Meeting My Girlfriend After Ages – Part 3

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So continuing the story from where I left earlier…

The policeman looked at harsh and said that they’ve reached the spot, and this is not only a surprise for her, but also a surprise for harsh. Harsh dint understand anything and by the time he could react, the policeman hit him on his head and harsh became unconscious.

Harsh came back to his conscious after sometime because of a peculiar pain in his ass. When he woke up, he found the vibrator which he bought for his bitch girlfriend was in his ass and was vibrating in full speed. He found himself in an unexpected situation-

His hands and legs were widely spread and tied to two ends and a vibrator was stuck in his ass. His girlfriend was tied the same way he was tied, hands and legs spread apart. There were around 8 well built men naked and drinking wine and laughing. It was kind of a warehouse. Looking at his girlfriend’s expression he understood that all the 8 guys have banged her for a long time. Ashwini was moaning, may be they made her drink too. She was too sober and was shouting “Please my masters, dont give up on me so soon. You guys just fucked me once, and you even knocked down my boyfriend. Atleast fuck me more, my pussy is aching for a dick. Please give me what you promised. You 8 bastards couldn’t satisfy the need of my pussy.” harsh was shocked hearing these words. Ashwini has become such a horny slut that even after getting fucked by 8 monsters, she is not yet satisfied and asking for more. Is it the drinks that is talking or did these guys do anything.

After coming to full consciousness, harsh found the vibrator in his ass very awkward and shouted at those guys saying to free him. The policeman who knocked harsh out came to him, took out the vibrator out from his ass and said “Am sorry mate, we just wanted to have some fun, so I stuck this up your ass. We gave your girlfriend something that’ll make her yearn for sex more and more, but we dunno when its affect will wear out. We all have fucked her the whole night till now, and its almost evening, yet she is not satisfied and she is begging for more.”

Harsh was free from his ties, he went to his girlfriend and peed on her whole body “Your such a slut that you want more even after getting fucked for almost a day. Your one horny fucking bitch.” as soon as harsh said these words, the policemen got a dirty screwed up idea. The policeman came to harsh and said “Since your girlfriend is bitch, why don we give her pussy to a dog??” harsh was shocked hearing this, but he used to watch animal sex in his porn and that was a turn on for him. He asked the policeman where will we get a dog that’s horny enough to fuck. The policeman brought his police dog, it was a doberman bread, and was looking ferocious. They brought it near ashwini and let it smell her pussy.

As soon as the dog got the smell of her pussy, it understood what should be done. It started lick away her pussy wildly. Ashwini started crying coz of the tingling feel.“Ehhhhn what the fuck are you doing fuckerrr.. Your licking my pussy like a dog.. Aahhnn mhhhh.. Soon enough the dick of the dog came out and it was strong, it was around 8 inches and 3 inch thick. It put its dick in her pussy and started fucking her. It couldn’t reach her pussy, so they untied her and left her with the dog. Now the dog tried once again and this time it was successful and it started her fucking her pussy very wildly and fast.

Ashwini dint expect this speed, but she was enjoying not sure who or what was fucking her. Soon the dog came in her pussy and the medicine which the policemen gave to enhance her thirst for sex, its effect was wearing off and soon ashwini lay unconscious. The policemen thanked harsh for the slut that he brought, and promised to help him in any way possible if he wants. Harsh got dressed, but the slut was naked, as the tore away her gown the moment they reached the warehouse,

So he carried her naked to the police car, and they dropped harsh to the place where he had parked his car. He lifter his girlfriend, took her inside his care, waved goodbye to the policemen and drove back to his home. As soon as he reached home, he threw ashwini in the toilet and locked the door. She was stinking with dog cum, policemen cum, pee and god know what all was over and inside her. Harsh went to another bathroom that’s attached to his bedroom, took his bath and slept after a tiring fucking day.

He woke up the next day, and heard wild knocking at the bathroom door, he remembered throwing ashwini in the toilet and locking the door, bitch must’ve woke up, thought harsh and opened the door. Ashwini was fresh, she was not stinking, she had her bath, cleansed each and every part of her.

As soon as harsh opened the bathroom door, ashwini rushed to harsh and started sucking his cock. Harsh stopped her from sucking cock and made her stand up and said, ” I loved you ashwini, I missed fucking you, that’s why I was wild, but now I expect you to act like my lover and not a slut”

Ashwini replied “Am sorry harsh, but I saw the pleasure of being a slut, and I enjoyed each and every moment of it, including getting fucked by a dog”

Harsh- what the hell bitch, so you were in your sense when the dog was banging your pussy eh??

Ashwini- yeah! It was blurry, but I knew what was happening. I banged the door now not to see you, but to get some cock back in my pussy. Those guys gave me something to enhance my urge to sex, and its effect still dint go. I want more.

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