Me, Mom And My Lovely Sis – Part 2

This is the part 2 of my story. So for those who haven’t read the first part, please read it to get more clear idea of how it all started from this link https://www.Indiansexstories.Net/incest/me-mom-and-my-lovely-sis-part-1/

In this part I will describe how I got to loose my virginity to my sis.


After she breastfed me for the first time it was like heaven for me. I liked the milk a lot and the taste of the milk was inexpressible. Both mom and sis were happy and thanked me for helping sis. Our home is a small house consisting of 2 bed rooms. We were a small family. Our dad passed away 5 years back. But he left us with our own house. We were happily managing with what mom earned. So in 1 room mom slept and in another room I used to sleep. But since sis have arrived she is sleeping in my room and I had to sleep on the couch in hall. Both rooms are attached to hall. Since it’s a very small house I can hear anything from both the rooms. It was night 2 am. I suddenly woke up to drink water as I was very thirsty. While coming back I passed by my sis room. It was half closed as in our home no body locks their doors. I heard my sis was crying in a very small tone. I got worried and entered the room. The room was lit by a bed light. Hearing the door open she looked at me and suddenly stopped crying.


I asked her what was the matter. She didn’t speak for a while and then she told me that her breasts were paining a lot due to milk pleasure. She fed her baby just 2 hours back. But now her breasts are full of milk and so it’s paining a lot. She said she is not able to bare the pain. I then told my sis that she could have woke me when it was paining. She then told me that she didn’t want to disturb my sleep. I then asked her not to hesitate. Whenever you feel pain please call me, and I will suck the milk and make the pain go away. She was happy to hear that and was silently looking at me. I was lost in the moment but suddenly remembered she was in pain now. So without waiting further I went beside my sis and I was lying on her left side. She made herself comfortable and then she opened her nighty hooks and took out her left boob.


I immediately touched her left boob and started sucking it. She knew I was in a hurry and told me someone is too eager to drink milk. I smiled while I was sucking her left boob. Once the milk started flowing continuously, I could see my sister felt good because the pressure was slowly decreasing. Her pain was slowly getting low but she used to lactate a lot. I tried to suck her nipple as slow as possible because I wanted to enjoy it. Then naturally my left hand went to touch her right boob. She didn’t took out her right boob out of her nighty. But I kept it over her nighty and started pressing is slowly. My sis left out a small moan ‘ummm’. Then with her right hand she took hand and removed it from her right boob. After few minutes again my hand went to grab her right boob again. My sis this time didn’t do anything. I was feeling good and start to massage her right boob while I sucked her left boob.


It was all natural for me so I was playing with her right boob. I removed it from nighty and exposed the right boob naked. My sis breath was slowly increasing. I started to play with her right nipple. Touching my fingers over her nipple. I could see them getting hard and my sister started to moan umm aaah in very small tone and her breath was getting heavy. I knew that when a woman gets around she breaths heavily and also her nipples get hard. My sis was actually enjoying my playing with her boob while I suck the other. As it was my young age, I decided that I would fuck my sis somehow and made my mind. To test whether sis is still liking the way I am playing with her boobs, I removed my hand from her right boob and kept it away from her body. Suddenly she became normal and she was upset because she was enjoying my hand on her boob.


After a minute she herself took my hand and placed in on her right boob. Wow it was a clear indication that she really liked it. I smiled at her while her nipple was in my mouth. Now I started sucking her and I was playing with her right boob with my hand. She started to moan more freely now. Aaaaah ummmm sssss. I was biting her left nipple which I was sucking milk from. She was getting hornier by my slight biting. After sucking and playing with boobs for a long time her left boob got empty. She then whispered me ‘ready for another round of milk’ and asked me to lie on her right side this time. I went over her and laid on right side. Now she gave me her right nipple to suck. I took it in my mouth n bit it slightly. She smiled naughtily and I kept my right hand on her left boob now. Her blouse was getting in the way and I was not able to play with her boob properly. So I stopped sucking and asked her to remove her nighty as it getting in the way of sucking. She then thought for few seconds and then immediately removed her nighty and kept it aside. Wow I was so lucky she didn’t disagree with me.


Now I could see both her naked and milky white huge boobs with my eyes. I kept staring at them for few seconds. She then asked me will you keep staring at them or you gonna suck them too. I smiled and once again took her right nipple and started to suck it. This time I took both my hand on her boobs and started pressing and massaging them. With left hand which I was sucking, the milk force was increasing bcoz of my pressing. She was liking it a lot and was moaning heavily. Ummmm hhhahh. Now I thought it was time to make my move. I kept my left hand on her left boob and I moved my right hand slowly on her butt. My dick was already hard. Now I touched her butt everywhere and moved my hand sexily around her naked butt cheeks and thighs as she was only in her panties. Then I slowly kept my hand over her panty and tried to feel her pussy. She let out a loud moan aaaahhh.


