Mumbai With Naveen – Part III

After a nice fuck inside the movie theatre, it was sure enough that we both crave for one another. But morally we knew that what we were doing was completely wrong.

So we kept on going from one mall to another to hang out but we couldn’t stop thinking about our two wild sessions that we had. I insisted that we have some ice cream when he got a call from his girlfriend.

She wanted to meet him this evening and was willing to even bunk the next day. But he insisted that he doesn’t want her to waste her offs for mere meet ups.

While talking to her he was winking back to me and I was sure about what was going to happen for the next two days. We left the last mall after doing some more window shopping

And ended up at his college as he had some college assignment to be completed and it was eight in the evening and we were at his hostel. The hostel is pretty chilled out; here the dorms are partially coed.

So boys and girl would live on the same floor next to one another and girls can go to guy’s room and vice versa. Here people are pretty broad minded and even the faculty are pretty chilled out.

Naveen had recently shifted to his new place where we did the first act and before that he used to live in College Hostel with an amazing roommate who is although completely blind, but in no way less than anyone.

Naveen took out the laptop and asked me to follow him to the library. They have a library which is Wi-Fi enabled and runs almost 24/7. First he laid down some newspaper on the table and then we settled down.

While I was reading some newspaper, he was working on his laptop. When suddenly I felt his hand trying to find the clit from above the cloth, I gave him a stern look and so he took his hand back.

We were back to whatever we were doing until his female friends arrived. They had already assumed that I am his girlfriend but when I tried to correct them

He stopped me and actually did introduce me to be his girlfriend. I was a bit embarrassed. They were teasing me about him and we started having general conversation.

Out of nowhere I felt his hand on my thighs slowly moving to my pussy. Now since both my hands were busy holding newspaper. I really couldn’t react to his advances. I tried to act cool, while talking to the other girls.

But it didn’t take him much time to start rubbing my clitoris, this time using his puffy fat thumb thus making every stroke harder and harder. I looked back at him and tried to signal that if he continued

I might cum or squirt or something. But he didn’t stop. The girls on the other hand kept talking and I had to act real normal as much as possible.

He started spreading my legs with his hand and then he slowly poked my asshole with his middle finger while rubbing my clit with his thumb. This was making me hotter and hotter.

I couldn’t stop myself from moaning in no time. But just then he stopped and put his hand back as I realized that the girls are leaving and he had raised the same hand to have a handshake with them.

I was wondering if they could smell my juices through his hand. But they seem really in a hurry. Anyways I thought I would get some relief but then he insisted me to come under the table.

By now I was sure and aware about what he wanted and what is going to happen, so I didn’t hesitate. Plus what he did to me, I guess he owed to me too.

So I went down, pulled his jeans along with his underwear and took a deep breath before almost gagging his tool whole into my mouth. I started giving him the most amazing blowjob as

I could feel him clenching against his back on the chair and spread his legs wide straight. But just then his Professor comes down to his table asking him about his assignment.

Naveen tries to shake me up and pull me away from his cock, but I found it to be really naughty to blow him while he is having a discussion with his Professor.

So I continued giving him a nice blowjob, this time licking the head and the balls before slowly taking the whole of the dick into my mouth. I can’t tell you how hot the scene, in fact I was so horny by then that I undid my pyjama and started giving myself a nice fingering while blowing Naveen at the same time.

Naveen and Professor seem to have a long discussion about how he wants the assignment to be finished and so he may have to stay back at the college hostel.

I didn’t want to stay in his hostel so I started biting his balls a little slowly, he would move a little here and there and try to talk back with his Professor. The dinner bell rang and the Professor left early from the discussion leaving us in our state, when almost everyone was gone, he pulled me up and took me straight away to his room.

But it seemed we had no luck as his roommate had not yet gone to the mess. Naveen even enquired about when Sumit will go for dinner and to our disappointment Sumit had already eaten and was busy in studying for his assignment.

We walked back to the mess sadden by losing the chance to have one more fuck session, especially after so much fondling and fore playing. We sat together at the mess and had our dinner which was although not so great but the quantity was good enough for almost everyone. To be continued

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