My First Online Dating And Mating

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A brief introduction again:


I am aman living in canada for last couple of years but originally from small town in punjab.

I started my gay life many years back, only had two partners with whom I had nice times after every 10-15 days. Our neighbor happy was the one who introduced me as well as his own real cousin (arsh) to gay world.


As was having really good time with happy during my initial school days (had few dates with happy’s friends). Then me and arsh had a very nice time together for a long time.So I consider happy and arsh as real long term partners, others were one night stands…Lolzzz


This story is about my first dating and mating with my first online friend. Now a days I see many gay dating sites in india so I guess many of my gay friends will relate my experience to their experience of dating an online strangers.


It is an incident of year 2012; I was living in delhi and preparing for my entrance exams. I created my profile on one online gay dating site which is not shut down, many users might know the name ‘gaydia.Com’.It was a small website but I guess a good platform for private gay community.


I used to be online on the website almost daily and used to chat with many horny tops, many inviting me to their place. As I had never dated any unknown guys so I was just taking it casually to chat with tops or share my pics or getting their pics. Many dick pictures used to drive me crazy but I was so much nervous of visiting an unknown guy so I never replied to real meeting.


So one day I got a ping from a guy who had a nice juice dick pic as his profile picture. We chatted for a while; he asked me my likings, appreciated my nude pictures in my profile and asked me to meet.


As always I started giving him excuses to avoid meeting although from the inner soul I wanted to get physical with him but I was so much nervous. His name was tarun and he was living in kilokri area (opposite of mahrani baag) and I was staying in vinobapuri, so we were living quite near to each other. He was again and again asking me to either come to his place or give him my address so that he can come to my place. Out of the two I was bit less nervous for the first option so I got ready to visit his place. I shaved my facial hair and public hair. Spent like half an hour in the washroom to empty my bowel and approx. 7 o clock I messaged him that I am coming to the nearest bus stop and he can pick me up from there. I board a bus and within 5-7 mins I reached the maharani baag bus stand. I was so much nervous that I was almost sweating all over my body. A part of my inner self was asking me to go back home coz this was a thing that I never did before. As everything was going in my head, I got a call from tarun on my phone. I went a little side from the crowd and answered the call. After 3-4 talks we identified each other and tarun started moving towards me. My heart was beating like a steam engine when tarun came near me..He had a naughty smile on his face and offered me a hand shake. He held my hand and with the other hand signaled me to walk along with him. He was holding my hand and we were having small talks in a very low tone. To me it was appearing that everybody was looking at us and listening to what we were talking.


On our way we came across some chemist shops where tarun stopped and asked me to wait. When I asked “What you need?”

Tarun replied “are we doing without condom?” and just smiled.


I turned my face to the opposite side of the shop. From the corner of my eye I looked towards tarun, I felt like the chemist knew that he was buying the condoms for me. I immediately turned my face to the other side. Tarun took a packet of condoms and signaled me to follow him as I guess he too wanted that nobody should get a small hint that he was buying condoms for a guy..Not a girl. We passed some congested streets where tarun gave me those naughty touches and smiles. Soon we reached a tall building where tarun was staying in a small 1 bedroom apartment. We entered the room; it was quite neat and clean with a mattress on the floor. His laptop was lying on the mattress with my nude pic as full screen.

I was nervous and happy to see a stranger admiring my pic. He asked me to be comfortable, gave me a cold drink to drink and we started our normal talks.


He asked me about my gay life, my partners my experiences and some other stuff we talked to get comfortable with each other.


I and tarun were sitting quite close to each other and he was showing me his nude pics and all. I was getting horny watching his pics and tarun noticed that and placed my hand on his dick. It was semi hard but I was enjoying the cozy feeling. Tarun opened my nude picture again and asked me to remove my t-shirt as he said that I look great when I am nude…Lolzzz. As I was removing my tshirt I could feel tarun’s lips touching my soft small boobs. By the time I removed the t-shirt completely my complete pink nipple was in tarun’s mouth. He was slowly coming over me, sucking my boobs and running his fingers on and inside my lips. We soon exchanged our first kiss and it was long and deep with our tongues mixing saliva well in my mouth. His fingers running over my body and my hands running on his back. There was extreme heat flowing from my body to his body and from his body to mine.


