Me And My Teen Daughter

Hi Guys I am Sharmin and this is my first story in ISS. Hope you like it. My name is Rashid, I’m married to Nadia, and we have a daughter Suhana. Nadia and I are in our late 40s and Suhana is 19 and just finished her first year of college.

Suhana is a sweet girl, a little on the chubby side, but the love of my life. Nadia and I have a fantastic sex life so there are no complaints there. Suhana came home for the summer after her first year at college. She seemed a little in the dumps but wouldn’t tell me why.

Then one week, when Nadia was out of town visiting her mother, I found out what’s bothering Suhana. It was Friday night and Nadia left that morning for her mother’s house 100 miles away. I watched some movies in bed and I could hear Suhana moaning from her bedroom.

Moaning that sounded like she was playing with her pussy. I got aroused thinking of her playing with herself. An hour later, it was quiet in Suhana’d room. I got curious and got out of bed to check on her. I slowly opened her room door and she was asleep on her stomach.

Then something caught my eye. I quietly tiptoed into her room and went to her bed. I don’t fucking believe it,” I said to myself when I saw the rubber cock by her side. Seeing that got me aroused and I couldn’t help myself. I got to her bed and ever so slowly, lowered her bed sheet.

Suhana was wearing a tee shirt and panties. I softly sat on the edge of her bed. I picked up her rubber cock and licked it. I could taste some of her pussy juices. I put the rubber cock in my mouth and sucked on it – thinking of that was recently in her pussy. I put the cock down on the floor.

I looked at Suhana’s big but sexy ass. I lightly rubbed a finger up and down the butt crack of her panties. I did this for a few minutes when Suhana’s butt started to move in motion with my finger. She’s liking it and I said to myself.

I reached down farther and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Suhana responded by moving with the rhythm of my finger. Then Suhana started moaning while I rubbed harder. I could feel her panties getting wet. Then Suhana woke up, looked at me and her eyes widen in shock.

I immediately pulled my finger away. Daddy, what are you doing” she asked as she turned over and sat up. I blushed. I’m sorry honey, I saw your and I reached down and showed Suhana her rubber cock. Your sex toy,” I told her and she blushed.

I’m so embarrassed, Daddy,” she replied. Nothing to be embarrassed about baby,” I replied while rubbing her back. What’s the matter baby you’ve been looking sad ever since you came home from school,” I asked. Suhana’s eyes welled up a little.

Daddy, I’m a grown woman and guys don’t’ find me attractive,” she told me. I want to know what it’s like to be with a man. But no guy at school with touches me. It’s because I’m fat!” she said then her eyes welled up. No baby, you’re not fat in fact,

I think you’re a very sexy woman very sexy!” I said then kissed her cheek. I love you, Daddy,” she said then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. There was a moment of silence as if we were both waiting to see if the other person would start something. You know honey, if you want to know what if feels like to be with a man ah

I can do that I said. I waited for her to blow up and tell me to leave her room. Daddy, would you do that for me” she replied with a smile. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Suhana closed her eyes and smiles as I rubbed her panties.

That feels good, Daddy,” she moaned. I looked at her tee shirt and could see her nipples were hard. I estimated that she had D cup tits. I grabbed the band of her panties and pulled them down. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There I was staring at my daughter’s shaved pussy.

So you like to shave your pussy,” I asked her. Of course, don’t men like it shaved” she asked. Some do and some don’t. But I like it shaved or hairy,” I replied. I stuck my finger into her wet pussy and she arched her back and moaned. That feels good, Daddy,” she moaned.

I finger fucked her pussy for a few minutes when ahhhhh!” she screamed out when her pussy came. Yes Daddy, finger fucks my pussy,” Suhana moaned. My cock was now rock hard. Suhana removed her tee shirt. I was right. She had D cup tits with nice hard nipples.

Eat my pussy, Daddy,” she demanded while rubbing her nipples. I got on the bed and Suhana spread her legs wide open. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and tasted her wet juices. Yes Daddy, eat my pussy,” Suhana cried out. Eat my cunt,” she said.

The sound of my daughter talking dirty was making me hot! Suhana wrapped her legs around my head and forced my mouth harder into her pussy eat me daddy! Eat my wet pussy! She screamed out then ahhhhhhh!

Suhana came hard. I pulled my head away from her pussy and started sucking on her nipples. While I sucked on her nipples, she ran her hands through my hair. Feels good, Daddy,” she moaned. Suhana reached down and felt my hard cock through my pants.

Daddy had a hard-on,” she said while she squeezed my crotch. Does Daddy want to fuck his daughter,” she asked me. Yes baby, Daddy wants to fuck you,” I replied while I switched to her other nipple. Show me your cock,” she demanded.

I got up and while I undressed, Suhana watched and played with her wet pussy. There I stood, bare ass naked with a hard-on in front of my daughter. Nice cock,” she said while she sat on the bed. I want to suck on your cock, Daddy,” she told me.

I got closer and she immediately put the tip of my cock into your warm mouth. She moaned while she took my cock deeper into your mouth. I grabbed her head while she sucked me off. You’re a good cock sucker, baby,” I said while I massaged her head.

Suhana fondled my balls while she deep throated my cock. You better stop before I cum in your mouth,” I said while pulling my cock out. Suhana got on her back on her bed and spread her legs in the air. Fuck me, Daddy. Make me your slut,” she begged. I got on her bed and got on top of her.

She guided my cock into her wet pussy. Ahhhh! Suhana moaned as my cock entered her cunt. I slowly started pumping her. She reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks. Make me your whore,” she whispered in my ears.

Make me your dirty fucking bitch,” she whispered in my ear then stuck her tongue in my ear. I pumped faster. Suhana’s legs stuck straight up in the air. fuck me! fuck my cunt! She screamed out as I pumped her pussy. I grunted while I fucked my little girl.

Suhana wrapped her legs around body and held me tight. I love your cock, Daddy,” she moaned and I love your pussy, baby,” I whispered in her ear. I pumped her pussy for another 10 minutes. Suhana’s pussy came five times. Then I couldn’t take it any longer.

I’m going to cum,” I cried out. I pulled my cock out, got up and stroked it within a few seconds, I shot my hot load on Suhana’s body. She rubbed her fingers through my load your cum feels good and she said. Let’s wash up,” I told her as I got out of her bed and grabbed her hand.

We walked hand in hand to her bathroom. Inside her bathroom, we took a shower where we washed our bodies off. When we were finished with the shower, we went back to her bed and lied down. We cuddled. Daddy, will you teach me all there is to know about fucking.

She asked of course, baby,” I replied with a kiss on her forehead. Suhana reached down and started stroking my cock. It didn’t take it long to get hard again. I looked at her. She smiled back at me. I grabbed her head and moved it down to my cock. Suck my cock, your fucking slut.

I said. Suhana opened her mouth and put the tip of my cock inside. That’s a good whore,” I moaned. Suhana sucked on my cock for a couple of minutes. Then I couldn’t take it any longer. I arched my back. I’m cuming,” I said and used my hand to keep her head on my cock.

First lesson is swallowing my cum,” I told her mmm,” she moaned. The tip of my cock swelled up. I shot globs of my hot cum into my daughter’s mouth. I was finished. Suhana looked at me and opened her mouth and I could see my load inside. She closed her mouth and swallowed.

Tastes good,” she said with a smile and will you be my cum slut” I asked her. I will Daddy and you can fuck me anywhere and anytime. My pussy is your toy,” she said while she cuddled next to me. We both closed our eyes and fell asleep. If you liked this story, email me. I really love hearing from all who love incest stories. I would also love to hear about your real live stories. [email protected].

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