Mature Woman Fucked In Club Bathroom By Young Couple

Hey guys, please send us feedback and messages on [email protected]! We are a young couple from Mumbai and this is the story of how we met an older woman at a club. Her name was Shriya and she was 42, tall and lean with beautiful curves and a 34DD chest. We didn’t know it at that time but she used to sunbathe naked and always kept her bush trimmed and neat. She was married to a gorgeous man whom we met later.

I am a 25-year-old girl, tall and fair. My boobs are 34C with dark, erect nipples and a plump body. And my ass is big and I love showing off my cleavage in public. My boyfriend is 30. He is tall dark and has a beard. His 6″ cock satisfies me every night! We are in an open relationship and love sharing stories of our adventures with other people.

So anyway, we were celebrating Friday night at a club in Andheri and had gotten quite a bit drunk. I was swaying to the music and was wearing tight jeans, boots and a low-cut top. You could see through my shirt and see my dark nipples clearly because I wasn’t wearing a bra. After my seventh shot, I had gone to the bathroom and taken it off. I thought in the dark club, nobody could see me. But I was wrong.

Several guys had noticed and using the dark as a cover, 2 guys had tried to brush up against me, pinching my nipples “by mistake”. I smirked at them and let my boyfriend know. Apart from the boys, we realized there was an older woman in a tight-fitting maxi dress who was watching us. She could see the guys pinching my nipples and trying to touch my ass. When I locked eyes with her in the dark club, she got up and came over.

“You seem to be quite bold. My name is Shriya and I love your top!” she said, in my ear. I could feel her hot breath and my nipples turned hard immediately. She was also standing quite close to me, with a drink in her hand. So close, that while dancing, our boobs kept bumping into each other.

“Thanks!”, I yelled over the music. “I saw you looking at me. Do you like what you see?” I asked her.

“Absolutely! I was watching those guys and I was thinking, I totally wanna do that too!” Shriya responded.

By now, my boyfriend had come up behind me, sensing that something exciting was about to happen. We were surprised that she was being so forward but then we figured that she would be quite drunk, just like us. Drunk or not, my pussy had become wet and I didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away. It had been really long since I had fucked a girl and I really wanted to feel a woman’s tongue on my nipples.

“You wanna accompany me to the bathroom?” I asked her innocently.

Sensing the real reason behind my request, she laughed and agreed.

I pulled slightly at my boyfriend’s dick through his jeans, which was our code to ask the other person to accompany us.

We went inside and stood in front of the mirror, fixing our hair and standing until everyone left. Then, we picked a stall, went inside and stayed giggling. I took her hand and asked, “You wanna feel the bond you’ve been staring at all night?”

That was the only invitation she needed. She jumped on me like a hungry tiger, slurring her words: “God, I loved the way they swayed when you were dancing”

Suddenly, we heard a slight knock at the stall door. I opened it. My boyfriend entered with a glassy look in his eyes. “I locked the bathroom door,” he said, not taking his eyes off Shriya’s hands on my nipple.

I looked back at Shriya and pulled her forward, against me. My boyfriend started unbuttoning his shirt and pants, taking his beautiful cock out.

“Fuck, I love my life” he exclaimed as Shriya began kissing me.

Immediately, I dropped to my knees and pulled down Shriya’s panties from underneath her skirt. I saw the trimmed and clean pussy, glistening pink, wet with her juices.

I dived into her sweetness, licking and slurping everything and everywhere. Shriya began moaning while my boyfriend started fingering her clit. This caused Shriya to start spasming with pleasure, her moans growing louder.

My boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled me up, kissing me and tasting Shriya. He pulled Shriya by the waist towards him and turned him around while I sat on the closed pot. Then he licked Shriya’s pussy to make it extra wet and slippery while he teased her by putting his cock on her lips. She put her mouth down to my open pussy while I played with my clit.

In one thrust, my boyfriend was inside the older woman, feeling her pussy close around his cock, pumping into her furiously, with an urgency. The faster he fucked the milf, the deeper she sucked my pussy; sandwiched between a young couple.

For about 15 minutes, we continued in this position, not changing because we could feel our orgasm building together with each thrust.

With a huge gush, my boyfriend came inside Shriya, filling her up with his sperm. Because of this, Shriya bit down into my clit, causing me to orgasm in hard waves. I continued cumming for 3 minutes straight, shouting out loud.

Once I came down, I grinned up at Shriya, and pulled her leaking pussy towards my mouth. I cleaned her up and continued licking her until I could hear her building an orgasm.

My boyfriend helped her come over the edge by inserting two fingers inside her well-fucked pussy, fingering her on her g-spot. Shriya didn’t stand a chance. She came over and over, all over my face and I lapped up every drop.

After a while, we wore our clothes, fixed our faces and opened the door to 2-3 girls waiting outside, their eyes opening when they saw us. We grinned, went back to our table, paid the bill and left together, looking forward to the night that was waiting for us.

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