Now she didn’t stop me anything so I was now sure that she is full horny. I now inserted my right hand inside her panty. I could feel wet liquid around her pussy. She was already getting wet. Her pussy was so soft and it was completely shaved. I then put my middle finger into her pussy. Wow it was an awesome feeling. It was so warm n juicy in there. She started biting her lips in enjoyment and she surrendered herself to me. I then let down her pussy and my sis helped me remove it completely. Now she was fully naked. I was so happy n I could see the same on my sis face. I was still sucking her right boob as this boob is always full the milk content is very high in right boob. Now I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and she suddenly started moving her hip. Wow my sis was so horny. I then started to move my finger in and out slowly. I suddenly hit her g-spot. She gave out a moan ohhh yaaahh. Then I kept sucking and biting and then kept fingering her.


She was breathing very fast n heavily and started to sweat a little bit. Now she started moaning freely aaahh ohhh yeaahhh you are soooo good baby broo yes yess yessss keep doing it she whispered but very slowly as her baby was sleeping in d same room. She was biting her lips to stop herself from moaning loudly. I was playing with her nipple and biting it. Her nipples were all hard. I pinched her nipple with my left hand.


For the first time sis made the move. She slowly slid her hand under my shorts. I don’t very anything under shorts during night. She was shocked to feel my 6 inch dick rock hard. She smiled naughtily and then she removed my shorts. She stopped me feeding and removed my t-shirt too and me full naked. I again started sucking her and at the same time fingering her faster and deeper and sis was playing with my cock and she was giving me nice handjob. Now the milk was all over in her right boob too n she felt it. She then whispered in my ear stop sucking her nipple and dont worry baby bro it’s my time to suck your tool.


She then naughtily went down and hold my dick in her hand. Slowly she took it and kissed it with her lips. Wow the touch of her lips made my dick harder. Then licked it all over my cock with her tongue like an ice cream. She was playing and pressing my balls too. I was in heaven. Now she put my dick head in mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. She took my whole dick in her mouth and started giving my blowjob. It was the best blowjob and I was in heaven. She took it deep touching her throat. She was a nasty bitch. I held her hairs and pushed my dick deeper in her mouth and she was sucking it deeply. I was mouth fucking her. I was about to cum so I told her I was cumming but she didn’t stop. I shot my cum in her mouth and she drank it all without spilling any out. She sucked my dick dry. Now it was my time to taste her. So I made her lie on her back and spread her legs. I kept my mouth near her pussy and started licking it slowly. There were lot of jucies and the smell was incredible.


The taste was a bit salty and liked it and started to suck n lick her with my tongue. I then took her clit in my mouth and sucked it n bit it. She was moaning and pushing my head and was asking me to suck there only. I was sucking her clit harder and she suddenly froze her body became stiff. I knew she was cumming so I sucked harder and she was moaning biting her lips ohh years sssss ummmm aaaaah sss. Then she had her first orgasm. Her jucies were flowing heavily and I tried to drink her all juices. But it made the bed sheet wet.


Now sis asked me to fuck her as she can’t wait. My dick was ready for a second round. I kept my dick near her pussy n tried to insert it in missionary position. As it was my first I missed it. She laughed and then she held my dick and guided it slowly inside her pussy. It was the greatest feeling I even had. She let out a moan aaaahhh and my whole dick was slowly getting deeper. I could see her pussy was damn tight. I then stayed quite for few seconds once my whole dick was in. Now I started to move my dick in and out slowly and steadily. She was moaning and was asking me to fuck her behenchod. I got excited hearing that so I started to pound her harder and deeper.


I held her hips and pushed her ass towards me to make my dick go deeper. She was in heaven. I then asked her to ride my cock. She pushed me on bed and then she sat over me and started jumping on my dick. Wow her boobs were juggling a lot. It was a heavenly experience. Then we both went in doggy and there I started fucking her from behind like a dog. I was near climax and she was too. I kept fucking her hard and was tearing her pussy. She had another orgasm. Wow she was exhausted but asked me not cum in her pussy. So I removed nmy dick and asked her to suck. She sucked it harder this time making me cum fast. I unloaded my cum on her face. She enjoyed it and rubbed the cum all over her face and her boobs naughtily. I was exhausted and slept aside her while she went to washroom to clean herself up after sucking my dick dry.


So friends this is the part 2 of the story. In the next part I will tell you about how I had sex with my mom out of nowhere and then about 3some adventure. Thank you for reading it. Don’t forget to drop your feedback at [email protected]. Please drop all your suggestions. Bye take care till next time.

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