My Family Ladies Prostitution Life

Hello all, I’m Susheel age 25 working in a software company. Coming to the details of my family, we’re three. I, my mom Latha and sis Ramya, mom was now 45 and sis 29. My father left my mom when I was 10. My mother was not the main wife to my father she is like a “keep “to him. My mom looks beautiful and she maintains her physic well. She came from a poor background; her parents left her when she was 18 thinking not to be a burden to her. She uses to do prostitution before marriage to lead her life. My dad came to sleep with her, liked her and told her that he will provide all she needs and asked her to be his “Keep”.

My mother agreed to him, left her prostitution and dedicated her body to my father. After my sis and I was born my father reduced his visits and also altered the money he was usually giving. When my mother questioned him he said he’s got no interest in her. My mother threatened him that she will file a complaint but my father scared my mother with local thugs which made her to leave the place. While leaving, my father gave her some money and asked her not to return back. She relocated to a nearby town and put me in the hostel.

I never stayed at home all my education happened staying in hostel. I use to visit home on holidays but never find anything fishy with mother. While doing my PG I was suspended from college for a month for involving in a brawl, with no other option left I went to home which surprised my mother and sis. My sis was 22 and looks same like mother with sizes 34 28 34 and my mom’s sizes are 36 32 34.

Mother was upset more than I expected but I managed her. While staying in home they never allowed me to roam freely in home they ordered me not to open the cupboard in mom’s room. When days are passing my presence in home was creating a disturbance to them they use to ask me to go out and spend time. One day a person named Rajasekar came to home and mom introduced him as her friend.

I excused from them and went into the room; mom hurriedly took him into the kitchen. I sensed something fishy, went to the kitchen window from the pass way around the home to find what’s going on. The first scene I saw shook me from toe to head. From my view position I’m able to see my mom’s back and the person was facing to me. He was loosely hugging and he kept his hands on the bums of the mom. I didn’t get angry because in hostel it is usual to talk sex matter all the time, so I was excited to see stranger hands on mom’s bums. He was smoothly rubbing the bums and at times tapping them. I forgot that she was my mother and started enjoying the scene. The conversation between them went on like this…

Rajasekar: I miss you darling and many of your lovers are also missing you

I couldn’t understand properly of the phrase he used “many of your lovers”

Mom: wait for some more days my son is home

Rajasekar: How long, our business is falling down; we’re losing lot of customers.

Mom: I know but what can I do, please wait for some more days. I’ll make him leave home soon.

I understood they were facing some difficulty with my presence but didn’t understand about the business they were talking about.

Rajasekar: see what if he stay, you can come out. We can do it in any hotels or lodge.

Now I understand what they are talking about, they are discussing about their prostitution business. I don’t know how to react but felt very exited listening to their conversation.

Mom: No, don’t tell me to do in hotels and lodges. I’ve listened to you twice and got caught by the police in the lodge.

I was shocked; my mom got arrested for prostitution.

Rajasekar: so what I bought you out, I know political leaders so don’t worry.

Mom: No, I’m not going to come to lodges and this is final.

Rajasekar: ok, ok leave it, you’re tooo stubborn

By telling that he tried to push his fingers in mom’s ass from above the sari which made mom to move her hip forward and her pussy area touched his erected cock.

Rajasekar: today night I have business, get ready.

Mom: no, not today night let my son go to hostel.

He got serious on mom and said…

Rajasekar: see bitch this is a prostitution business, you have to sleep whenever there is a customer, even when you’re suffering from severe fever. I accepted when you said you don’t like to come to lodges and that doesn’t mean I accept for everything you say. Already this moth I’ve lost many customers and I’m not ready to lose more. At any cost you have to sleep this night.

Mom kept her hand on his erected cock and said…

Mom: ohh cool down, these days you’re getting angry for silly issues. Ok ill manage, tell your customer that i’ll sleep with him.

i was feeling erection, I’m confused weather to shag on mom or not. He was kissing my mom’s neck when she was speaking.

Rajasekar: Not just you,

Mom pulled his face up and asked..

Mom: do you mean they need Shalini too?

i was damn shocked with the twist. My sister was also into the prostitution. I was paralyzed don’t know how to handle the situation but somewhere in me lust was oozing out.

Rajasekar: yes, they are four coming to night they need both of you.

Mom: please cancel it and plan for any other time. My son was home i cannot manage four.

