Mature man seduces Room service boy

If you have read the previous stories, then you will know that at 57, I am hairy, 5’10, 65kg, 32 waist. I have a 6.5 cylindrical dick, best made to suck. And you know David, 19, the slim, 55kg, smooth like silk. Except a nice light garden around his 5.5 inches had been my loving bedmate for a few times.

It was the second day that my sweet David and I had been in the Hotel. Spending every moment naked and pleasuring each other all day had been exhausting and extremely satisfying.

When the room service boy Akhon had hinted he was interested, my mind was in turmoil. There was David with me, and this naughty Akhon was invading my dreams. I asked David what to do, and he said he was OK with that.

In the morning, David said he was going to tour the city and would return late. He told me to make Akhon as happy as I had made him. After he left, I ordered breakfast, and sure enough, Akhon delivered it. When he was leaving, I told him I was alone for the day and would like a massage from him.

He smiled his bright, naughty smile. He said that he was finishing his night shift in an hour and would return when free. I wore my boxers with a tight second undie beneath. Akhon came as promised, carrying a bottle of scented oil. I lay on my stomach on the king-size bed toward one side.

He dripped some oil on my back and shoulders and started rubbing it in. His delicate fingers traced circles on my shoulders and back. Rubbing it up and down my back, he applied some pressure. I just lay there enjoying his sensual touch. Rubbing along my back and arms, he kept pinching my skin.

Then he reached my waist and pulled at the sides. I was getting hard and pressing my groin into the soft bed. Akhon then took my wrist, intertwined his fingers with mine, and pressed his thumb on my palms. His thumbnails dug into my palm.

Then, after 3 minutes, he took the other hand and did the same. He then pinched and rubbed my arms to the shoulders. He was making a fist and rubbing it in my armpits. I just lay back and was lost in the delicious touching. My hard-on was clearly tenting my undies, and I could se him watching it and smiling.

Then I turned on my stomach, and he started with my feet and soles. As with my palms, he dug his thumbs into my soles, tugged at the toes, and then started on my calves. With both hands, he pinched and rubbed both calves.

I asked him to climb onto the bed so it was easier. He came close and put both my feet against his body as he caressed my calves. Then, putting them down, he started on my thighs.

With his thumbs on my inner thighs, he rubbed his hands from knee to groin. Each time, he would reach a little further up till his palms started pressing on my buns, and his thumbs reached my thigh joint. Then he would reach up to my back, and that made his hard-on touch my buns and back.

We were deliberately going slow, wanting to make the most of the time. I asked him to remove his trousers and shirt. Now, both were in our undies.

I again turned over, and he lay on top. I took his face in my hands and lightly licked his lips. I kissed his chin, cheeks, nose and eyes. He opened his thighs and gripped my waist, our hard cock lying side by side. I removed my boxers. He was rubbing his crotch with mine.

I raised my knees and put my feet around his calves. Our feet were playing with each other. My hands started roaming all over his back, and he was moaning in my ears.

Then I poked my tongue into his warm, open mouth. He immediately started sucking on it. I pulled his tongue into mine and did the same. Both tongues started flicking, pulling and sucking, our saliva mixing in the mouths. I sucked on his upper lip, and he took my lower one.

Biting and tugging, we were both getting very excited. He desperately reached for my brief and pushed it off, as I did the same for him. Now both were naked, and our cocks were rubbing all along the shaft. I held his sweet, small buns with my palms.

I pushed him up till he was standing in front of me as I sat against the headboard. His tight lovely cock was throbbing in front of my face. I put my lips around his wet glistening cock. I started to use my tongue all around the smooth head and pushed it against the slit.

As I was enjoying his taste, he wanted to push more into my mouth, but I held his buns and prevented him from entering more than his head. I licked the underside of his shaft and sucked his balls into my warm mouth. He was whimpering and moaning above me.

He was tugging at my hair and trying to enter my ass. I caressed his inner thighs and ass, played with his cock and balls. He begged me, “Ab chodh do naa.” (Please fuck me now.) I lay him down on his back, I climbed over him and started rubbing my stiff hard dick against his bud.

He immediately bent his knees and raised his waist while wrapping his arms around my neck. I poked his hole and slid my cock into my lovely horny boy. When I was fully inside, I held still as his warm insides tightened around my shaft. His hole was pulsating around my dick, and he bit my lips hard.

I started moving slowly in and out. He matched my moves with his waist, trying to take as much as he could. I started a slow and steady rhythm as we kissed and sucked tongues.

As the pressure started mounting, my pace increased. Soon, we were pumping each other hard and loud. As I started mounting my peak, his cum started squirting between our bodies. I went into high gear and moved my piston long and hard. As I climaxed, I heard the door open and saw David enter.

And then what followed is for the next time. If any slim, smooth boys want to try for real, drop me a line at [email protected]. And don’t forget to read my other tales here.

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