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I am Bisu 31 from Angul.I live with my uncles family at their Home. I have 3 cousin sister jini, mama, puspa. This story is about my sister puspa. She looks very beautiful. puspa age 25 after she completed her post graduation she is staying at home. I always wanted to fuck her heard that one of my cousin brother sital had fucked her.I won’t kill your time. Let’s come to the story straight away

Puspa having shape 32-26-34 She is slim I heard that she had a lot of bf many have fucked Her.I know she always needs money if anyone gives her a ring then he can fuck her.

My attraction toward my sister began one night when I was at the age of 30.This night I was sleeping in my room it was hot summer, only my room had ac. In the middle of the night, I woke up and found that my sister came and told it is hot in her room and she wants tk Sleep in this room. I said yes. After some time when I woke up at 3 am found her skirt is rolled up to her hip, I was stun at that time looking for the first time any girl in panty. I found her in deep sleep so I just moved closer to her so that my lund can touch her hip. I was heavily breathing. The next moment I kept my leg over her. That night I cant go further.

soon I started showing great love and became a good friend to her. some time I would just hug her, or in play, I used to hold her from behind so that I could feel her ass.Soon we became a very good friend.

One day I asked her whether she like a short skirt. She replied yes.I became happy because this time I had a good Idea. I asked her why don’t u wear it then. she replied mom will scold her. I asked do u want it. She replied yes. Then I said then u can try it b4 me and no one will know about it.She looked confused for some moment then replied that she don’t have any sort skirt.I replied that u have one skirt u used to wear till last year it has become smaller, try that one. She agrees and went to change.

When she came back she was looking hot, her skirt was 10 inch above the knees, but I was looking for some more. I said this is still too long don’t u think. She said yes I wish I could have smaller too. I replied happily still u look hot. She smiled at me. Then I hold the skirt and pulled it little up and asked is it looking good. She smiled and said some more then I pulled it little more. She said bit more. I kept on going ahead feeling her thigh till her panty was visible. Then she laughed and said this is micro mini and then ran away. I followed her then hold her from behind, this time one of my hands was just above her pussy and one around her neck. She was laughing so was I. Soon her laugh faded as I started grabbing her firmly, she started moaning. But I had no dare to go further. I simply left the room.

The same night she again came to Sleep in my room. She came and slept next to me and I was watching a movie. Then all of a sudden the power went off. There was complete darkness.Then I laid beside her and put my hand on her waist there was no reaction. Then I started to pull her skirt up slowly to the waist. Then I placed my hand on her bare thigh and started feeling her. Till this time there was no sigh of reaction. Then I got the courage I put my hand in her panty. she moved a bit then slept again. I slowly started touching her private area. No reaction from her. Then I tried to insert my middle finger into her vagina, but it was tight and I felt that she too is applying some pressure too so that I may not insert the finger.

But at last, I forcefully insert it. She moved a little again then felt asleep again. I was deeply breathing heavily. Slowing I started moving my finger in and out. She started moaning and breathing heavily.

My lund was erect and hard like never before. I pulled my hand off from her panty then hold her waist and laid her with her mouth facing me. Nothing was visible nor even her eyes, so that I can find out whether she is sleeping or not. I was out of my wit but had fear too. Then all of a sudden I found my hands on her bare legs again pulling the skirt above this time from the front side. I touched her panty. I slowly started exploring her panty again but not from inside.I could hear her breathing heavily. I got more courage I pulled my pant off and became naked before her. And then laid on the top of her. I could feel her breast pumping up and down heavily. I slowly put my lund in between her thigh.She moved her hip up then slowly down. I started kissing her neck down to her breast then to her naval. Meantime I pulled the t-shirt up to the neck. Then again I kissed her boobs from the bra. All this time she was still. But as I reached to her panty and started kissing, She holds my head and spread her legs apart.I got full strength. With my mouth only I pulled her panty off. Then I laid on her. As my lund touched her pussy I was out of control.She too hold me tightly.

I forgot everything, now all I wanted was to fuck her. I hold my lund and tried to insert it into her pussy. She opens the mouth I simply placed my lips on her and kissed her. Meantime I was trying to get her but she was too tight. Then I pulled it back she was relaxed and busy with the kiss when I pushed my lund again into her pussy but this time with all my strength and force. She tried to shout but my lips did not allow her to do that. Now I was completely into her. I wait for some time then started pumping her. After some time she said into my ear that she is in her period time.This made me crazy I pumped her faster and loaded all my cum into her.

After that, we always put a plan to fuck. Next story will be about how me and my brother Chintu fucked both jini and puspa.Thanks for reading this true story.

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