Rajasekar: who asked you to handle four by yourself two for you and two for Shalini. I don’t know what you will do, I’ve already taken money from them they are big shots now it’s out of my hands. Get ready for big night.

While telling this he squeezed the left boob

Mom: you always put me in chaos

Now, to arouse my lust, my sister walked in to the kitchen. Rakesh greeted her as little bitch. She stood beside him. He kept his right hand on her shoulder. Mom inquired about me whether I was in the room or not.

Sister: no, he is not in room, maybe he went outside. What is going on?

Mom: this bastard fixed four people to night.

Sister: ohh you alone?

Mom: No they need both of us.

Sister: uncle, my brother is home. Plan it some other time.

Rajasekar: i already told everything to this bitch, u discuss and let me know

While telling that he pinched my sister on her nipple (she was wearing chudidhar). Mom slapped on his hand and told…

Mom: I told many time she’s not for you.

Rajasekar: ok, ok I don’t have time will come at 10 be ready. Wear some sexy dresses. don’t have much makeup they said they don’t like heavy makeup. Mom nodded her head and later he left after keeping his hand in mom’s jacket and tapping sis bhum

Sister: Son of a bitch

I don’t know what happened to me i couldn’t move from that place. mom and sis with fallen faces went to their room to plan.

In went to bed room window which was closed. i was a bit dissatisfied but felt happy because i can hear to them.

Mom: this son of a bitch always keeps us in trouble, tell me what to do.

Sister: i don’t know, he said four, i think they may be planning for a gang bang a room will not be enough for them they need our whole house.

Mom: you’re right it would be easy to manage single one.

Sister: we don’t have any other option we have to make Susheel stay away from home all night.

Mom: you’re right but how. What should we tell him? He’s sticking to the home all the time.

Sister: Tell him to go somewhere and come in the morning

Mom: if he ask why what should I tell

Sister: hmm I don’t know

Mom: let’s plan it later. First make the arrangements, choose what you’ll wear. I wear this short tight skirt.

I cursed myself for not seeing that.

Mom: Ha ok it was nice and sexy.

Sister: what about you,

Mom: I’ll wear sleeveless blouse and black sari.

Sister: Hmm

Mom: open the cupboard and check whether the condoms are there or not

Now I understood why mom never allowed me to open the cupboard.

Mom: if there are no condoms, tell that bastard Rajasekar to get some.

Sister opened the cupboard and said the stock will be much enough for two days.

Mom: I’m still in confusion how to manage Susheel.

Sister: let him come home. We don’t have any other option we have to send him out of the house this night.

I decided to go talk to them about what I heard after few steps my lust stopped me made me think. After thinking for a while I decided to see their night fun. Even the thought of watch mom and sis made me soo horny. I masturbated there itself and ejaculated huge amounts of cum like never before.

Later I sketched a plan. I decided not give much trouble to them and planned to tell them that I have some work and would stay at my friend’s house for a night. I went into home and found that there is no sofa in the hall. Sis watching TV and mom was in kitchen. I asked her about the sofa she said they were cleaning so shifted it into the bedroom. Inside I laughed to myself and kept silent outside. Mom came from the kitchen and asked me where I was all this time. I told I went to meet my college mate, to know what is going on in the college. He said lot’s of syllabus has completed and he assured me that he will help in clearing them.

And finally I told them what they like most. I said I’m going to his house to stay this night. I watched their faces glowing and happiness flushing out. My sister jumped up from the chair and said “go I’m giving you the permission”.

Mom tried to act smart. No night outings stay home. I said ok mom and went into my room. It shocked them. Mom followed me into my room and said ok you’re going for studying so I’m allowing you can go. I said thank you mom.

Now I have to choose a place to hide and watch their whole episode. I don’t know where it will take place. They have shifted the sofa so I thought most of the things may happen in the mom’s room and decided to find a hiding spot in the room. I told them I was very tired and going for sleep. I went into mom’s room and locked the door.The room was well packed I couldn’t find a hiding place from where I could see the hole room.

After thinking for a while my eyes went up I found a cupboard with big doors. A person can easily fit into it. I opened it and found old objects. I adjusted them in the next cupboard and cleaned it. I made two small holes on the doors. I opened the room door went out and bought a water bottle and place it in the cupboard. Now I’m all ready to watch my family ladies gangbang erotica. At around 6 I said mom im leaving and both mom and sis happily said bye to me.

