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Hello Readers, My name is Shekhar and I run a Men’s Beauty Parlour at Baner, Pune. My men’s parlous has all the facilities for hair-cut, shaving, facial, manicure, pedicure, head massage, leg massage, full body massage etc. The parlour is doing exceptionally well and I have spread the message that men ought to take care of their inner and outer beauty, equivalent to the opposite sex. I submit here under a true story which changed my lifestyle.

On one Sunday, one lady walked into the parlous with her four year old son for his haircut. I was sitting on the Cash counter and she sat next to me on the visitor’s chair while her son was getting his hair cut. Her name was Yogita and she lived in a Society Flat very near to the parlour. She was 5’6″ tall, very fair, slim and curvaceous and was wearing jeans and tee-shirt. I was also in my jeans and wearing a Red T-shirt. I regularly go to a Gym and possess a good muscular body.

Yogita entered into a conversation with me stating that I had good muscles. She then asked me about my education and I stated that I am a post-graduate and have completed a beauty treatment Diploma from Russia. She was inquisitive about the various types of massages we conduct in our parlour and I readily gave her a complete gist of the facilities for men in our parlour. She then asked me if I was also married and I replied YES. I also have a small boy. After sometime she paid for her son’s haircut and took one of our business cards and left.

Quite somedays had passed when I received a call on my mobile from Yogita. It was a dull and rainy day. She inquired that although you specialize in men’s massage, whether it will be OK if she could receive a “full body massage” as her entire body and lower back was paining. I told her that we cater to “men” only but on her insistence, I got ready to experiment. She gave me her Flat Number and we fixed the time at 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon.

Her husband had gone to Kolkata on official work and she had left her son with her in-laws in Mumbai as he was having school holidays.Yogita was wearing a see-through nightie and I could see her bra and panties quite clearly. She took me into the Guest Bedroom and explained to me the areas where she would specifically like to have a good massage. I asked her to get me two towels, a bowl of warm water. I also asked her whether she would like to have an pain-therapy Oil massage or a Anti-cellulite Gel massage or dry-ayurvedic Powder massage. She chose the anti-cellulite gel therapy and I asked her to lie face-down and remove her nightie as it would spoil her gown. Yogita gave me a sheepish grin and readily agreed.

The massage started from neck to shoulders, then her back , lower-back and thighs/legs. Yogita had one of the most beautifully rounded ass I have ever seen. All through she kept biting her lips and eyes closed. I slowly applied cellulite gel on her ass mounds and was kneading it like flour. Her closed eyes spelt that she was thoroughly enjoying . I seized the opportunity and started applying oil inside the Butt cheeks. Yogita started moaning and groaning but did not object. I slowly pulled down her panties and told her that it may get spoilt and she readily agreed.

I was gradually kneading her butt-cheeks on the inside and also oiled her anal hole. I went a bit lower and felt her clean-shaven pussy mound and started to massage it with oil. Her moans and groans increased but she kept her eyes closed. I gradually inserted my finger inside her wet pussy and started inside-out fingering and then increased my speed. My middle finger was inside her cunt and my thumb was pressed into her ass-hole. Yogita’s moans also increased and then she felt orgasm after orgasm.

I then asked her to remover her bra and turn around on her backs. She readily obliged. I liberally applied anti-cellulite oil on her beautiful breasts and flat stomach. I kneaded her breasts and rubbed on both nipples with both my hands. She was experiencing the best moment of her lifetime. Yogita kept on saying “Keep it going”. All this while her eyes were closed. My hands gradually came on top of her pussy mound which was already wet and oozing. Once again I inserted my two fingers inside her cunt and started masturbating for Yogita.

Once again her pleasure moans increased and at this time she opened her eyes and was looking at me with pleading innocence. Keeping my fingers inside her I bent down to kiss her rosy lips and took her tongue inside my mouth. Yogita could stand this no longer and frantically opened the zip of my pants and my 8 inches manhood sprung out like a rocket. It was already fully erect. Yogita exclaimed ” Oh! My God…sooo big” .”My husband’s cock is not more than 4-5 inches when erect and quite thinner than yours”.

She immediately got up on her elbows and started sucking and deep-throating. Although she tried to take cock fully inside her mouth she could only take half its size. After 10-15 minutes of mouth fucking Yogita begged me to fuck her and spread her legs. I dropped my pants, took off myT-shirt and got over Yogita in 69 – position. I liked her cunt clean and pushed my tongue deep inside her. She again felt explosions inside her and came again and again.

Then I fucked her in missionary position, scissor position and doggy style for almost 30-40 minutes after which I felt that I could hold it no longer and exploded loads and loads of my semen into her. Yogita also felt continued convulsions and orgasms and tears rolled down her cheeks with moans of pleasure.

This experience was too much for Yogita who kept on saying that her husband was never able to satisfy her and rarely had time for any sexual bout. She insisted that I stay over for the night with her. I gave her a promise of spending a complete night the coming Saturday and left her house.

Yogita is now one of my best female friend and we keep regularly inter-acting like college lovers. I would very much like the feedback of female readers who can mail me at [email protected]

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