My Dream Come True With My Love

Hi, I am Rahul Kumar living in Chennai. This incident happened a few years back when I was doing my internship along with the girl I longed for.

I am 6 feet tall with a 6.5 inches long cock wide enough to quench any girl’s thirst.

Let me come to the story. My longtime friend, with body figure of 36D-28-36 sufficient enough to make any guy take another look, is the heroine. Her name is Regina and luckily, she sits next to me in the attendance order.

We became friends from the first day of college but my intentions towards her changed gradually to pure love. But she said she cannot accept my love since her parents will not accept a Hindu boy. So I gave up but we were always close during the college days. And my love for her always remained like that.

Four years of MBBS got over and the final year of internship came with hectic night duties and little sleep. I never thought a day would come like this. One night, as usual, and after our duties got over, we were leaving for our quarters. Suddenly, she asked me to drop her at her room as it was very dark.

I had no bad intentions at that time and accompanied her as a good friend. But when we reached the ground floor, I asked her to go but she wanted me to drop her on the third-floor room since her roommates went to their native place for vacation. Suddenly, the devil inside me woke up but I was aware that nothing could happen between us.

After dropping her, I was about to leave but she requested to give her company for a short time as she was not used to be alone. Now I was finding it very difficult to control my excitement but I acted normally.

I was sitting on the sofa and after a few minutes, she came and sat beside me. She had changed to shorts and t-shirt. It was my first time seeing her like that and my heart started pounding. She was always traditional and dressed very appropriately. She leaned over my chest and said, “I am lucky to have a bestie like you.”

Little did she know the lust that was growing inside me. My heart started beating hard and my whole body became hot. She asked me what was wrong with me as I look tensed. I told her that I cannot control my feelings towards her and wanted her to marry me.

As she was innocent and cared for me too much, she got up and sat over my lap, wrapped her hands over my neck and started explaining why she can’t do it. Meanwhile, my monster got rock hard and poked her ass. She was shocked and tried to get off from my lap but I pushed her to one side of the couch and got on top of her. She tried to push me away saying, “We can’t do this, Rahul” but I was in no mood to listen to her.

I placed my lips over hers and kissed for a few seconds but she kept moving her head. Now I held it tight with both my hands and started to kiss her hard. She started hitting me like a kid but soon she wrapped her hand over my head and kissed me back passionately. We were so deeply smooching while exploring each other’s tongues and exchanging saliva.

She came back to her senses after 15 minutes and broke the kiss. She started to cry saying what we did was very wrong, I tried to convince her but in vain. I decided to leave her alone and not face her again.

When I was about to reach the door, she suddenly pulled me back and planted her lips over mine. I turned wild, lifted her up and pinned her against the wall. I was pushing my groin over her wide open legs while we were kissing. She too responded with a soft moan which did nothing but turn me into a monster.

Soon we landed on the bed and I started to kiss all over her neck like a mad dog. She was moaning loudly now and was caressing my hair. I tried to go down but her t-shirt was an obstacle. Without thinking, I tore the t-shirt and both her 36D boobs bounced out as she was not wearing a bra. She was shocked but was damn horny seeing me going wild on her.

I started to squeeze one boob and kiss the other. I was kissing her boob all around the nipple and teasing her by not going to the nipple. She got mad and pressed my head to her nipple and I sucked it slowly, increasing my pace gradually. The volume of her moaning was also increasing.

I then moved to the other breast did the same. Then I proceeded to her stomach, I started to kiss it from outside in circles coming close to her navel. She was pressing my head with her hand above her stomach.

The moment I inserted my tongue into her deep navel, she arched her body uncontrollably. I got more aroused seeing that and removed her shorts and went to lick her trimmed pussy. But she came that moment (apparently from the romantic foreplay) and I kept my tongue on her pussy licking her cum.

By that time, my dick was rock hard with the precum leaking from it. I took off my shorts and tried to enter her pussy. She was worried and confused whether to cross that boundary but I was in no mood for that. She took a deep breath when I pushed myself in and her hymen broke leaving some drops of blood. Her intense pain started turning into slight pleasure after the first few difficult strokes. Now she was responding by pushing her groin towards my dick.

I went deep and hard with each stroke in missionary and she was moaning loudly. When I was about to cum, I started fucking her very fast and she wasn’t able to breathe properly. She somehow managed to keep moaning madly.

We both came almost at the same time and she took a deep breath after that. We were exhausted and slept naked that night. After that, we had many wonderful sessions in that year but stopped talking after a year.

Let me know if you want to know what happened after that at [email protected].

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