Now my mission is to get into the cupboard without their notice. I was waiting for a chance. At around 7, my sister was going somewhere. I thought this was the chance and went to the back pass way. I don’t know how to enter into the house. I have to enter into the house before my sister return from the shop. I have seen light switched on in the bathroom. It was clear that my sister locked it from outside. I slowly went to the main door and opened it using spare key I usually have with me. And after entering I locked it from inside. Like cat I slowly walked towards mom’s room.

Mom was bathing in the bathroom attached to her room. I entered into the room and climbed in to the cupboard closed the doors. I felt very happy that my first mission was successful initially I was little uncomfortable adjusting in the space, I don’t have any other option so I made myself comfortable. I checked from the holes I have made, the view was super I can see almost every corner in the room. After 3 minutes bathroom door was opened and I have seen mom walking out with nothing on her body and she was wiping her body with towel.

The moment I saw her nude body I felt hard on in my pants. What a structure wow she got cute pubic hair on her pussy and there was no hair under her armpits. She completely dried herself and sat nude in front of the mirror. She started keeping makeup on her face. While she was doing I heard the main door unlocking and it was my sister. She entered into the room, mom nude and my sister was beside her wow what a scene I was controlling myself. Mom asked my sis to go and get ready soon. She went to the other room and came back with towel wrapped around her body. I can see her cleavage and popping boobs.

She went inside the bathroom to bath, meanwhile mom completed her makeup, opened cupboard and taken some kind of lotion from it. She sat on the bed widened her legs and started applying her cream on her pussy. That was the first time I’ m seeing her pussy. Without my knowledge my hands went on to my cock and I started rubbing it. My sister came out of the bathroom in the same way like mom did. Then mom asked her to sit on the bed she applied the same lotion on her pussy too. After applying my sister turned back and raised her ass then my mom applied it on her ass too. I couldn’t see her asshole. After her turn mom asked her to apply It on her ass too this time I got the clear view of my mom’s asshole.

I heard the sound of my mobile, mom went and answered. It was Rajasekar. I think he called to know about the situation. Mom went into the hall I couldn’t hear her. Sister in the room taken out a dress, the dress was very short. If she bends she can easily show off her ass. She put on the dress and she was looking like a No.1 bitch. I jacked myself and ejaculated cum in my pants itself. Mom entered into the room and complimented sis that she was looking hot. Mom was still nude she started dressing up.

Meanwhile in the cupboard I started feeling suffocation, I’ve already thought about it and carried a hand fan with me. Both got ready and were waiting in the hall for customers. At around ten I heard calling bell sound. Now I’m prepared to watch the main episode. I heard laughs and voice of Rajasekar he was introducing the customers to mom. I couldn’t hear properly their names. To my bad luck they stayed in the hall itself. Based on their talking I imagined what they are doing to mom and sis. After an hour my wait is over.

They entered in to the room, the customers were four one is aged 40 looks little fat and dark in color. Other one is around 23 slim and good looking. Third one was short but good physic, fourth one looks like family guy with big belly and unmaintained body. When they entered into the room mom was in sleeveless blouse and petticoat. They have already removed her sari in the hall, sister was still in her dress but I can easily say that she was badly grouped. All entered into the room there was no sign of Rajasekar. I think he left, after entering into the room they shared mom and sis two was with mom and two was with sister. They started kissing and touching bodies of mom and sis.

Fat dark fellow advanced and taken off mom’s petticoat she was on her panties and he started licking her panties. Mom was moaning like a true bitch. Other one taken off her blouse and sucking her nipples. On the other side remaining two sat on the sofa and playing with sister. They lifted her skirt above her waist I can see hr wet panties clearly. And they have taken her boobs out of her dress and were eating like hungry wolfs.

After foreplay dark guy inserted in moms pussy and stated pumping her badly saying bad words like bitch your cunt is mine I’m the king of your cunt to night. We all are the fathers of your child. Mom was moaning and agreeing to all his comments. She increased her voice. Other one kept his dick in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. On the sofa sis was sucking the dicks of the guys. She was a good sucker she was leaving their balls too. One fellow ejaculated in her mouth itself. She spitted his cum other made her to stand like dog and started humping from back. She was moaning wildly and I started shagging again.

