Me And My Mom’s Boyfriend

Hi this is Rishika with you with my real life story happened last month let me describe you about my self i am doing my bsc from USA i was born in india but we left it 5 years ago due to the death of my father my family is of 2 member just me and my mom although my mom has a boy friend he is of 34 and he loves my mom nikita which is 38 years old mos boyfriend name is dexter he is the citizen of US only we are also but he is born there only fair in colour and he belongs to us only he is 6.2 feet tall and have a good body shapes muscles & etc.

Let me tell u about my self i m fair Indian girl with height of 5.9 feet tall and my fig is 34 28 34 i look little bit of kate perry by face now we should begin our story without wasting any time

As i told you my mother has a boyfriend he is very kind in nature but he is just like a play boy he always try to flirt with every lady he try to flirt with me but i didnt try to take him seriously he always give me good suggestions as if he is my dad .

My mom is a doctor so she goes to hospital by 8 am to 6 pm so in the mean time i goes to study or spend my curious time with dexter as he is just like a friend i call him by his name only

One day i was going to my moms room i sawed that dexter was fucking my mom and i was able to hear the moaning of my mom clearly and loudly and afterwards i was horny and i had felt wet inside my pants let me inform u that at that time i was not virgin because when i was in my high school when i was of 17 i lost my virginity with our school principal and after wards i was never fucked at all .

Dexter was a web designer so he was quiet rich also he used to give me his car which was bmw 3 series and a high pocket-money so thats y i loved to tell him my secrets as well my boy friends name etc.

And he also told me his secrets but one day i asked him that have u had sex with m mother he laughed and said several times i was shocked to listen that he ha s no shame that he is talking to his girlfriends daughter and he is saying that he had sex with my mother i asked him that are you not ashamed that you’re saying to me about my mother that u r having sex to my mother

He said that why to be ashamed it is not a bad thing to have sex

From the sex of your mother and your father u r born it is not bad at all and he asked me that when you had sex with your school principal do you not felt ashamed then i told him in a cute way sorry and told him that at that time when i had sex it was so much pain he explained me that at first time it pains but after that we enjoy

And said that lets have sex now you will enjoy i told him that its not good for us he told me that we will have fun i was very horny at that time and he too noticed and then he forced me so now i was just lost my control on my self and he had take over my body firstly he opened my upper portion it was topper over my bikini he opened my topper and started to pump my boobs and he was even squeezing my both both boobs harder and harder

And then he removed my bikini and started to lick my tits even my nipples hardly and than he started inserting his hands under my skirt and panty while the mean time he was having a lip lock with him and i was shivering and current was traveling in my whole and then he broke our kiss and i started to remove his clothes first i removed his t shirt and than his jeans and he was just in front of me with his celvin clien on his underwear and than i removed that also as he was having his 8 inch cock fully erect oh my gosh i thought tonight i m going to be kill as my mother had gone to las vegas state due to his work with his partners

And after wards i started to give her a good blow job and he then cummed and i didnt like that taste so i was vomiting instantly yuck i hated that taste of that hot sticky taste eu

And after word he opened my skirt along with my panties and he told me that to bring some wine or eating stuff because after that session we were very hungry and still v were nude in front of each other and after some time his dick again became hard and he said come on my princess ride on me i was very horny and he made me laid on the bed and fucked me in starting i felt some pain but after wards i felt very good but after from this incident i had lot of fucking sessions with my boy friend and my mothers boy friend too

In a week i have sessions of sex regularly

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