Mother And I – Part I

This is an incident of July 2001. I had just returned from my college and holidays were going on. I was 22 years old then. My college was going to open on 26 July. I reached my home on 12 July and the story really starts from there.

My mother is 51 yrs old with normal figure. I had lust for her for the past few years. But here lies the contradiction. I never wanted to have sex with her as she is my mother but yet when I masturbated for the first time.

I was thinking about her melon boobs, her legs, her waist, her hair, and how I was on top of her holding her boobs smooch her lips and having intercourse, etc

And yet I had no inclination that the monsoon of the year 2001 is going to change my sex life forever. We live in a big house with father, mother, sister and me. Sister was out of town for studies and hence only three of us were.

I reached home on 09 July and life was only meeting friends, video games, eating, enjoying the weather and sleeping. Life changed from 14 July. Will give you all exact day and night account of what happened between me and my mother.

14 July

Life was usual. Woke up at 8 am and after breakfast, went to meet some friends and came back around 1 pm. Dad had also came back from the office from lunch and went back around 2 pm.

Me and mother both finished our lunch and relaxed for a while. My room is in the first floor of the house adjoining to my sister’s room, with an attached bathroom.

Mother’s and dad’s bedroom is in downstairs around 3 pm I went downstairs to have a look and saw my mother sleeping. I went near her and lied down.

I had no intentions of doing anything but my eyes suddenly saw her blouse a bit separated from her bra and I could see the cut of her boobs. I got a bit excited but did nothing.

After about 30 minutes my eyes opened and I saw mother staring at me. I said’ what happened? Have you slept well? Mother said ‘just a bit of nap. How are you doing’? I said I am fine. Just saw you sleeping so didn’t want to disturb you.

And my eyes were fixed upon her blouse. She understood what I was looking at and tried to cover it. She drew a bit closer to me and held my hands. I also reciprocated and drew closer to her.

Now we were looking at each other eyes and suddenly I grew a lot closer to her and gave her a small kiss on her lips. Her face was red and I thought, she was going to slap me. But nothing happened.

I grew bolder and with shivering hands untied her hair, removed her sari a little bit and kissed her boobs, deeply. She had not removed her blouse again I planted a kiss on her neck and heard a bit of moan from her.

Now was the chance, I thought. I made her lied down in the bed, went on top of her and started smooch her on the lips, neck, forehead and her boobs.

It went for about 5-6 minutes, and my cock was trying hard to come out of the shorts which I was wearing and suddenly, she pushed me away and the door bell rang.

My neighbour aunty was there. Mother went to the bathroom telling me to open the door after the neighbour aunty went, it was around 5.25 pm. I thought that mother would said everything to father but she didn’t.

I could not express what I felt during those 10 minutes. So I wrote on a piece of paper and gave it. I had written that ‘If you really want to complete what we had started, I will wait for you in my room tonight’.

She read the note and threw it in the bin.

I was disappointed and left the room. We had dinner and then mother and father went to their room, I went to mine at around 11.30 pm, I heard a knock on my door when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here was my mother, standing in front of me with the same sari she wore in the evening. I asked ‘What happened? It’s around 11.30.’ She replied ‘I read your note and came. If you don’t want, I will go’.

I asked her to stay. She looked at my room and told me that as my bed is too small if I want we can go to the adjoining room. I said ok and felt my cock already standing up.

We went to the room and I switched on the lights. But she switched it off, instead she threw open the curtains. It was drizzling outside and but there was some light coming in, courtesy the street lights.

She sat on the bed and asked me do you really want to continue because I am your mother and if anyone gets news about it, we will be in lot of problems.

I immediately came near to her and put my index finger on her mouth and replied and I do want to do it badly and don’t worry no one will know about it. We will keep this between us.

I was a bit surprised on how she came upstairs at such an hour that too because my dad is a light sleeper. I asked her this and she replied that was not a problem. I excused myself saying that I need the fan as your father doesn’t like sleeping under the fan.

So I asked her if I can go upstairs and he consented. But why did you switch the lights off. I asked well, I don’t want you to see all of me. Depending on how we do tonight, we can continue it till at least you are here. She replied

I was excited and a bit afraid too. What if dad comes up? I said don’t worry he is fast asleep. Now, please shut the door and she said. I did what was asked and came near her. My hand started folding her face slowly and I could see her body temperature increasing.

I removed my t-shirt; her left hand was touching my right thigh. I continued for about 30 seconds or so and then untied her hair and after that, I slowly removed her sari completely; she was in blouse and petticoat only.

We were sitting in front of each other without saying anything. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and tried to unhook her bra, but was unsuccessful. She laughed and helped me to untie the bra.

Now she was topless in front of me. I held her face and kissed her on the lips. It was some sensation because I was kissing my mother and my cock was begging me to come outside. But I held on.

Then I made her lie on the bed, went on top of her and gave a huge kiss on her lips and then I started kissing her neck, ears, boobs. I took one boob in my left hand and started caressing it while my mouth was licking her other boob.

I then moved down and removed her petticoat and underwear. I removed my shorts too. Now we were completely naked. I was on top of her kissing her every body part and she held my back with her hands, quietly telling me not to stop.

I moved over her, positioned myself, held my dick with my right hand and then ran over the head over my mother’s pussy lips and her clit. She shuddered as the head of my cock touched her clit. I did it for few strokes and then I inserted it into her vagina.

She moaned loud it was the moment I was waiting for. The union of yoni and lingam and the union of mother and son and then there was a loud sound of lightning, as if nature approved it as well

I started fucking her slowly for few strokes then suddenly I started pounding her cunt in vigorous motion. She started moaning more and more louder as I increased my rhythm. It was then she had orgasm.

I too climaxed not long after that as I squirted my potent seed into my mother’s vagina for the first time.

I remained on top of her and then removed my dick from her pussy. She was excited but exhausted, I guess. We went to sleep in each other’s arms and underneath the blanket my mother is completely naked and her pussy filled with her son’s thick cum.

And I was lying with her and her drying cunt juices all around my dick and pubic hair and I woke up around 8.30 am the next morning and went downstairs. Part two coming up. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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