My Caring Daughter – Part II

Have i had a dream? I sucked my own daughter’s breasts ? Squeezed my penis deep inside her butt. I touched my track to find it wet. Even if it was a dream, what kind of a sick freak i am?? The train was still moving and i checked the time. It was 4.00 am in the morning i was still figuring out whether it was a dream or reality, when i noticed my daughter was wrapped around me tightly and i had my hands on her butt and she slept breathing on my hairy chest. That’s when she woke up and asked me….. What happened old man?? Tired already. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my mouth, she kissed me carelessly getting more and more aggressive, i was little conscious as to what will happen if everyone around us wakes up and find us in such position.

I somehow calmed her down and told her that its too risky here, i kissed her forehead and promised her that i will show her some good time in our hotel. But she was too hot, she wanted an orgasm that’s when i closed her mouth by kissing her and inserted my hand in her maxi. For the first time i touched my daughter’s vagina, i made my way to her perfectly hairy vagina through her soft thighs. I inserted my middle finger and it was real wet and warm, i felt bad for her that such turned on vagina had to be satisfied with a finger, i made my mind to fuck her good in our hotel room. Still she liked what i was doing, she was kissing me hard and was spreading her legs apart to make room for my hands, and she clutched my arms hard and started moaning.

I controlled her moans by shoving my tongue in her throat, we were deep inside our blanket sweating crazy. We were making movements more than we should be, that’s when i knew that i have to hurry up and i fastened the process by inserting another finger. She opened her eyes wide while kissing me. I held her still with my another hand holding her closer to me and that’s when she started breathing heavily and i freed her mouth from mine to breath this moment out. Though she was so high she was conscious that she cannot scream in pleasure. She bit my chin while having her orgasm, my fingers felt the spasms of her orgasm and she breathed heavily for another five minutes without making any moment with my fingers deep inside her vagina.

She slept immediately after her orgasm, just like a small infant, so innocent and so angelic. I covered her nicely buttoned her maxi and concealed her well with the blanket; i went washed up and cleaned myself and saw the time it was 5.15. I sat in the door and had a smoke and thought about what i did and what i am going to, i understood what my daughter felt for me and what she did. I could say it is love and willingness to do anything for her father, i always felt her care towards me and never thought that we will come to this.

Somehow i wasn’t guilty; i was relaxed and relieved and was looking forward these two days ahead of us. I finished don’t know how many smokes and saw the sun shine upon us and when i started reading the sign boards i realised that we are about to reach our destination, i went inside and woke my angel up and told we are about to reach. Excitedly she got up and freshened up and changed, all of a sudden i could see her differently. She looked so beautiful and there was a glow on her face and all i could stare was her soft and warm breasts and her enormous yet perfect butt . She enjoyed my attention and she and i both were looking forward for our stay.

It was 10 am when we finally found a decent hotel, i wanted to book a nice hotel where we will have our privacy. Finally we found a perfect hotel, i wantedly took the top most and the most secluded room so that we will have the luxury of screaming when we make love. Finally we entered our room, i insisted we were not accompanied and we made our long journey towards our room which seemed will never end. As we were approaching the room we were almost hurdling towards the door, she opened the door while i held the luggage. Finally we entered our room it was perfect, dark bed sheets and dark ambiance with a dimly lit bathroom and carpet covered floor with a view of ocean and far away from the people’s visibility. As soon as we noticed that my angel came closed to me and hugged me, i did not let her go.

I felt her every inch of her body as i never felt before we were dirty, we did not have bath for 24 hours now. We did not brush our teeth, our bodies were sweaty and our privates were dirty with our spilt juices in last 12 hours, all this made it wilder i explored her mouth as though my life depends on it. I was pretty aggressive as we were behind the doors; i had the upper hand here. She wore a sleeveless kurti and a legging, i stripped her of from her kurti and i buried my face in her sweaty cleavage, her necklace was keep coming in between though she kept swinging it back to make room for my selfish mouth.

While i was at her breasts she removed my shirt it was wet with sweat, she was one step ahead she even removed my banyan and was reaching towards my pants that’s when i kissed her and ruthlessly opened her tight bra to set free her enormous breasts. I just wanted her naked so without wasting further time of mine i slid both my hands in her legging while i kissed her hungrily and her breasts touching my bare hairy chest. She helplessly tried unzipping my pants but i was too strong for her.

I felt every inch of her butt and squeezed the life out of them and in an instant i stripped her complete naked, i took a moment to see my curvy naked daughter. God she was so sexy i could not believe my eyes; i have never seen any woman so curvier in real life. By this time she was little scared and humiliated. Still she reached my pants, knelt down and finally stripped me. I was fully erect, she examined my penis curiously and looked at me for my instruction, i smiled at her and said go on …she was unable to suck it as the stink was so strong with a jungle down there.

Still just to satisfy me she gulped my penis, i felt pity on her and wanted to stop her but if we are doing this she has to do this as well, if she could take my current condition penis . She will suck it like a lolly pop when i clean it and shave it. After her good five minutes sucking i pushed her on the floor and lied on her naked body. I held her face and kissed her mouth, i then moved down and sucked her breasts, i was aggressive what i could have done. They were perfect her nipples were hard and they were big enough for my hands, i just loved the fact that one hand of mine could not control them so my mouth and both of my hands were manning them. She moaned and screamed a little sometimes but my darling never asked me to stop. In fact she supported me by having her hands on my head.

I raised her hands and licked her slightly hairy arm pits, i sucked them, smelled them. Showed my angel how much i love her every inch of her body. I managed between three of them her mouth, armpits and breasts. She was getting wet like Niagara falls down there, that’s when i let my selfish ego go for her breasts and i travelled down her vagina. It wasn’t stinking at all. When i licked the juice of her, it was like sipping on coconut water, i sucked on it like we suck a half cut orange. I bit her too, that’s when she literally screamed in pain. I got hold myself and went up to her and kissed her, she knew that was my apology. After kissing her for a while i split her legs apart.

She understood and made enough room for me down there, i held both of her hands with a single hand of mine and raised them and held them against the ground with another i adjusted my penis and slowly and steadily i entered my own daughter’s vagina for the first time. When i entered her i knew that it was not a vagina of a virgin. She wasn’t a virgin; i was least bothered about it and somehow felt relieved that she isn’t a virgin. It gave me confidence of fucking her more aggressively. I jerked it inside; it was still tight where my penis was reaching.

As we were of almost same height i was able to reach her mouth. I fucked her while kissing her. Talking to her. I breathed in her mouth. I love you my baby doll. Love u so much. She smiled at me and moaned. I … lo..Ve u ..T..Oo da..Dd..Yy …with every word of her i was humping her even harder, she told me now . Fuck me daddy, don’t control yourself. Fuck me hard, its okk the pain is momentary all i want is to make my old man satisfied … while i was doing my business. She slid her hand from behind and inserted one of her finger in my ass hole. I was surprised and did not know what she was doing, but it was helping me reach my orgasm. I was doing her continuously for like 3 – 4 minutes now; she had her orgasm twice and could not take it any more so she requested me to cum inside her.

I asked her to feed me one of her breast which she did i was causing her pain below and causing her pain by biting into her juicy breasts. She inserted her finger deep inside my butt . That’s when i had my orgasm and i just sucked her breast completely, i stopped moving and with both my hands i just held her breast and removed all my aggression on it . She was moaning along with me. But her moans were of pain. Finally i came to my senses and collapsed on her, we just laid down on the ground for minutes…. And were glad that we started off pretty well….

Next part is the wrap of the story, hope you like this one as well .

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