Dark guy leaked out and other entered mom. The guy fucking sister also ejaculated. All fucked them in turns and ejaculate their cum. They slept for an hour. My sister got up and went into the bathroom to clean. Young guy followed her into the bathroom and started fucking her again. I couldn’t see what is happening in the bathroom. Meanwhile other three got up and started playing with mom. The scene was very erotic. Mom in the hands of three, they all grouped her badly and again started fucking her.

The guy came out from the bathroom, while sister coming out other guy pushed her inside the bathroom and started fucking her near the bathroom door. Now I can see an angle of her fucking. I again started masturbating, this time the family guy asked mom that he wants to enter in her ass. She told him to be genteel. For that he said “you bitch you’re acting as my dick is the only dick that entered there. Shut up and bend. I got angry for his words but I cannot do anything. My sister came out and fallen on the bed, dark guy started smooching her.

That was the violent and wild smooch I’ve ever seen. He also bit her lips, later he inserted his dick in sis asshole and started thumping. Sis stated crying but also enjoying the pain. This fuck secession went on up to 4, all slept for half an hour and I also slept. After half an hour I heard calling bell nose. Mom got up covered her body with towel and went to open the door. She came into the room along with Rajasekar. He asked the guys how the fun was. They all said it was super and he asked them to get ready and leave the place before sunrise. First two went into the bathroom and asked mom and sis to join them. They went into the bathroom and cleaned their bodies. After they came out reaming two went and mom and sis cleaned them too.

They praised mom and sis and touched all over their bodies. I started shagging again. At around 5 they left the house with Rajasekar. Mom and sis came into the room and fallen on the bed like a tired persons. Even I fell asleep. At around 8 I heard someone crying, I woke up and found my sis was crying. Mom got up and asked her “is it paining”? She said yes it was horribly paining and she cursed those guys as sons of bitches. Mom said it was common to us and asked her to take some pills. There was an interesting conversation went on between them.

Sis: mom why should we have to bear all this pain. Can’t we do something else?

Mom: we have talked about this many times, we don’t know anything else to do

I can see pain in their eyes

Sis: please mom I don’t want to do it again

Mom got up sat beside her…

Mom: see it was not by choice we‘re doing. If w doesn’t do how can we end money to Susheel for his studies and how can we run home?

By hearing that I got shocked, and felt, all these days I’m enjoying with the money that my mom sent was doing prostitution?

Sis started crying loud…

Sis :There was no respect for us in the society if I have next life I don’t want to born like female and I don’t’t want to be in prostitution.

Mom hugged and started crying…

Mom: even I don’t want to. But for this life we have to do this. If not we cannot send money to Susheel he will stop his studies and fall on roads. At least until he gets a job we have to do this. Bear all the pain and do.

By listening to their conversation and seeing their pain I got tears. I thought they are doing all this for me! I cursed myself for doing all these. Mom examined sis pussy and found blood. I couldn’t control my grief I was weeping silently.

Mom: ok ok don’t cry for a week you sat away from this I will manage

She made my sis to sleep on her lap.

I couldn’t control my weeping I cried out loud. They got scared with my sudden burst and looked towards the cupboard. I opened the doors and got down. Mom was in fear seeing me there. They covered their bodies with blanket. I couldn’t see into their eyes. I ran out of the room and went to my room. After few minutes both came to my room and shouted on me and asked me what I’m doing there. I was still weeping.

I told them about everything I did and fell on their feet asking to excuse me. I confessed to them everything. I said “you’re selling your bodies and blood to keep me comfortable and without knowing that I was enjoying your money. I said I deserve the horrible punishment. They kept calm and continuously weeping. I told them that I’ve changed and asked them not to do prostitution again. They were silent.

Next day I left to college and called them that I joined in a part-time job. Mom felt happy, but they continued prostitution for a while to run the house. After I got a decent pay I started sending them money. My sister stopped sleeping and mom continued. I cracked the interview and got a job with decent pay and shifted my family to the city I live in.

I promised mom that she don’t have to do prostitution again. She felt very happy for me and left prostitution forever. Now we live in a double bedroom flat. My sister was still unmarried and I don’t think she will or I will get married because of our prostitution background. I’m sharing this story because there are families like ours. I request all the sons to understand the pain of your mother or sister. I described the whole situation because everyone comes here for horny stories, so I don’t want to upset you guys. Hope everyone enjoyed the story Please send your feedback to [email protected].

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