My First Experience With Neighbor Teacher – Part 1

Hi I am Ajay. I am studying my engineering in civil at one of the reputed college in andhra Pradesh. I am off 5.6 height and of 55kg of weight and athletic body.I have completed my basic studies in BZA. As I am studying b tech I have got holidays for pongal and dushera. As I am not too good in studies my mother asked a neighbor women to clear my doubts in some subjects of first year.

Let me tell about herself… She is a young woman in the late 20’s that is 28 years. She is off some of reddish in color and having long and thick black hair. Her structure is off 34-26-36. As she is of Hyderabad lady she is staying single in BZA in a big house as she is a govt employee. On the first when my mother introduced me to her she came in a chudidar of red in color with just a band round the hair. I went to shock for seconds and then got my senses back when she asked about myself. On the first day of tuition she taught for a one and half hour and I went home back and masturbation for two times thinking of her beauty.

From the next day onwards I stared at her and she observed every movement of mine.

Days continued and first sem came to an end and I got very less percent and in the break for second sem I rent to her to say result and then she started taking me regular classes when ever I am free. In the middle one day she is teaching me with out chuni scarf on the dress and then stared the game. While teaching when ever she bends I caught her boobs and stared at the bra. The bra is of two colors ie., blue and violet colour. She caught me staring at her boobs and said it not correct and she never offered anything and said that first of all prepare well and write exams well. Then I noded my head and later days also I made some naughty things that always putting one hand on my penis bulg making her to see. Later on after some days she said that if I got good percent in my second sem then she offers me something.

Then I said OK to her and then I started studying well and written my exams well and went to meet her to say that I written exams well. In the holidays she came took my home and and asked my mother to send me to her native place with her for the preparation of gate and also for second year subjects. I am staying in home and always rooming and playing at home my mother said her that if she is not having any problem then take me to her home. She said to my mom that she is having some leaves and also her mother said her to come home she is leaving for one weak Inc I too can learn something as she is staying alone and also boring at home.

So my mom said me to be prepared to go with neighbor teacher to her place. Once we started and went railway station I taught we r boarding a Hyd train. But she took me and boarded a train to Chennai. I got shocked and asked her why we r going to Chennai then she replied that I have some office work in Chennai and just yesterday I came know and just changed to Chennai. I taught that it is preplanned to spend time with me and have a great time. Once we reached Chennai we took a cab and landed in a hotel …

On the way she stopped the car went to the Chennai forum and she went and came in ten minutes with a pack and when she got into car she immediately put that cover in the bag. Once we reached in the reception she said that she stays in hotel for five days and introduced to receptionist me as brother. And she is having some work.

Once we went into the room she said that she to flattered to me and said that I might be got excited and might get poor marks in exams so she planned to have a full week with me. I felt excited and hugged her tightly and then she to replied to my hug and said first of all get fresher and then continue. So I taught not to waste time I said you get freshed up in the mean time I take dinner later vise versa. Because first in bed later in bathroom so…

I got strucked to her beauty when she came out of bathroom with a bra and panty with towel rounded to the hair. I got my senses back when her lips touched my lips…. As I was eating I just kept a peice of chicken in mouth and later she is having that chicken peice in her mouth. Then she said to me to have bath and come fast as she need to go out next day morning. I completed my bath as fast as possible and came out then I saw a beauty of the decade… She dressed up with a red Saree and going to in red color petticoat and a red colour panty and a red color push up bra and on that red color blouse with loose hair.

Without wasting time I went to her and in the mean time my beast gained his power and became a rod, hugged her tightly and ran my hands into the blouse from hips on the back and her breasts crushing into my chest as she is wearing a push up bra. Continued hug for ten minutes in the mean while started kissing her all around her neck and checks..

Later she got hold of my face and said I am having crush on you and have me a lip lock and I started responding and continued and then pushed her to the wall and started squeezing her breast and blowing air on the neck, later shifted to bottom sledded she Saree and blows air on the air and making her hotter.. She responded and pushing my head on to the navel making me to press and lick her navel.

Later got hold of her ass and kissed her on lips, she got hold of my ass and lifted me and took to bed and laid on bed. She is continuously kissing and running her hands on back of me and in the boxer. Caught her ass and turned her around and removed her red hot Saree palu and got hold of both the breasts on the blouse and started pressing hard and she is moaning ahh ya.. ahh.. ohh ..come on …. harder..

Removed her low neck blouse from back and licked breasts over the red hot push up bra and the removed her Saree completely and also petticoat. Now she is lying in bed with only panty and bra on her and I am with my boxer. Now removed her bra and started to suck her breasts one by one and completed sucking after fifteen minutes and then came down slowly kissing all-over the body.. A minimum of 100 kisses from top to panty and blows air on the pussy and licked on the pussy on the panty and rubbed one hand on clitoris and another hand squeezing breast.

Once removed the panty I am in heaven as it is the first time seeing a pussy in real. As saw breasts on some small occasions but not a pussy. Once removed panty and started licking her pussy and then she started to scream as ahh. Ahh. Ahh.oh!oh! Come on lick it lick it depper deeper and continued shooting as long as I licked her pussy. I started tongue fuck her and after some time started fingering her as I increased the speed she cummed out her lovely hot juices out of her pussy and I too didn’t waste a drop of it and swallowed each drop of cum of her.

Next she took charge and she removed my boxer in no time and caught hold my dick and said getting rock every time seeing me. Come on now I am taking it in my mouth what you do. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it and also gave a blowjob and continued sucking and after some time I cummed in her mouth and she too didn’t waste a drop and swallowed fully.

As she wants to take my dick she begged me to fuck her. So first of all I want to fuck in missionary position I made her lie on her back and started to finger her. She moaning and begging to fuck. As I teased her and then put my dick on her vaginal opening and teasing her then she raised her hip.

As she raised her hip my dick went into her pussy a little and then I started to fuck her as I am she r virgins it is so tight and she moaning loudly. Slowly slowly pushed further and after some time a full length of my cock went in to her and I laid on her as she is in great pain and as she is shouting a put my lips on her lips and started to kiss her.

After she is feeling comfortable started to move cock in and out slowly and increased speed gradually and gained full speed and fucked her to deep. I am in a state to cum and said her I am coming and she said to cum inside as she is also near to her organism and said to fuck faster and faster. I cummed in her and she too had orgasm and both kissed each other by staying as we are and still my dick is inside her.

We slept for 10 mins and then I said her let’s clean and have a sleep. She said no and asked can’t you stay as you r now and I felt happy and said why not …. Whenever dick got harder you will have a round in the night and be ready for that I said to her.

She took the pack from her bag shown me what she brought. She brought the condom pack and staying moods gel and a didol. I asked why and then she replied that after this you will try to fuck my anal as we r having a full week. So you too will be feeling how a anal sex will be I am going to fuck your anal after mine.

I got excited and hugged her tight and kissed and had a chocolate and a drink in exchange from one mouth to other. And slept like that.

After this we had five more days and each every position is tried and she to fucked my anal. I will later write the remaining parts of the story how I had her anal and how she had my anal and what r the different positions tried and where we had sex.

Thanks for reading and spending your valuable time for my story. If any women from …. to …. Age Can contact me on my email ID [email protected] and also comments and advices can mail me. everything as you need and as you like. Privacy is guaranteed from my side. If you are hapy to have sex with me don’t even thing for a second to contact. In andhra Pradesh any place and also of chennaians can..

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