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Hello, my lovely readers. This is your Varun back with another story of mine. I am happy to see you all once again. I know I was away for a long time, and I am sorry.

It’s because of some personal issues, and I recently shifted my work location. Yes, you heard it right. I shifted from Bangalore to Delhi last month. That’s the very reason I am here now with a new story.

I would request all my readers to ensure their surroundings are safe. Lock your doors. Girls pull down your panties (if you like wearing them), and boys hold your rod straight up.

The heroine of this story is my reader. Her name is Lakshmi (name changed). Aged 35, divorced but living alone in Gurgaon, Haryana. She is basically from Kerala, a Malayali lady. To know how she looks, just Google Malayalam actress Lakshmi Priya. She has a resemblance.

Lakshmi contacted me when my previous story with my Kinky reader got published. She messaged me appreciating my story and the way I put up the story. After the introduction, we both were a bit upset, thinking we couldn’t meet. She was in Gurgaon, and I was in Bangalore then.

But God had different plans made for us. In between, we tried meeting a couple of times but couldn’t make it up. In December 2022, I was informed by my company that I would have to shift to Delhi. Our office is opening in April, and I was given the responsibility.

Just after hearing about Delhi, I called Lakshmi while she was in the office and informed her. We were both happy to the core. Finally, we were about to meet. She wanted me to stay at her place. But unfortunately, her cousin is coming to stay with her to find a job.

Also, my office is very far from her place. Lakshmi helped me get a flat and made all the arrangements for me to move in. By the end of March, I landed in Delhi and settled in my new flat. We couldn’t meet as her cousin was there.

On 10th April, Lakshmi called me with the good news that her cousin was returning to Kerala on the 13th. Lakshmi wanted to celebrate Vishu with me on 15th April.

It is the Hindu new year for Kerala people. They decorate God Vishnu with Flowers, Fruits etc. On the previous night, Kerala Sadhya will be prepared.

She knows that I am free on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Morning, by 11:00 am, I reached her house. She opened the door wearing a dark blue kurti and grey track pants. She was completely exhausted and wasn’t wearing a dupatta.

We hugged each other. The aroma from her sweaty body was killing me. She had already started with the preparation for Sadhya early morning. I, too, helped her with the final arrangements. She offered me juice while she went inside her room to get dressed.

On the Day of Vishu, our Malayali girls and aunties wear white Saree. They look hot in that costume. We have boys’ shirts and Mundu. I even changed and had to remove my jeans and wear a Mundu. Girls are always late to get dressed.

Finally, our heroine entered the Living room wearing a purple blouse and a white saree. Her decent makeup and the red lipstick on her lips drove me mad. I stood when she walked towards me.

She asked if we could start in our traditional way of First Night / Day but in a different way. She went to the kitchen. After a few minutes, she came out carrying a glass filled with plain water. I was surprised.

Lakshmi said she wanted to start this relationship in a new way. She showed the glass and said it was Vodka. I was shocked by this. But thought that everyone might have this kind of different kinky way of starting a relationship. I took 2 sips and passed them to her (the mix was correct).

She drank a little, and there was some left. She got closer to me and asked me to finish. Once I finished the drinks, she approached me and started eating my lips. Shocks became a part of this fun too. With my right hand, I pulled her towards me and started to suck her lips back.

In between, I sucked her tongue out. We got separated. I asked her if we could continue this while having a drink. She was overjoyed. She returned to the kitchen with a bottle of Magic Moments and a bowl of banana chips.

After we were down on the 2nd round, with some personal life talks, she got up to get more chips. I saw her bubbly tummy, and I got a view of her Navel Button (my favourite) in a fraction of a second. I took the glass where I had poured my 3rd peg and went to the kitchen.

I saw her left hand stretching her cupboard to get the chips. I could see her navel button again. She saw me, smiled at me, and walked towards me.Lechu:- ( Likes when I call that) Mathy nokiyathu (enough of staring).

She came in front of me, held my hand and took a sip from my glass. I could see her wet lips. I lost control and sucked her juicy wet lips. She responded. She started to eat my lips. We were playing with each other’s tongues. I held her hip, which was exposed and pulled her closer to me.

But the glass was disturbing us. She smiled, took the glass from me, and emptied it in a gulp. But she didn’t swallow. She opened my mouth with her right hand and spat completely into my mouth. She started eating my lips badly. I turned her and pushed her to the wall.

I moved her hair and started kissing her back. I then put my left hand onto her exposed hip and started eating her earlobe. I pushed my hand further, put my finger into her belly button, and started playing with her button.

Lechu turned towards me and asked if we could move towards the bedroom. She stopped near the dining hall, took a cigarette from the packet and lit it. We entered the room, and she went near to the window. I went behind her and hugged her. She showed me the cigarette, and I took a drag.

Suddenly she turned towards me and asked me to blow into her face. I did that. We started sucking each other’s lips after each drag. After we finished smoking, she pushed me onto the bed. She said that she was going to take the charge now.

She removed my mundu and saw my grey underwear and rod trying to escape the cage. She crawled between my legs and kissed my balls above my underwear. She lifted both my legs and removed my underwear from my knee. She did something which I wasn’t expecting.

She started to kiss my asshole in between. She used to come to my dick and give me a sloppy blowjob. After a while, she turned me around, removed my underwear completely from my body, spread my ass, and spat on my ass hole. She started to spread my cheeks wider and started to lick my hole.

She started to play with my balls.

Lechu:- Varun, nyan ente viral onnu kayattikotte? (Can I insert my finger?)

Me:- I am all yours Lechu. She spat on her palm and spread it on my hole. She pulled me up into the doggy position. She inserted 1 finger. It was hurting a little. She understood that. She removed her finger and started licking my hole.

Meanwhile, she was playing on my dick with her left hand. She then inserted her finger again and fingered fucking me. After 2/3 minutes, she stopped and turned me around. She asked me to look at her and did something unimaginable. She smelled the very same finger and then started to suck that finger.

She was looking at me in a naughty way while she was doing it.  She came again between my legs and said, “I must take care of him 1st,” and kept her hand on my dick. She started giving me a hand job. In between, she spat on my dick. She again started with the blowjob.

After some time, I could sense I was about to burst. I tried to pull her face away. But she held both my hands and started to blow me harder. She started to leave moans too. I then gave down support by lifting my lower portion to the rhythm. At the urge to cum, she loosened my hand.

I caught her head and started giving thrusts. I threw like anything inside her mouth. She didn’t even waste a single drop. She lay near to me, facing me. She then opened her mouth and showed me the cum, and swallowed it completely. She came up near my face, started eating my lips, and thanked me.

She got up and went near to her wardrobe and took a small box and came near to me.

I’m ending the 1st Part here. Stay tuned for more kinky adventures of Lakshmi. Any unsatisfied ladies from Delhi, Gurgaon, and surrounding locations who want to have fun could contact me. Mail id: [email protected].

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