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Hello guy.. This is Stranger and I a 25 year old horny guy.. about me I am an average looking guy.. with a medium size cock.. but im very romantic on bed.. to know more about me youll can ping me on my ID [email protected], I would love to chat with youll.. any aunties who are alone and having a boring life can also buzz me to keep urself occupied ;)..

I Usually visit this site very often, and I red most of the stories on this site, I can say some are very exciting and some a just useless…. So I just thought of posting a real story of mine and get feedback from you people… Please let me know if ull liked or disliked it..

This incident happened 4 years ago when I was doing my graduation, during that period I was very horny guy, always used to masturbate thinking about aunties around as I was attracted towards mature women….

Coming to my experience, there was a maid in our house who used to do the cleaning stuff, washing clothes etc…. I don’t want to disclose her name… describing about her personality… Her age was around 54.. She was a tall woman.. Dark skin… I can say that she had a very sexy figure… her boobs could be 36 hanging, hip around 34 and her ass my favourite part could be around 40… she used to wear saree and come to work… I used to love watching her waiste and cleavage while she washes the clothes which was normal. I always had an eye on her but she never noticed that, as she was busy in her work. I never used to talk to her, I normally used to wish her whenever I see her and then do my work, I don’t think she had any sexual thought in her mind because I never intimated it.

I never had in my mind to have her on bed until one day. It was summer and I had my holidays, so I was always at home watching movie and browsing net, my maid used to come at 1 pm everyday and do her daily work and go away, I never used to wander around her when my parents were at home, I used to watch her secretly from the terrace while she washes the clothes after she leave I used to masturbate and sleep for sometime, In the evenings I used to go to the ground and play cricket, this continued for days. During that period, once I happened to break my hand while playing I then had to wear a plaster for more than a month, the day when she saw me with the plaster she felt very sad for me, she always used to recommend me to have a massage which would actually help me cure faster, I used to say I will think about it but I never did.

One morning my parents had to attend a wedding in Mumbai so they left me all alone and went, they told that they will return in two days, I was ok with it. That day as they left I was still on bed, and by the time I wokeup it was around 11 am, so I went and brushed my teeth and had my breakfast, the time was around 12 pm then, I then switched on my laptop and started watching vedios on youtube after which I thought of having a shower so I removed my shirt and wrapped a towel around my waiste, I was stuggling to carry a bucket of water to the bathroom which was exactly opposite to the main gate, meanwhile my maid entered, as she saw me struggling with the bucket of water she immediately helped me , took the bucket from my hand and kept it in the bathroom, so scolded me for doing that as my hand still had a plaster on it. I then went inside the bathroom. She then left the bathroom and went to do her work..

I then closed the door and started undressing to have my bath, after sometime I don’t know what went in her mind. She came and knocked the door and asked whether im ok or needed her help.. I thought it as a good chance, I immediately put my underwear and unlocked the door and told her that it would be good if she helped me.. I then gave the soap in her hand and stood before her only in my underwear… She then took the soap and started applying it on my body, first my shoulders, then my hands, then chest and then she bent down and started soaping my legs, I was getting aroused but she was busy… meanwhile I had a plan to somehow get her..

While she was still soaping my legs I acted as if I slipped and lost my balance, I then rested my hands on her shoulders in that action her pallu actually slipped and fell down in the water bucket and became wet. I thought she would get angry but she didn’t. She immediately got up and caught hold of me and asked if I am ok. I said im fine and I apologized for making her saree wet. She said that’s ok, I then with all my courage asked her to remove her saree, so that she can keep it for drying, she did’nt even think twice before she did. She immediately removed her saree, now she was only in her petticoat and blouse.

She again sat down washing my legs, but this time she lifted her petty coat till her thighs and sat. My eyes were struck looking at her juicy cleavage. I then thought of having a conversation with her so that I can somehow convince her for sex… I had a plan, I was acting as if I’m crying and feeling sad. She asked me what happen beta, why are you crying.. I said “aunty I feel so thankful to you as you, as you are so kind and take such good care of me.. I further told her that if she needs any help in future, please let me know, I will never say no”.

She then smiled and said “beta you are like my son and I dont mind helping my son”. I thought this is a good chance. I then grabbed my purse from the soap shelf, took a 500 rupee note and gave it to her, she was not taking it, I then forcefully kept it in her blouse touching her boobs (I did it just to see her reaction), she didn’t even resist with that action. She thanked me for that. She then washed me and left. While going she told me don’t hesitate to let me know if I need any help.

I thought it as a good opportunity, as she left I masturbated thinking about her tits twice.. I then came out and wore my clothes, mean while she served me food. Suddenly a plan struck my mind, so I acted as if I’m still in pain. She then asked me if there is still pain. I told her that I have lots of body pains. She told me if I wanted she can give a good oil massage. I said I just had bath no, if you don’t mind, can you come at around 8 pm after she completes works in other houses, so that she can have enough time. I also told her that, we will have dinner together. She was ok with it. I then when out after she left, I brought few beers, few condoms and biryani, I kept the beers in the fridge and was waiting for 8 pm.

