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The ultimate story of how two best friends took the next step towards quenching their thirst for Reading stories here at ISS has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and undoubtedly it has led to some great time masturbation sessions. So it is about time that I write about one of my own. If you guys get even a little horny after reading the story do send your feedbacks and requests at [email protected].

About me, I’m Varun 21, from Indore, 5’10”atletic built and it was recently that this incident took place and changed my life forever. I do talk to a lot of girls but this one in particular, I always dreamed of getting close to.

About her, Her name is sanjana, she is my batch mate and one of the hottest and curviest desi girls possible…..the kind that would give any guy an instant hard-on to any guy looking, perfectly round and plum 36D size boobs that would bounce even when she normally walked, big black eyes, a perfect waist to put ur hand round and the lips you would wanna suck all day and still wont get enough of, She was the eye-candy of the college and luckily one of my closest friends.

For a long time we would just talk about normal stuff then slowly we started sharing some non-veg jokes then some sex chats, some tight hugs and all, but never did I have the courage to ask her for the real deal.(although I would have a hard on every time I would be with her).She used to joke around saying she shall teach me how to be good in bed as we both knew that I was a virgin and she was not.

It was then this one rainy evening that we were out shopping some stationery that this topic of friends with benefits came up and the conversation was like:

I: I firmly believe in the idea of friends with benefits….i like the concept of havin fun without the complications.

She: So do I.

(A minute of Awkward silence…)

I: So do you think….ahh…we can you atleast teach me something today..??

She(smilingly): Why not… I always feel comfortable with U…and I know you wanted to ask this a long time ago didn’t you?

(She seemed so confident that I was puzzled and excited at the same time)

I: Being mesmerized by her reply, I just asked can you say that?

She: (Pointing to my Hard-on),Well I have seen this many a times now.

It was all the signal I needed to confirm that this was indeed gonna be the moment I was dreaming about, I was turned on beyond measure at that point of time as I was a Virgin till that point and this girl was a goddess and we were gonna finally be doing it.

We sat on my bike and she hugged me from behind like never before, her melons were pressing hard against my chest and boyy was my dick was becoming harder every second.We reached our flat and headed straight to the bedroom.

We had never even kissed before but somehow knew that today it was going to be much more than that. The lust has taken its toll and the rain added fire to it (as her nipples were poking out of her tight white colored top) but still we were both reluctant to make the first move. She noticing that came close and said “close your eyes first“, when I did she kissed my cheek and licked and bit it a little which sent shivers of lighting down my spine and I knew there was no going back from here…I got up , kissed her cheek and slowly started to move towards the lips.

From the first second, she responded so well twirling her tongue inside my mouth, We started licking each other’s lips as hungry beasts…biting and sucking off wildly for about 5 minutes, the longest and the bestest smooch I ever had, While I was biting her lower lip, she led out a moan so sexy like mmm and I knew from there that she liked it rough.

While doing that my hand slid down to her navel and other caressing her back all the way down to grab her magnificent ass cheeks and ohh it was heavenly squeezing that butt finally after dreaming about it for months.

As she likes to dominate a little (she told me later),she ripped my t shirt of my chest and I did the same a second later laying my eyes on those huge melons wrapped up in a tight bra just waiting to go free.

I hugged her tight standing up and I could feel the warmth of those milk-jugs against my bare chest. My hand slided down to her back and in a snap I opened the hooks of her bra letting those huge melons breathe, as soon as the bra went off I went into crazy mode trying to cupp those breasts in my hands and suck the nipples like nectar came out of it. Every other second I would bite those erect and hard nipples to listen to the sexiest moan ever after which she would say “babuu dheeree naaa”,but her eyes were clearly telling the opposite.

I then moved futher down to her navel, I started to lick it wildy with occasional bites which were leaving some pretty sexy bite-marks on her white skin all amidst her whispering moans…her hands were roaming through my hair and she pulled me onto the bed by our side.I was now on top of her licking her boobs for another 10 mins gasping for air when her hands started to feel my erect rod over my jeans and gently stroking it from the outside. I was licking her ear and her moans started getting louder to aaahh …. hhhmm … mmmm …. dont stop varun…and I was getting harder every second.

