: I do not want to. But for you, I will do anything.

I widened my legs. As a slave, she went with her tongue open into my asshole and licked it clean like a dog. It was done quickly. I always wanted to fuck her in the riding position. So that I can easily squeeze her boobs while she rides me.

Me: Stop sucking and put my dick in your damn pussy.

Lata: As you wish.

I went and slept on the bed. She came in a disciplined manner and guided my dark, ugly dick into her beautiful white pussy. I grabbed her large breast and kept moulding it while pounding her with my dick. I told her one of my deepest obsessions too

Me: How dare you slap me when I was a child? Now you are going to pay for it? Slap for a slap.

Lata: Do whatever you want, sir. Bitches only obey the orders of their masters.

I gave a rough treatment to the submissive slut. I told her to move rapidly on my dick while I did whatever I wanted with her body. She moved front and back on my dick fatly as a perfect slave.

Me (while she rode me): Yes, move fast. Move with your cunt breaking its walls.

She drove me crazily while kissing my nipples and holding my hands above my head. She kissed my nipples. And kissed all my chest area.

Me: Oh yes, this is great. (while she increased her pace) More fast, slut. Or you need to be slapped for this. Bimbo bitch here you go.

She was fast enough. But I have wanted to slap her while she rides me hard. I held her head tight, then held her neck tight, along with her hair. I began the ultimate slapping, ‘chap, chap, chap.’ The slapping had no limit. She was moaning, only with one sound, “Aaahh,” and it did not end there.

Me: Harder, bitch.

I gave her left and right because she is my slave. She kept moaning for every slap and every in and out motion in her pussy.

Me: You are doing great, mom. Go on. It is time to cum in your angel pussy.

‘Chap, chap, chap.’ the slaps did not even stop for a second. I was mercilessly hitting every part of her body while she was riding me fast enough. The time has come to unleash my semen in her womb. And I did after hers.

Me: Thank you, lanje (bitch), for your pussy.

Then she fell beside me, exhausted. But slaves do not get time to take rest. I grabbed her hair and made her clean my black dick with her beautiful mouth, just like my father did when I saw them for the first time.

We both were exhausted. Completely sweat. Need some food, water, and fresh air for us. But I did not give anything to my slave. And she was happy about it. I told my bitch before starting another session.

Me: This is just the beginning, mom. A lot more to come. I will use every inch of your body to pleasure myself while giving you pain.

To be continued. You will see the ultimate dark side of both mom and son in the next story. Please share your views with [email protected].

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