Maths Tuition Se Bed – Part I

Hello ISS Readers. This is Harsh, 23 years of age. About 5’7″ well built from Bangalore. I am a regular reader of ISS stories for past 4 years and like them a lot. Any aunty or young girls from Bangalore interested in having fun, extra marital affair contact me at [email protected]. This is the story which happened with me when I was in 11th. Let me describe Amisha (The girl of my dreams). She was my classmate and has a well built physique of 36-28-32. Her boobs were pointy like ice cream cone. Anybody who sees her just wants to feel the taste of those juicy melons. They were mouth-watering and cant be handled with one hand.

So, coming back to story; I was pretty shy then and she was the dude of the class. I was weak in maths and she was pretty good. We two went to same tuition classes and thus we were good friends. Once I asked help from her as I was not understanding few sums and asked her help. And so she decided that after tuition she will come to my home as it was near to the place of our tuition. Fortunately the day she decided, my mom and dad went for some function. At that time I was having bit affection for her and want to have sex with her, want to taste those melons but was too shy to ask. As, she came to my home, we went to my room. It was bit secluded and in the other part of my home. When she entered it was bit evening and weather was bit cold so she closed the door and windows. I was bit surprised by the move but kept quite. Afterwards she started teaching me and I was unable to get thing.

So she came and sat closer to me. During this my hand touched the side of her melons. I was getting horny but was controlling my emotions. I got tent in my jeans which she saw and giggled. When I asked reason she did not said anything and asked me to solve the sum. Then we moved to table. There also her hand touched my thighs by mistake for which she said sorry. I was getting hornier but was unable to figure out what was going in her mind. Bit later we came to bed and I started solving facing towards her. She was sitting with her legs folded. While I was concentrating on maths I got urge to see what she is doing. I got surprised to see that her hands were near her pussy and she was rubbing her hand over pussy as if it is itching. I asked what happened for which she said nothing and asked me if I was able to solve or not.

By this time I was full horny. I just asked her one question and during this I got closer to her and put my lips over her. She did not resisted. I got the green signal. After 5 minutes she started biting my lips and sucking them hard. Main poori tarah paagal ho gya uski iss aada pe. Maine use bed par lita diya aur apna haanth uske jeans ke upar se uski chut par rakh diya aur sahalane laga. Ab wo dheere dheere siskariyan bhar rahi thi. Hum dono ek dusre ko karib 20 minute tak kiss karte rahe aur ek dusre se lipte rhe. After around half hour we broke our kiss. That was the first kiss of my life and it was good.

Then I climbed over her and removed her top. Now she was just in bra and jeans. I started licking her large melons and she was letting out loud moans. Then I slowly inserted my hand inside her jeans, it was hairy and moist. I was licking her hard and her tits become so hard as if they were cherry toppings over tasty ice-cream. I unbuttoned her jeans and she was completely naked in fornt of me with just her panty on.

Suddenly she became aggressive and put me down and climbed over me. She rip apart my clothes and was scratching me like a cat. Now it was her turn and I was just in my undies. Then she took my hands and put it over her boobs, I started squeezing them hard and she put her hand inside my undie and took my dick in her hand. She started giving me handjob and I was feeling in heaven.

Then we came in 69 position and I removed her panty and started licking her pussy. the aroma was making me go mad and I was licking it hard. Her clit becomes stiff. After 10 minutes her pussy juices started flowing out and it was tasting good, bit salty. I too let my semen go and she licked it all. Then we came to normal position and I started rubbing my dick over her pussy. She was twitching her waist her as if she wanted to take me all inside but I was in no mood to leave her that early. Then I placed my dick in between her melons and she was pressing them hard. That was the best boob job I could ever get. My dick was ready for the next session and so was her melons. She took my dick inside her mouth and started licking them. She was kissing my balls and was letting hard moans. Soon we realised that its been more than one hour since we started fondling each other.

After long kissing and fore play session she said that she wanted to have sex with me but today it is getting late so she will have to leave. I got disappointed. Seeing this she again kissed me and said better for some day next. I smiled and then she left for her home.

So, friends did you liked my story?? Please comment or reviews. In the next story I will tell you how i fucked her and took her blossom after our tuition. Aunties and girls looking for sex please feel free to mail me at [email protected] naytime. Banda aapki khidmat mey humesa haazir rahega.

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