My Best Friend’s Dad Sneaks Into My Bedroom

When I was done with college, I enrolled in a university in Kerala for higher studies. My best friend Anisha lived there too and she was applying for the same university. We decided it would be best if I stay with her as she was living alone.

Her mom and dad lived in gulf country and Anisha visited them every year. Occasionally her parents came over to take care of things. Anisha had been my best friend since school. We had always remained in touch.

We started going to college and every evening we would roam about before heading home. Since I was going to stay at her place for a long time, we didn’t have to share a room. Anisha had cleared up a guest room for me. I felt home over there.

After a few months, Anisha announced that her dad was visiting to take care of business here. She told that he would be staying for a month only. I had met her parents back when we were in high school. I remember them being strict.

His dad arrived and he was as stern as I remembered him. But then he turned out to be jovial. He was a broad man with beard. And a little belly. He would look scary to anyone.

He behaved pretty cool and he even offered us both drinks. Kerala men seem cool that way. Later that night Anisha went to bed. I was watching TV with her dad. He seemed to be going on with his drinks. I was wearing my regular night shorts a little above my knees. I felt him looking at my thighs and I turned to see him doing just that.I felt weird. He was my best friend’s dad. I saw his eyes move up to my t shirt. I thought it would be best for me to go to my room. I told him goodnight and he said sweet dreams.

It was only 11 pm. I usually got to bed late. I was browsing and later decided to try sleeping. It must have been 45 mins after I came to room, I heard the room’s lock being opened.

I usually lock the door. It is the knob which had a keyhole in the front, but just needs a turn to the right to lock from inside. I was hoping it would be Anisha but her dad appeared. He must have the key.

I pretended to sleep. I knew what was gonna happen. I just didn’t want to do it with my best friend’s dad and hurt her.I lay still. He came in and closed the door but didn’t lock it. He sat beside me. I was sure he would just touch me and go away. So I decided to pretend to be asleep.

He put his hand under my blanket and touched my thighs. He tried to go up but my shorts were there. He dropped it and pulled my t shirts up. I was not wearing bra. He got full access to my 32F boobs and kneaded it like a dough. He put another hand over the other boobs and pressed it. Every once in a while checking if I was awake. I lay still.

He pushed my t shirts to my neck and started suckling my nipples. He did this for few minutes and he tried to pull my shorts down. He couldn’t. I thought he would give up and leave. To my surprise he woke me up.

I woke up and pretended to be shocked that my t shirt was up and boobs were exposed. He without wasting time told me me to remove my shorts. I was shocked and told “Uncle, no. I am your daughter’s best friend!”. He replied saying “PLEASE. just this once. I have never tasted a 22 year old. Just this once” he begged. His eyes were full with lust. I was scared to say no.

I removed my shorts and panties. He went under my blanket and started sniffing my pussy. He licked it from bottom to the top and told me “Cum for me janvi. ok?” I said okay. He licked me and put one finger into me and two. And he came out of the blanket and told me “I see you’re not a virgin and grinned”. He put three fingers and finger fucked me. I wasn’t anywhere near orgasming.

He flipped me with me lying on my stomach and my butt facing him. He spread my round butt cheeks so wide that my butthole hurt. He put his tongue and licked me good. I was starting to feel good. He got up and looked through my stuff. He took a whitener pen that I had and came near me and inserted it inside my asshole. It hurt and before I could say anything he pushed it till it was 3/4th in. He flipped me over and started licking my pussy. He put his tongue inside and rotated the pen inside my asshole. He put fingers into my pussy and started licking my clitoris. He started pushing the pen in and out at a faster rate than it hurt Everytime it went in but I started orgasming. When I was done, he licked the juice.

He got up, removed his shorts and without a warning put his cock inside my pussy hole. I couldn’t see how big it was but it filled my pussy. With the pen still inside my asshole, my holes were filled. He spread my legs so wide that it ached and fucked me like a starved man. He was rough and impatient. He fucked me for few minutes and came right inside my hole without a condom. He got down and pulled the pen out of my asshole and took it with him.

He left for his room without a word. The next day he spoke to me like nothing happened and like I was his daughter too. I saw less and less of him and he flew back to his place.

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