I then grabbed her jeans and she lifted her ass a little to help. She was already dripping wet and her black panty had her juices flowing from it.I grabbed her thighs and slowly started to lick the parts near the pussy… slowly reaching the panty I then slid the panty a little sideways to find her pink lovehole hot and ready to be licked.With my first lick she led out a loud moan aaaahhh and grabbed my head positioning it over her clit.

I started licking her pussy which had little hair on it and slurping all her delicious juices and she was moaning like aaahhh … ooooo …. ammm varunnn … varunn (breathing heavily)…don’t stop…please keep going…ohh fucckkkk you are gonna make me cum varunnn ….her moaning was driving me crazzyy.I slowly inserted a finger in her pussy and she lifted her ass in ecstasy…I then started finger fucking her vigorously as she was loving it which her face clearly showed….

I then inserted 2 more fingers to which she was surprised and then finally all 4 of my fingers were ramming her pussy like anything….she had now started to scream in pure ecstasy begging me to stop it but I didnt….after about 5 more minutes of finger and tongue fucking her she led out the loudest moan and reached her orgasm filling the room with sounds like…fuuccckkk ….i am cumming ….aahhh …. ahhhh …. oohhh and then her juices gushed out of her pussy which then I drank to the very last drop and licked her dry. She then lay there on the bed breathing heavily sayin “I cant believe this was ur first time”.

Sanjana then got hold of me, turned me around and sat on my lap,saying “you must be tired, Its now my turn to take care of U”…sayin this she removed my jeans and got hold of my cock over my underwear and started gently stroking it. She then lowered my underwear and my cock sprang out of it giving a rock hard salute to the mistress…she then started to lick the head of my cock and I was already in seventh heaven….

then in one go she gobbled the head along with my full 7 inch rod down her throat in one go and kept it there for some time….The warmth of her mouth and her tounge licking every inch of my cock was sending me into a state of pure ecstasy….she started gliding her lips two n fro on my cock ….getting it all slurpy and wet.

She was giving the best blowjob an Indian girl can give a guy stroking my dick licking and kissing my balls and I was feeling more heavenly than ever before….soon I shouted am going to cum sanju….to which she started to stroke my cock even faster and took it even deeper in her throat than whole cock was in her mouth when I released all my cum straight down her throat which she gladly drank and liked my dick to savour every last drop of it.

After kissing and cuddling for another 10 mins it was then time for the main deal…we did not have any condoms as the incident was spontaneous but we decided to go for it anyway. I positioned myself over….placed a pillow under her ass and lifted her legs up above my shoulders….her pussy was shining with her juices and looking like a hot mould ready to be rammed by my shaft.

She:Do you have a condom..??

I: nope…I certainly wasn’t ready for this na….

She: Amm..what to do then…?

I: lets do it anyways

She:I was hoping you would say that….and saying this

She grabbed my dick which was rock hard again and guided it to her love-hole….after a gentle first push, my dick glided easily into her pussy and it was feeling like heaven as her cunt was hot and her flowing juices were an aid to my thrusting cock.It felt like the walls of her pussy were tightly gripping my cock like I started pumping her wildly and her rhythmic moaning sounds were nothing but encouraging me to go even harder.

She put her legs around my back gently locking in herself giving me full consent to bang her good. I would sometimes take my cock all out and thrust it all in one go to which she would scream in pain and pleasure at the same time. Her expressions were driving me crazy as she would moan and bite her own lips clenching my bare back with her right hand. I fucked her in missionary position for about 15 mins and was nowhere near to cumming as I had just cum a little while earlier. I was thumping her with all my might and she kept a pillow on her mouth to muffle the screams….

After a while I turned her around and made her sit on all fours. I then glided my dick into her pussy from behind and started ramming her in that position and grabbing her breasts all at once, She was moving her ass two n fro in order to match the rhythm as she was starving for some hardcore action. All this while she was shouting….fuck me harder Varun…. ooohh yeeeaa fckk fucck meee… oohhh..!!

I finally started to feel the heat rising in my cock, turned her around….grabbed her by the neck and ejaculated my jizz all over her face and boobs, I had never cummed that much and it was more satisfying than ever. She then smiled upon this saying “well you are not shy anymore han…..I guess you really learnt a lot today“, to which I made her standup and slapped her ass saying ”I will b needing more lessons everyday now”. To which she laughed and said “why not baby”. Not every day do you get to bang the big-booby girl of your dreams…do you??

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