My College Teacher Fucked Me

Hello, everyone, my name is Neha I am from Bangalore and third story is about me and my teacher. His name is Neeraj I study in an engineering college near kanakapura road. He is very handsome and good looking his height is around 6 feet and he is fair in color. I forgot to tell u about my self my measurement is 34 27 36 and my height is 5’8 feet and I am also a fair girl.

So this started in when I joined my college in 2014 and had a crush on him I really like him the way he talks, the way he walked and that time I had a lot of experience in fucking so I was also thinking about him that one time I will give him chance. So from second semester he started teaching me and everytime I was trying to impress him I was going to his cabin and talk to him then I asked for his number and he gave me because it was natural then I gave him miss call on his number because I wanted him to save my number and then I went then in the evening I changed my WhatsApp dp and sent him message that thank you sir for helping me

Then he replied meSir- that’s my duty nehaMe- yes sir I know but phir bhi thank youSir- thank you

Then he went offline then again I sent him messageMe- nice dp sir you look handsomeSir- thanks again you also look niceMe- sir I changed my dp because of u, so you can see my photoSir- oh that nice

Then again he went offline, next day I went to college then again I went to his cabin and I was trying to show him my cleavage and then I saw him seeing my cleavage and I was like yeh toh phasa. I came home after college and sent him my semi nude pics and then I told him sorry sir I sent u by mistake I was sending that pics to my boyfriend.

Sir- no problem, but I saw your bodyMe- I am sorry sir (but I was excited)Sir- it’s okI thought to take it furtherMe- sir do you have girl friendSir- no, I am single

Me- sir, you are handsome I think you should make girlfriendSir- yes I am also thinkingMe- sir aaj main akeli hu kahi chaleSir- actually I am busy I have some work

Me- sir please please pleaseSir- thik hai chalte hai, send me your address and I will come and pick youMe- okay sir I sent him my address

He came around 7 o clock I was wearing red colour one piece I told him sir bhot ache lag rahe hai aap he said you are also looking very beautiful then he took me to one pub in kormangla I was thinking that aaj kuch toh karna hai I start drinking and I drank too much and he was also drinking after that he told me that we should go and I told him that I am not in a condition to walk the he told he will help me then he hold me and I was enjoying it I was trying to give him hints that I want him to fuck me by that time we reached to our car then I told him that I want to sleep on the back seat then he was adjusting my body on back seat that time I grabbed his body and said sir please don’t go and started kissing him and he was like what are u doing neha chodo mujhe chodo and then I told him I like you sir I like you very much and then I started kissing him and then he also started responding he started pressing my boobs I was saying aur dabao sir aah aah aah then maine apne haath uske pant ke andar dala aur uske dick ki pakda toh muje lga ki iska lund toh bda h yaar aur phir sir mujhe undress karne lage then I told him sab kuch yahi karna hai then he said toh kaha chale I said mere ghar main akeli hun avi meri frnd ghar gayi hui hai he said okay.

He started driving and it was around 11 pm in night and we were on nice road (woh road raat ko bahut sun saan rahti hai) I told him sir car roko then he stopped the car then I unzipped him and started giving him blowjob he was shouting yes neha c’mon aaah fuck you neha aaah aaah fuck you and after 2 or 3 minutes he cum inside my mouth then I told him jaldi chalo then we went to my house then he undress me removed his clothes that time I saw his dick his dick was 6 inches and then he started kissing me and he was pressing my boobs I told him aaram se sir dheere dheere sir then he told me to sit on my bed u sat there then he started licking my pussy and I started moaning aah aah aaaaah cmon sir aaah chodo mujhe fuck me then I told him that sir ab chod do mujhe then he told me abhi nhi pahle mera lund mooh main lo and then I started giving him blowjob and he told me to stop and inserted his lund in my chut and I shouted aaaah marr gayi and then he started giving me hard strokes.

I was telling him to do slowly but he was not listening and then he cummed in my pussy and that night he fucked me 3 times he was forcing me to fuck my ass but I didn’t allowed him to fuck my ass I told him next time pakka and after that he started fucking me once or twice in a week but till now he didn’t fuck my ass. So friends this was my story please tell me you liked it or not my email​ id is [email protected]

I will publish my next story soon.

In next story you will know about how one uncle fucked me in my house.

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