Tarun got up, unbuckled my belt and removed jeans and underwear. I saw a shine on his face and eyes looking at my complete nude body with just few hair on my arms and legs. He kissed my thighs, held my dick with his hand and started stroking it hard to excite me to another level. Lifted my legs with his shoulders and started dropping his saliva on my ass and running his fingers on my ass. I was not able to control my excitement and was moaning quite loudly. Tarun started some music on his laptop with high sound so that nobody could hear my moans. Tarun got up and removed his t-shirt and his shorts and his big long dick popped out. He had spent a good time removing his public hair which was also adding to the beauty of his dick. Ho got up and quickly went to bathroom, returned with a wet dick washed with a nice soap and a big bottle of sunflower oil.


He bent on his knees and placed his dick just near my face and I knew what I need to do next. I tilted my face sideways; slowly took his dick in my hands and then to my lips and then it was down in my mouth. He was holding my head and giving nice gentle pushes and good amount of saliva was coming out of my mouth and creating a wet spot on his bed sheet. Soon he laid down and asked me to get in 69 position. I was sucking his dick and he was finger fucking my ass with a condom covering his finger. We kept doing 69 for 8-10 more minutes and then tarun asked me to put a condom on his dick. I slowly put a condom on his cock gave him 3-4 long blowjobs. He asked me to bend doggy style on his quite big heavy study chair. He came on my back, added good amount of sunflower oil on my ass and on his condom covered dick. With a little positioning soon his dick was touching my ass hole properly and his was all ready to push it deep in my ass.


With just 2 or 3 tries his big dick head was down my ass. He was doing quite slowly with just few mm each time. Within like a minute his testicles were touching mine.He stopped, held my boobs with both his hands and started moving his middle part of his body. His dick was easily moving in and out and we both were enjoying every stroke. Tarun user to hold my dick firmly and used to give few big strokes. He was not even using his hands to position his dick back to my ass, it was going quite freely. As we were busy fucking each other; somebody heavily knocked the door. I immidiately got down the chair and ran towards my clothes, a bell a panic ran in my body.Tarun was trying to calm me down and asked me to go to the bathroom and he with return whosoever is on the door.But my brain was running all negative thoughts possible at that moment ” what if some people doubted me as gay and followed me here? “What if tarun has called his friends to fuck me?”


I quickly dressed myself. Tarun too removed the condom and threw it in the toilet and wore his t-shirt and shorts. He spayed a deo so that nobody can smell the air of gay sex going inside that room. As he opened the room there was a mature man standing at the door asking him to lower the volume of his laptop as he was getting disturbed with that. The man was staring at me like I was a prostitute which made me even more negative. I got up that chair and told tarun that I am leaving (tarun was picking his laptop to turn the volume down). He tried to stop me but I said good bye and left his place. I came down that building and started moving in the direction I came from.


I covered almost half way when I got a call from tarun. He asked me to return back as nobody else will bother us now. I told him to meet any other day but he said he was too horny and he is not able to control his urge for sex so he asked me to return with n number of please. I double checked with him multiple times about anybody else disturbing us again. But he ruled out that option completely. He even offered me to stay at his place for whole night and ordering a pizza for dinner. My feet again turned back and I quickly started moving to his place.


As I knocked his door, he opened it slightly and pushed me inside. He locked the door and was completely nude, his dick was hard like a rod. He asked me to quickly remove my pants and get doggy style on the chair again. I smiled and started removing my clothes and positioned myself on the chair. Tarun put a condom on his dick and after applying a bit of saliva entered his dick in my ass. It went completely inside with a single gentle stroke. His balls were hitting hard my balls and we were enjoying to the max. We fucked on the chair doggy style, in standing position and finally in missionary style on his bed and he came inside my ass after nice 20-25 mins of fucking. We ordered a pizza, had a nice warm bath together and then after having a pizza I returned back to my place around 11 o clock.


If you like my story and want to be my friend and share your experiences with me please ping me at [email protected] or my bbm pin is d75e4800. I really like to have like minded friends to talk to and share my experiences and listed to their experiences. Please do reply with your feedback which will help me put more erotic elements in my story .I would like to connect with more people of our community.

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