Me And My Shy Science Sir

Hello friends this is my first story hope you like it and I am Tasha Malhotra and I live with my parents in Delhi. I am 18 years old and I want to share how I lost my virginity at the age of 18 only and I am 5″4 and have a very fair complexion and dark brown hair with my boobs waist and bust 36 28 34 respectively.

I from the age of 12 started seeing porn and videos but never expressed my strong desire for sex cutting it short when I was in 10th and I was very poor in science so I was persisted my parents to get a science tutor for me after my continuous request they accepted that I really need a science tutor .

Being a 95 percent holder my parents brought a science tutor for when sir came and I saw he was a mid aged man about 43 years who was tall (6″) and lean and satisfied the quality of tall dark and handsome and his cock might have been 8-9 inches after some days.

I realized he is a sober and decent teacher and I should not fantasize bout him like that but after a day or so I noticed that meanwhile teaching he used to take a nice glimpse of my milk jugs at the starting I was a bit uncomfortable but afterwards.

I started liking it and so from 7th or 8th class and I started wearing deep cut spaghettis with shorts which ended just beneath my hips. I enjoyed him erection in class also I used to tilt down on beg so that he could see my heavy and fair bosoms hanging like melons.

I even used to wear deep neck transparent bra with deep neck where only my pink nipples were not visible. I used to wear a jacket on that that so that my parents won’t come to know. My parents never interfered while I was in the class so taking that advantage of the season.

I used to say it’s so hot no use of this silly jacket” and remove it and that day i could see his erection very clearly and his wet jeans smeared by the outburst of hormones and need for my body. I used to act very innocently in front of him one day.

I was wearing a lace Bra cum spaghetti which was tied loosely at the back of my neck and my jugs except my nipples were visible(one fact I have noticed Indian men get turned on after watching large and juicy and milky melons which I definitely had) and was wearing a panty sized shorts.

My sir also took advantage and in excuse of teaching he used to rub my milky thighs (aaah what a pleasure and one day and I knowingly dropped the pencil and began to tiled downwards and he sat gapping and marvelling my boobs he could not take his eyes off my boobs but meanwhile.

My lace got stuck to the iron nail and he helped me by back was to him and I knowingly fell down on his erect cock and he definitely saw my pussy and was feeling me (I wore a backless spaghetti) with his lips his nose and I started crying vase.

My lace got stuck and my 10 minutes got wasted he consoled me by rubbing my thighs by back and my boobs I felt good and horny meanwhile when he was teaching I mustered up all the courage i had and asked him innocently that sir why do nipples get erect and firstly he was shocked and answered it in the best possible way and then appreciated my boldness and went off.

After sometime he called me up for the next class and asked if I was taking a leave tomorrow and I answered yes politely and included that my parents won’t be there and asked him if he could give me an extra hour so that I can concentrate and study well for my exams. He seemed delighted and told me he would come at nine o clock.

I also got exited, I woke up at 8 and took a nice hot bath and wore my fav pair of netted panty and bra where my nipples were also visible and I put a mini gown on it which just ended on my hips and put a nice deo and lotion after a while sir arrived he was very pleased to see me.

He sat in my living room and I brought my books and sat right beside him so that his hand were touching my thighs and my boobs hanging like melon on tree after a while when his erection was in the pitch point he asked me Tasha you asked me that how nipples get erect and for you I went through a deep study should I demonstrate? I agreed innocently

He pushed the table aside and took me into his arms and put me on the floor fluidly and he started opening my mini gown after that he marvelled at my beauty and complimented nice bra and I blushed quietly and just after that he started sucking my milk jugs as if he has been thirsty for years chewing biting sucking gripping and meanwhile I moaned with pleasure.

My pink nipples got erect in his mouth and meanwhile he was feeding with one of my boobs he was kneading the other one separately and I was enjoying that sometime later when he was satisfied with my boobs he moved down and bit my navel

I said aa I sir dard horha hai pyaar se karo naa after listening this he muttered Tashhaaahhh you have a heavenly body I want to fuck you hard after that I asked innocently sir why this white fluid is coming out? Explain that as well.

He went downwards and saw some of my hormonal outburst and put his mouth on it and started sucking it drinking all my hormones licking my pussy like a dog and now I was totally nude lying like goddess of sex he kissed on my neck my shoulder my hips and put his fingers deep within my Vagina and twisted it.

I thought his finger was lost in my vagina after sometime and I was feeling his cock hot and tempered under his jeans and I asked him to open it he did so, out of that underwear of jockey I could see a 9 inch black snake ready to pound and hiss into me and again.

I asked him innocently Sir why is this so large and erect and he started explaining while kneading my boobs, drinking all the milk in my boobs and drinking my hormones and every orgasm and every flow and finally and I could see the clack snake emerging and fighting off with the fabric.

He slowly pushed it into me it did not go into my vagina wholly he tried slow and steadily and finally my seal opened and I moaned and withered in pain, and he gained more confidence and started putting his dick in to and fro motion into me.

He was lying on me and was heavy he could feel my uncomfortable and asked me to ride on him and then he put his dick into me as I sat on his dick, he licked my boobs again as I lied on him (my boobs must have increased my minimum 2 inches cause he kept on chewing them like hell)

Then he asked we to sit like doggy he put his cock into my pussy and felt immense pleasure in my moans after that he stood up and I had my back to him he gave his dick to my asshole and started dancing in to and fro motion while squeezing my boobs and kneading them like flour

This went for 3 hours and then we washed ourselves he marvelled my body again and kissed me and said you really have a nice body I also fantasize you at night ant masturbate today you have quenched my thirst for sex after

That he put his dick again into me drank the hormones that came in a little amount and squeezed my boobs tight and said I need some rest to that I replied sir teach me again in the next class. This was my first experience I hope you enjoyed for more sex chats and talks mail me at [email protected]

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