Mumbai With Naveen – Part II

It was 9:00 pm already and I was late to go my place since I was staying in Mumbai with my relatives, he insisted that I stay back. But I really couldn’t so we freshen up and took bath together to clean ourselves and he dropped me at the station from where I boarded a train to my place. When I came back I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened and at first I felt guilty and wrong to cheat behind my boyfriend and Naveen too cheated on his girlfriend with me. I couldn’t believe what just happened, around 11:00 pm I got a call from my bf and i lied about how the whole day went.

Next day morning I got up late, I guess may be being tired since yesterday, so when I got up my Mami called me into the kitchen and told me that there was a call from my female friend on their landline and that my friend requested her to allow me to have a night stay at her place. I didn’t understand who it could be but I also didn’t say I don’t know who is this person to my Mami, so I took the number from Mami and called the person, to my amazement I found it to be Naveen he had called me and had made up a female voice.

He told me that he had asked my Mami to allow me a two day stay at his place. At first I was a bit angry about him taking charge and calling my home, but when I realized that no damage was done so I took a call and went out with his plan. Also I wanted it to look normal and now the ball was in his court if I had said no then it would have seemed all fishy to my relatives. I informed my Mother and she happily agreed knowing that my Mami allowed me to go ahead.So I reached to a mall where he had asked me to arrive wearing a jet black suit with a heavy dupatta to keep it conservative, I just waited for him and I kept thinking weather we should call it off or just go with it even now. When he arrived we didn’t take a moment to talk about yesterday, we sat at a coffee shop and were arguing about yesterday. We came to a conclusion that we shall never talk about yesterday and I shall go home early today. Sitting in the mall we went straight to watch a movie. There was a bit of an awkwardness looking to this new set up. So to digress from the talk about yesterday we just went and bought tickets of a random English movie.

Now remind you after yesterday’s act I couldn’t understand how to act. We just took our seats and being Thursday it was all empty. We had taken third last row of seats and it was as comfortable as possible. We tried to act normal and started laughing about gossips and jokes. The national anthem started and we stood up for the anthem, that’s when I realized that even our row and rows behind and ahead of us were empty too. By the end of the anthem a notice came up on the screen that the movie was non-stop no intermission. He went and took pop corns early since the movie had no interval. He brought a whole tub of caramel popcorn and being my favourite I just grabbed it and put it between my legs. We started watching movie while having popcorn. Now he was initially taking popcorn from the tub w but when we engrossed into the movie he was having his hand having tough time locating the popcorn tub.

At first his hand went on my thighs, he took it off instantly but then started becoming naughtier and would touch my thighs and my belly often while picking up the popcorn. Then he took a chance and went straight for my pussy above the cloth, now at first two moves I still didn’t get it cause the popcorn tub was right between my legs. And finally he started rubbing and cupping his right hand on my pussy. I could feel the tension but I couldn’t respond being in a movie. This gave him even more confidence to go further. So he put his left hand under my dupatta onto my left boob and he started stroking and rubbing it. At first I stared at him and tried to so no, but with his rubbing and stroking, I froze and was unable to react. I put the tub under the seat and started stroking his dick with my left hand.

The movie had just started and it had been just first 20 minutes with 2 more hours to go. We were getting wilder and wilder, he slowly moved his hand underneath my shirt first started fondling my boob over the bra then his hand went on my back and he unhooked my bra with one flick. Now he had full exposure to my naked boobs. And since I was wearing dupatta it would go unnoticed also we had almost nobody in our row or rows behind and ahead of us. Then he asked me to pull my pyjama down a little, but I didn’t want to create a scene. I was excited but also scared at the same time.

When I said no the second time he pull off his jeans and underwear in a jiffy to make a statement that if he can do, why not me? I got some strength and I too pulled my pyjama down a little for him to have excess to my pussy. We were both stroking one another but I was sure that neither were getting much action, we wanted more. He pulled the dupatta and put it on both us making it look like I had gone to sleep and was putting a dupatta on my face. And then started making out with me I pressing and grabbing my boobs really hard. I took made a tight grip on his dick. We kept on fondling and caressing one another wildly for almost 4-5 minutes.

I couldn’t believe that we could go any further than this but Naveen had his own mind. He went down on my pussy and gave me a good hard blowjob which made me become even wetter. I could feel my vaginal fluids oozing and gushing on his face. I saw his face coming out and looking into my eyes. He really liked it and he went back again. Then he pulled me to come down on the floor now it was a little uncomfortable to be on the floor but we managed and now he was above me and ready to stick his dick into my pussy.

Before I could say anything and get what he was about to do. He tightens his grip on my mouth and started thrusting wildly. He was fucking me in a movie theatre and he had put his hand on my mouth so I do not moan loudly. He fucked me this way for almost 20 minutes while changing speed slowing down, then going fast and so on and so forth. Then he stopped for some time and we changed our position he made me sit on his dick and now we were getting ready to do it Women on top style. I started moving up and down and he too would clenching his back and try to move with me. Now it was coincidence that while we working fucking the moment we went any faster, our sound would be hidden with the movie sound effect and the crowds laugh. We kept on fucking like this until he changed the position again to his favourite style I guess doggy style. Now I was bend over and ready, but I think due to dark he couldn’t see my pussy hole.

So he started putting his dick in my asshole unknowingly and within in no time his dick was all inside my asshole. Now since his dick was well lubricated by my pussy juices, it didn’t get him any longer for him to stick his dick in my asshole. This was my first time anal sex and I had never felt so much pain in the beginning. But soon I started enjoying and to make it more pleasurable he started fingering me. But since he was fucking me really hard so he was rubbing me really fast. I moaned a little and then with a crowd laugh I moaned a bit more loudly.

Naveen took no chance and again made a grip on my mouth. But now with his hand against my mouth, he had an even better way of fucking me. We continued this way until I felt him ejaculate all his cum into my asshole I could feel warm liquid gushing inside. And I too climaxed and had long orgasm. We had soon gotten up started dressing up. And within just 5 minutes the movie almost came to an end. We were this close, but I guess destined to have a proper fuck. After the movie we went straight to the loo to clean ourselves and then we went ahead to go for shopping.

To be continued

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