The time was 8 pm, I was desperately waiting, but there were no trace of her, I then thought that she may not come, I then started having beers,. Suddenly I heard someone at the gate. I went out to see, It was she, she told me sorry for being late, she told me that she had to cook food for her son and daughter in law for which she was late. As she came in, I asked her to sit, I then brought a glass full of beer, she then asked why this? I said aunty you did so much for me, so I wanted to give a small treat.

She then smiled and gulped the entire glass in a minute, I then poured another glass, speaking speaking she had more than 2 bottles of beer. I noticed that she was getting high. I then asked her whether she is ok. She said im perfectly ok. And said lets start of with the massage. I was happy to hear it. I immediately brought the oil and gave it to her. I then undressed and lied down just on my underwear. She started pouring oil on my chest and started massaging.

She then asked if I locked the main gate. I said yes. I understood that she has something in her mind so I was excited. She was very good at massage she was, nicely massaging my chest and belly. She then had to massage my thighs area, so she turned the other side in a way that her waiste was visible to me. I was tempted looking at it, and suddenly I caught hold of her waiste, she didn’t even say a word, I then started pressing it and she was nicely enjoying it.

I then put my hand under her blouse and started squeezing her boobs but I was unable as her blouse was tight, for which she immediately removed it. Now I was feeling her nice shaggy tits, I then put my hands in her arm pits and felt her wet hairy arms. I then smelt my hand, I really enjoyed the stink. I was high by then, I just pulled her over me. And started kissing all over her neck. She was enjoying it, I then told her that I was waiting for this moment from years, she was actually amazed, she told me why are you behind an old lady like me when u can find some nice girls. I told her that im more attracted towards older and dark women like her.

I then told her that I want you to be my wife for tonight and you have to give me pleasure like u do with your husband. She said ok for it, she then started kissing and licking all over my chest, in the meantime I was asked her with how many men did u sleep, she said with few rich men, they always fuck me when there is no one at home. So I asked her, whether she enjoyed, she told that they just fuck me as a whore and that’s done in 5 mins, so I do that just for money. I immediately brought her close to me and hugged her tightly, and told her that I want to have you like a wife and want to have fun throughout the night if you are willing, for which she placed her lips on my lips and gave a nice wet kiss. I immediately responded licking her mouth and drinking her saliva.

I then confessed few things, I told her that I used to peep into the toilet while she is shitting, for which she told that’s ok, but asked my why while shitting, isn’t it not dirty, I said I always liked her ass, its nice and fat, I even wanted to lick it after u shit, she said u like to lick it now? I said yes, for which she immediately lifted her saree and sat on my face with her ass hole on my mouth, I put my nose and took a deep breath of her sticky hole and then licked it like a wild animal, she was moaning like hell and told that this was only done by my husband and you do much better that him, she was enjoying every moment, I then licked her pussy, her pussy was nice and thick with hair all around, there were some grey hair as well, I licked it as if im going to eat and drink every drop of it and she was enjoying it. I did this for another 15 mins, after which she came in my mouth and I didn’t waste even a drop. She then told that she loved it, and told me that now its her turn to return the favour.

To my surprise she asked me to sleep on my belly, she then kissed and licked all over by ass. Suddenly she spread my ass and sarted smelling my ass hole. I was amazed by her action but was enjoying it, she then started licking it like the way I did, I could feel her tongue going deep in my ass hole. I then told her that I love the way your doing it, she told that I used to to this only to my husband as he always wanted her to lick his ass.

She did it for sometime and then started sucking my cock. She was doing it like a wild bitch and I was catching hold of her hair, fucking her mouth. I then asked her to sit on me , she immediately spread her legs and sat on my cock putting it iniside her pussy, I immediately told her that, I don’t want your pussy as it is loose, I asked her to turn to the other side and fix my cock in her big ass, she did as I said, slowly it went in, I could feel the tightness and warmth inside, she was actually in pain but didn’t wanted to disappoint me.

After sometime she started jumping and now her pain turned into pleasure. She told me that her ass is virgin and no one fucked it till date. I said I want such ass forever, and love to fuck it all the time. She was jumping like a wild bitch moaning louder and louder, she was enjoying it till the core. I then fucked her nicely until I cummed in her hole.

After wihich I saw my cum flowing out from her ass and going in her pussy. Then I kissed and licked her again all over her body. We again had few sessions till morning. While she was going in the morning, I placed a kiss on her lips and gave her 500, for which she gave it back and told that I was her husband not a whore. She then kissed my cheek and went away.

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